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This is an elementary-level Korean language course, consisting of 5 lessons with 4 units, and covers 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The main topics include basic expressions used in everyday life, such as greetings, introducing yourself, talking about your family and a daily life and so on. Each lesson covers dialogues, pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, quizzes and role-plays. After completing this course, you will be able to 1. read and write Korean alphabet. 2. communicate in Korean with basic expressions. 3. learn basic knowledge on Korean culture. It’s fun and easy to follow! Enjoy it!...

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7 de Jun de 2017

Professor Kang is really nice and she guides me through every lesson with detailed explanation and dedication. I enjoy learning the course and I believe this is a very good choice for Korean beginners

6 de Out de 2021

This course is really a great start to learn Korean language. It taught me Hangul, particles used, vocabularies and how sentences are made. Thank you to Professor Seung Hae Kang and Yonsei University.

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por AJEY B V

16 de Jul de 2020

The lessons are structured in a sequential manner, slowly building upon the concepts. The pronunciation rules and phonetic explanatiosn are very good. At times, there is too many details given with respect to phonetic changes and that adds to the learner's worry. As for the quiz, they are very learner-friendly. The male voice used is too harsh/baritone-ish to hear clearly. The possibility of downloading the video and the pdf file is an excellent offer for students and makes the value for money very worthy. After unit 2, I feel the concepts get slightly complicated and the explanations are more "pedagogical" than "learner friendly". To sum up, I enjoyed this course thoroughly and I feel a little more confident in reading Korean.

por Wiktoria

28 de Mai de 2020

I was fooled by the number of weeks required to complete, there's actually a lot of content covered and you WILL need to revise! Definitely helps to learn the alphabet beforehand. I really enjoyed the focus on pronunciation and building up the vocabulary, but if you're a type of learner who learns best from extensive grammar explanations and exercises, this one might not meet your expectations. It integrates basic grammar points organically through studying everyday conversations. Overall, would recommend for complete beginners to get to know the very basics but not as a refresher. I'm personally very happy with this content for free but I have been supplementing my study with textbooks and grammar books.

por Monika L

10 de Mai de 2020

Overall it was very nice and helpful. Though some grammar aspects were introduced as "dogmas" rather than explained, what I personally found a bit disturbing and had to look for additional explanation elsewhere. I'm fluent in Japanese and a University lecturer myself so I'm used to having to search for details on my own, but still, thought the course might have been even better if there was some more detailed grammar explanation included. I also found it intriguing that not even once was the polite form introduced (you'll probably find yourself in situation where you have to use the polite form sooner then the informal form as most of people whom you meet are strangers at first ;) ).

por Gwendolyn U M

3 de Mai de 2020

I learned a lot from this course. I was able to learn sentences that are commonly used on a daily basis between friends, as well as introducing oneself to strangers. I was satisfied with the quizzes. They were challenging but not impossible to answer. I just found myself in a bit of a struggle between weeks 4 and 5 since there was so much information to absorb; I felt I was unable to master them that much. I kept referring to my notes and kept rewinding since I had a hard time understanding due to so much vocabulary going on. I know I just have to practice and practice so I can master them. Overall, this was a big help and a good start to learning Korean.


19 de Abr de 2021

The classes were very helpul and easy to understand. I had a wonderful experience while exploring the basics of Korean language. Now that I have learnt enough,though there is more to learn and explore, I can confidently say that I too can read Korean.

At last I would like to thanks coursera for availing such a wonderful platform for people like us who like to explore but are unable due to lack of resources. But thanks to coursera I have finally started learning korean language. Also, I would like to thanks Yonsei University and Professor Seung Hae Kang for such amazing and knowledge classes. She made korean so simple, easy and fun learning.

por Kate S

7 de Mai de 2020

I like the course, but was confused sometimes with certain endings and the reasoning behind it. I wish the teacher mentioned in the review part of each unit we used this ending because __. or which one would you use this or that. I wish this was included in the review units to help us review better for the quizzes which often asked to choose one from a few options (especially verb stems, particles, etc). However, I did enjoy the course as it gave me an introduction to basic Korean. I wonder if there is a second part to this. I would like to enrol. I appreciate also, having the option to redo the quizzes if perfect score isn't ob

por Pelin Y

6 de Mai de 2020

It was all fine until chapter 4. But then the level hardness somehow increased a lot. I was able to understand everything up until that point but after that the grammer got more complicated so I feel more explanations were needed. But all in all a great introduction even though I have studied Korean on my own before I did not know a lot of things about how the alphabet came to be and realtionship of sounds and letter shapes. The professor was truly exceptional. Also prononcuation sections helped clear out lot of questions I had reading things on my own.

Basically was hard towards the end but a very good introduction course.

por Shao X

25 de Dez de 2019

The content was very organized, enabling learners of Korean to establish a systematic understanding of the Korean language. I especially like it when the instructor explains the origin of certain phrases. However, the lessons definitely could be more engaging; it could be daunting and a bit dry to simply repeat similar dialogues over and over again. Moreover, it would be great to add some explanations of basic grammar patterns (e.g. how the SVO patterns are different in English and Korean), so that when making sentences, students can really understand the construction of the sentences instead of simply repeating the sample.

por Wai L L

15 de Nov de 2017

Instructor can clearly explain course contents and mentors are very helpful in discussion forums. It is also very good that some additional videos on Korean culture and its relationship with the language are provided. The extra practice exercises set by mentor in the discussion forum are also very useful. Since lots of materials (including vocabulary, verb particles, sentence pattern, etc) need to remember, it would be better if the course also telling some tips or organised way for us to remember them easily. Finally, thanks Coursera staff for the support behind so that we have this interesting course to study.

por Suri S V S Y R

3 de Jun de 2020

Excellent course for beginners, although the topics may not seem too enticing the vocabulary taught is really good as well as the grammer (verb form changes etc.) It was easy to follow and understand all lectures, the pacing was a bit slower but bearable. It does get quite repetitive from week 3 on wards with the "pronunciation" section of lecture because it is the same rule applied so repeating it every lecture is not too helpful. All quizzes were on the easy side, not particularly challenging. The reading material is really helpful for future reference. Thank you for providing the course

por Luisa D

31 de Jan de 2021

El curso en general es muy bueno, ofrece una gran cantidad de vocabulario y expresiones nuevas, además de incluir la forma en que se pronuncian lo cual es muy útil, me parece muy pertinente que enseñen conversaciones que son más casuales y que a pesar de ser básicos sirven para desenvolverse en una conversación sencilla. Mi única dificultad es que al presentar algunas expresiones o explicaciones sobre como se debe responder en los ejemplos solían agregar otras terminaciones o palabras que no estaban dentro de la explicación, lo que resultaba un poco confuso a la hora de entenderlos.

por Anooshka

23 de Mai de 2021

Thank you ma'am for this course. Prof is really motivated and teaches very sincerely. The course is very well designed and helps in building the foundation of language. The graphics, basic rules, vocabulary were very helpful. However, there is a lot of room to improve. Firstly, there should have been English phonetic translation as well so that student can verify their pronunciation. Secondly, the conversation should have been at a slow pace and even clear in pronouncing each word. Thirdly, they could have provided more reference resources eg Korean story books after few lectures.

por Beautrice T

11 de Jul de 2020

This is good for complete beginners who wants to self-learn korean via online platforms. I do wish they have more course levels made available as well which would be really useful for non-professional purpose. I like that it's kept pretty realistic and usable for daily conversation as well rather than the standard "academic" or topik requirements. Or perhaps there could be courses created for daily practical use, business use etc where students can choose which would be more towards their needs or goals. Overall, really enjoyed this course. Thank you for making it so. =)

por Sophie M

21 de Jul de 2020

The content of the course itself was great. But I didn't feel supported when I had questions relating to specific content. It was course participants who generally tried to help each other understand the material and sometimes they were not confident in their answers/understanding as well. However, I thoroughly enjoyed this course, which allowed me to progress at my own pace. I would recommend this course to others as a first step towards learning Korean since it is easy to follow and provides good explanations. I also enjoyed learning the key vocabulary provided.

por Assel A

27 de Dez de 2020

The course is great, of course! It provides a lot of information for 4 weeks. And here we face with an issue - until you learn reading fast Koran alphabet you will be very slow. There is a great vocabulary, which also needs time to learn by heart. And I consider it to be a little bit difficult for absolute beginners, who never studied languages. It was ok for me, but I will need to revisit all lessons and repeat all exercises to have it all remain in my head finally or at least learn reading Korean letters quicker. Thanks a lot for the course, Yongsei University!

por Silvia I M F

15 de Ago de 2017

I really loved it! The content is very usefull as it's something you will be using a lot. There's plenty of vocabulary to use in everyday conversations. The visuals help a lot to better understand and remember the grammar and pronounciation rules, as well as the vocabulary. The tone of voice of the teacher is really sweet to the ear.

I give it 4 stars because for English speaker it's just perfect, but it's a shame that for Spanish speakers there are some loopholes in the subtitles, although the problem starts in the lessons around the middle of the course.

por Azul

26 de Jan de 2021

Me gustó mucho la forma en que se enseñaba porque abarcaba varios temas sobre gramática bastan. te útiles para empezar a armar oraciones y estudiar verbos además de sustantivos. Creo que con este curso seré capaz de repasar y estudiar con eficacia de aquí en adelante para tal vez luego tomar otro curso y seguir mejorando. Lo único que no me gustó fue el material de estudio. Las letras son poco claras y los espacios son pequeños para escribir. También deberían tener más datos sobre lo aprendido en clases y no sólo las mismas diapositivas que se presentan.

por nr H

17 de Ago de 2020

That was a great korean online class for me because this is my first to learning about korean language . I was really want to learn about korean language then i got a opportunity to learning about korean language that make me happy usually and thank you for all notes that you given to me that was helpful for me to speech in korean . By the way Yonsei University is one of my favourite university in korea and i hope one day i have chance to visit and study in Yonsei University . Hope so BYE. Stay safe to all the teacher's in Yonsei University.

por Nina H

30 de Mai de 2020

Pretty good for absolute beginners. If you take one semester of an actual beginners Korean course at a Korean university, basically all of these grammar points are covered. I would say Korean language courses test more vocabulary and add speaking portions, but this is also really good review for beginners to double check that they retained beginning Korean grammar points. I'm recommending to do the free version for the students I tutor in basic Korean as supplementary materials (especially the quizzes) to keep practicing on their own.

por yanira l

27 de Mar de 2021

Me pareció un curso excelente, empieza con una muy buena introducción al alfabeto coreano y sigue con frases cotidianas muy útiles, solo tuve 1 inconveniente durante las clases, en varias clases no estaba el subtitulo al español por lo tanto se traducía directamente al ingles , el ingles no se me da muy bien por lo que me dificulto entender algunas cosas y también me demore aun mas en completar las clases ya que tenia que estar traduciendo los términos que no entendía, pero el curso en si es muy bueno y util, muchas gracias!!!

por Catalina M

19 de Set de 2020

Me gusto mucho el curso! Sin embargo, para las personas que no entienden inglés se les hará un poco más "difícil" de entender porque las comparaciones del lenguaje se hacen con inglés, así como las referencias de los sonidos de pronunciación del Hangul.

Si entiendes inglés, es bastante fácil aprender (si le dedicas tiempo). Entregan harto vocabulario, y se hacen ejercicios de práctica (que recomiendo hacer varias veces a la semana de forma autónoma para no olvidarte).

Muy buen curso, felicitaciones-.

por Chandraprakash S

9 de Dez de 2018

For some information on basic letters (complex vowels) I had to take help from google or some android apps otherwise this is the best course to learn Korean language. Be careful for word pronunciation and number systems as both differs from word to word and context to context. Same letter has different pronunciation for two different words and same count or number is pronounced in hours, minutes and for other context differently. Thanks for providing this course. Definitely recommended for everyone.

por Ernest C

18 de Out de 2021

Great course. I feel like it was structured in a way that was very helpful when learning the general way that Korean pronunciation and sentence structure functions. I liked that there was a lot of the same concepts that came back over and over again. I think it would have been helpful to have translations of the longer dialogues in the worksheets or the videos; it would be easier to learn the vocabulary while following along with the pronunciations and individual concepts this way.

por Silvia R

12 de Ago de 2020

The teacher was very competent, she helped me grasp the basics of the Korean alphabet and how the language works. However i don't think it's suitable for absolute beginners, sometimes it was too fast paced with little to no grammar explanation. I would have appreciated it if there had been at least the romanisation of the Korean dialogues; that way it would have been easier to read them and understand the pronunciation, instead of just repeating the dialogues after the teacher.