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You will learn how to build a successful machine learning project. If you aspire to be a technical leader in AI, and know how to set direction for your team's work, this course will show you how. Much of this content has never been taught elsewhere, and is drawn from my experience building and shipping many deep learning products. This course also has two "flight simulators" that let you practice decision-making as a machine learning project leader. This provides "industry experience" that you might otherwise get only after years of ML work experience. After 2 weeks, you will: - Understand how to diagnose errors in a machine learning system, and - Be able to prioritize the most promising directions for reducing error - Understand complex ML settings, such as mismatched training/test sets, and comparing to and/or surpassing human-level performance - Know how to apply end-to-end learning, transfer learning, and multi-task learning I've seen teams waste months or years through not understanding the principles taught in this course. I hope this two week course will save you months of time. This is a standalone course, and you can take this so long as you have basic machine learning knowledge. This is the third course in the Deep Learning Specialization....

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Nov 23, 2017

I learned so many things in this module. I learned that how to do error analysys and different kind of the learning techniques. Thanks Professor Andrew Ng to provide such a valuable and updated stuff.


Mar 08, 2018

Going beyond the technical details, this part of the course goes into the high level view on how to direct your efforts in a ML project. Really enjoyable and useful. Thanks for making this available!

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por James C

Feb 24, 2019

Great practical resource

por Ahmet

Feb 24, 2019

The teaching in this course is so invaluable for interpreting the results. Now, I believe I can understand my models' accuracy based on professors teaching. The professor teaching contains unique knowledge and experience, where you can't reach via the internet, library or asking your university professors. Thank you, Prof. Ng.

por Bayartsogt Y

Feb 24, 2019

Completing this course was such fun and useful for me who is trying to build the good system in Mongolia which is not that good develop country.

por Eiichi N

Feb 24, 2019

I think this course covers the cases where I tend to bog down and waste time, and has provided me with useful and practical guidelines to get out of them. You should not underestimate the value of this course,

just because there is no coding assignment.

por Tarun M

Feb 24, 2019

Really interesting and informative session. Will keep going with more lessons.

por Vishal R K

Feb 24, 2019

So far, this has been the most useful course out of this specialization! Sure, the others might offer more technical expertise, but this trains you things that cannot be taught in a class or a lecture. The application oriented case studies are extremely intriguing and challenging to a person whose knowledge might be completely theoretical. This course trains you to think in real life situations of applying a deep learning model, where to cut costs and effort, where to add more, how to optimize your model to surpass even the human level, and go further etc..

por Edilberto H

Mar 20, 2019

An excellent course you learn the principles of how to handle a machine learning project and which addresses to point to in case different types of problems happen

por Hao D

Mar 21, 2019

Tricks during development!

por khushal m

Mar 21, 2019

Must do course for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in machine learning.

por Regi M

Mar 20, 2019

The details covered by Prof.Ng is amazing. It was beyond expectation.

por Walker J

Mar 21, 2019

This is a LIGHT for the path of the machine/deep learning engineer

por Ganesh P

Mar 20, 2019

Helped me in my interview!

por Phan H L

Mar 20, 2019

Solid course

por Richard S

Feb 27, 2019

great course

por Pedro B M

Feb 28, 2019

This a course on key practices one should have when developing a ML project. Once again Andrew Ng is very pedagogical, teaching sometimes complex concepts in a easy to understand and practical way. I particularly liked the case studies, where the learned concepts had to be put into practice for decision taking.

por Pratik D K

Feb 28, 2019

Really great course, would recommend every machine learning student as well as professional to enroll for this.

por Abhijith A

Feb 27, 2019

If u are ever doing a project on deep learning this course can really save u lot of time and guide u in the right direction

por 荣灿

Feb 28, 2019


por eren a

Feb 28, 2019

Great experience we could leverage from our instructor, Andrew.

Thanks a lot

por Aniruddha S H

Mar 23, 2019

Excellent course. Covers problems you your algorithm, how to identify them and solve them.

por Pedro f

Mar 23, 2019

In my experience with Machine learning, we usually spend more time checking the algorithm than checking the best distribution of our data. In this course, Professor Andrew teaches us the need and obligation to create a correct distribution of our data with examples from the real world.

por Zahid S

Mar 23, 2019

A good course to go through the main perspectives about machine learning projects. Helped a lot.

por Md. Y H

Mar 01, 2019

It's a very helpful course

por Raivis J

Mar 01, 2019

A guided coding exercise that actualy models the "simulator" scenarios would also be interesting.

por Joey C

Mar 01, 2019

This course includes some basics yet important concepts of training/profiling the NN.