Who is this class for: Курс будет полезен для лиц, самостоятельно изучающих китайский язык, а также для преподавателей китайского языка в школах, поскольку в ближайшее время китайский как второй иностранный язык планируют вводить повсеместно.

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Commitment10 недель обучения (10 weeks of study), 2-4 часа в неделю (2-4 hours a week)
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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How It Works
Trabajo del curso
Trabajo del curso

Cada curso es como un libro de texto interactivo, con videos pregrabados, cuestionarios y proyectos.

Ayuda de tus compañeros
Ayuda de tus compañeros

Conéctate con miles de estudiantes y debate ideas y materiales del curso, y obtén ayuda para dominar los conceptos.


Obtén reconocimiento oficial por tu trabajo y comparte tu éxito con amigos, compañeros y empleadores.

Saint Petersburg State University
The Saint-Petersburg University (SPbU) is a state university, located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Founded in 1724, SPbU is the oldest institution of higher education in Russia. At present, there are more than 30 000 students in SPbU studying 398 programmes
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Rated 4.5 out of 5 of 8 ratings

Disclaimer. I have not yet finished all the lessons in this course and may update this review as I make progress.

The good.

The course includes grammar points.

Starting with lessons 4, the course offers "Я МОГУ. УРОК" reading exercises. I enjoy reading text written in hanzi.

Practice through quiz questions. This course offers more practice questions than most other introductory courses. The quiz questions go beyond multiple choice and help qualify comprehension. Some quiz questions offer translation practice through free response prompts.

The course includes useful phrases I have not seen introduced in other courses.

I appreciate this course for an opportunity to practice Russian while studying Chinese.

Room for improvement.

During the "preview" period, this course offers limited opportunity for creative writing. Translation quiz questions allow a student some opportunity to practice writing. However, this course doesn't take advantage of open ended questions and peer-review feedback, found more frequently in intermediate and advanced levels of language study.

Here's an example of forum supported open ended prompt questions. https://www.coursera.org/learn/mandarin-chinese-1/supplement/pplxi/written-text-of-conversation-optional-don-t-read-it-before-watching-the-video

Пока все очень нравится. Вся сложность языка в том, что система непривычная. Если, ее потихоньку принимать, то обучение превращается в захватывающее приключение:-)