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The Kotlin programming language is a modern language that gives you more power for your everyday tasks. Kotlin is concise, safe, pragmatic, and focused on interoperability with Java code. It can be used almost everywhere Java is used today: for server-side development, Android apps, and much more. Kotlin is 100% compatible with all existing Java frameworks, and has good tooling support. It’s a pragmatic language with a very low learning curve, and can be quickly grasped by Java developers. Kotlin code might be compiled not only to JVM bytecode but to JavaScript and Native code as well, but this course is focused on Kotlin/JVM. This course aims to share with you the power and the beauty of Kotlin. We'll have a basic overview of the language, as well as a discussion of many corner cases, especially concerning Java interoperability. The course is based on your Java experience; it shows the similarities between the two languages and focuses on what's going to be different. Note that this course won't cover the programming fundamentals. We'll discuss: basic syntax, nullability, functional programming with Kotlin, object-oriented programming with Kotlin, the power of the Kotlin standard library, and Java interoperability....

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Jun 29, 2019

Excellent course, packed with relevant content and useful hands on Kotlin exercises with great feedback based on Coursera provided unit tests. Looking forward to more Coursera courses from JetBrains.


Feb 11, 2019

This course is a very comprehensive and detailed introduction to Kotlin. However, it would be even better if it could include the generics part which is the most difficult but quite frequently used.

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por Hamza A

Dec 10, 2019

Excellent and good knowledge

por Abu Y

Jul 05, 2019

Best course . Learned a lot

por Abhay A

Dec 04, 2019

Exercises were very good.

por Dmitrii K

Apr 16, 2019

I am waiting next course

por Prakash R

Dec 12, 2019

Good for new learners

por Martin R

Mar 02, 2019

Loved your exercises.

por Ivan Š

Dec 09, 2018

Great assignments!

por Rubén J R G

May 27, 2019

Excellent course!

por Dzmitry L

Apr 02, 2019

I like it, thanks

por José E C R

Aug 18, 2019

Great course !!

por Ali S

Jun 30, 2019


por Lucas K

Apr 24, 2019

The best one.

por Jesus

May 23, 2019

Great course

por Christian

Dec 05, 2019

just great

por ayoub l

Aug 03, 2019

thanks <3

por Alexey E

Apr 23, 2019

very good

por Kardashov F

Jan 20, 2020


por Saber E h

Mar 06, 2019

So Nice

por walid w

Dec 11, 2018


por Mykhailo V

Jan 12, 2020


por Andrii V

Jan 18, 2019


por Alexander L

Oct 30, 2018

In terms of provided content this course is great. Provided knowledge is definitely useful for almost any Java developer. Content is greatly structured, assigments are pretty cool.

Hovewer, there is some problems with presenting and plaform: Sometimes speaker is too slow (My usual speed on this course is 1.75x) and mumble. Subtitles also not helping (at least in weeks 4-5 when I listening them). Kotlin Playground can be marked as completed only on second attempt for some reason.

Problems are not critical, so I still recomend this course.

por Pablo V

Dec 02, 2018

The course was very interesting, however, I have to say that most of the knowledge I gained it in other places like stackoverflow website. I also consider that the course was a bit hard to catch if you are not practicing Kotlin day to day. I have been studying Kotlin as an Android developer for about 3 months and some stuff were difficult to understand, I guess a person with zero experience would have pulled his hair out. As another feedback, I would have liked being more close with the staff.

por Robert G

Jun 22, 2019

Great course, great structure + exercises.

Minor thing: The English needs some improvement - it's quite hard to follow sometimes, and sometimes even the transcript fails (I read "[unintelligible]" one time).

So much new stuff... but you managed to get this into this short course, and even I took something away from it - kudos!