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Adapt your leadership style, Macquarie University

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The popular business press routinely romanticises the idea of the heroic business leader, who boldly and with great vision takes his or her company forward in brave new strategic directions and through dramatic organisational transformations. But how true are these descriptions of leadership? If the world is producing so many great leaders, why is the World Economic Forum reporting an 86% distrust of contemporary leadership? Why are organisational misbehaviours, such as cynicism, apathy, bullying and disengagement, seen to be increasingly prevalent? This course examines these tensions by looking at how transformational, authentic, and inclusive leadership styles are, in theory and practice, providing an alternative to more autocratic, job-centred, and command and control leadership styles. Students will examine how the digital transformation of work has dramatically altered the perception of leadership, with all organisational members being expected to take on some form of self-leadership in the complex team and project work that is increasingly framing the "future of work". This demand is causing tensions between the expectations of traditional leaders and the good and emergent practices and strategies necessary to being agile and nimble in today's ultra-competitive and increasingly disruptive marketplace. Students will be asked to critically examine what practices of leadership and followership might be employed to minimise these tensions and the dysfunctionality that accompanies them....
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