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It is often claimed that relativism, subjectivism and nihilism are typically modern philosophical problems that emerge with the breakdown of traditional values, customs and ways of life. The result is the absence of meaning, the lapse of religious faith, and feeling of alienation that is so widespread in modernity. The Danish thinker Søren Kierkegaard (1813-55) gave one of the most penetrating analyses of this complex phenomenon of modernity. But somewhat surprisingly he seeks insight into it not in any modern thinker but rather in an ancient one, the Greek philosopher Socrates. In this course created by former associate professor at the Søren Kierkegaard Research Centre, Jon Stewart, we will explore how Kierkegaard deals with the problems associated with relativism, the lack of meaning and the undermining of religious faith that are typical of modern life. His penetrating analyses are still highly relevant today and have been seen as insightful for the leading figures of Existentialism, Post-Structuralism and Post-Modernism....

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2 de jul de 2018

An excellent course on Kierkegaard's use of irony. The teacher is great and the lectures are very interesting. I loved the interviews and the views of Copenhagen. Thanks a lot. Greetings from Madrid!


29 de ago de 2016

Really worthwhile and informative, in-depth review of Kierkegaard as a person, his life, and his works. Can be taken even if you've never touched philosophy before. Great production and selections.

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por Arlind

16 de jul de 2016

Great course. Very elegantly put together into three-piece modules. Treats the thought of Kierkegaard in both philosophical and historical accounts. Readings are clear and match the accompanying lectures closely. Highly recommend to anyone interested in Philosophy, Continental Philosophy, Religion or just curious about Kierkegaard's thought. So far the best philosophy course I've taken on coursera!

por Brooklyn H

29 de mar de 2016

The lecturer was excellent and not only expounded in depth, Soren Kierkegaard's thinking and ideas, he put them into there relevant context in addition to delving into the differences he had with his contemporary thinkers. Furthermore the Professor asked thought provoking questions that allowed the viewer to think and reflect how Kierkegaard's ideas are relevant in our time and our lives.

por Чаганова Д Н

5 de fev de 2021

This course was one of the best courses I have ever learned on Coursera. Professor Stewart is a Great professional. Although I have a philosophical education, his lections always opened something new for me. This course will be useful both for professional philosophers and for people who are interested in the questions of self-identification, critique of our society and ways of life.

por Diego M

6 de mar de 2016

Beautiful description of the life, times, ideas, and love of Socrates that Kierkegaard embodied. A real joy to run through. I literally watched all the lectures in the span of three days, there is something simple and earnest about the course that I really like. I like that the quizzes never took away from the lesson, they only check understanding at the end of the lecture.


2 de jan de 2021

I have learn many things about Søren Kierkegaard and his contemporaries. The main course focus on Kierkegaard Master's Thesis "On The Concept of Irony" but we also read Plato’s dialogues, Euthyphro, The Apology, and another of Kierkegaard's works to understand concept of his view on Christianity, Subjectivity, Individualism, and Christian Existentialism.

por Fernando B

26 de abr de 2020

I take many courses in coursera but this is the first course where the class and the beautifull of the city of Denmark is showed. The tone of the teacher is relaxing, precise and enjoyable. I like the invertiews and the diverse local that he explore to teach about Kiekegaard. I just love this philosophy class. I see all the videso s three times.

por Howard C J

18 de abr de 2016

Very informative, educational and well=organized. The professor communicates the lesson clearly and effectively in maintaining one's interest in the course content. I recommend this course to anyone interested in learning about subjective truth, how to be self-seeking, the Socratic Method, and a unique method for challenging traditional thought.

por Gustavo C

28 de mai de 2022

Fiquei muito feliz com a oportunidade de fazer o curso e mais feliz ainda com seu andamento e agora conclusão.

Foi muito bom poder estudar sobre esse grande filósofo, aprender sobre sua trajetória e suas inspirações.

Recomendo muito a todos. De grande valia, tanto para conhecimento por conhecimento, quanto para fins acadêmicos e profissionais.

por Calvin E

14 de fev de 2018

I thought the course was well planned, very informative and organized. Gave me a lot of insight to the back ground and message of a very bright yet puzzling philosopher.

Jeg troede, at kurset var godt planlagt, meget informativt og organiseret. Gav mig en masse indsigt i baggrunden og budskabet til en meget lysende, men forvirrende filosof.

por tuna e

24 de ago de 2020

I took this course as a companion when reading Kierkegaard's pseudonymous works and my God, it was so useful. This is one of the best courses Coursera has to offer, I dare say. I would gladly keep learning if this course was hundreds of hours long. Thank you Prof. Stewart for providing this amazing course and your excellent teaching style.

por Andrea R

7 de mai de 2017

I really enjoyed this course and learning more about Kierkegaard's life and his works and philosophy, as well as how he is still relevant in our modern-day society. The links to his works and that of Socrates were very invaluable and helped paint the picture of what Kierkegaard was trying to accomplish. Very enjoyable, and very relevant.

por Mary C

7 de out de 2016

I found this course extremely helpful,well structured and thoroughly informative.The content of each module I viewed, added up to my already acquired knowledge from my studies in theology.To me it was a link to everything I have learned so far about Kierkegaard and has basically completed the picture.Congratulations and many thanks!

por Conor P

18 de jul de 2021

Excellent course. I did not know much about Kierkegaard's philosophy before taking the course, but he has now become one of my favorite philosophers. The course really does a great job of covering Kierkegaard's works in totality and giving good insight into the historical and philosophical influences on his thought.

por Jonas D

23 de mai de 2017

Uma abordagem inovadora sobre a obra de Kierkegaard, que lhe permite um olhar filosófico tanto para a História da Filosofia quando para os nossa contemporaneidade. Em tempos de dogmatismos, pós-verdades, e sistematizações grosseiras, o curso do professor Jon Stewart se faz cada vez mais necessário. Imperdível!

por ro v d

6 de mar de 2016

I almost have finished this course. The required litterature is well-balanced. The video-lectures are put together skilfully and the leading professor is eloquent and friendly. I have learned a lot about the works of Kierkegaard and am truly inspired to study more on the topics presented.

Ro van Doesburg

por Sameer S

6 de set de 2021

The best introductory content on Kierkegaard that I found on the internet. Easy to follow, but not easy to the point that it kills the complexity of the ideas. The professor had done a great job. Lots of structured guidance on how to approach Kierkegaard's writings. Really glad that I took this course.

por J H B v d M

6 de mar de 2021

I enjoyed the lectures during 8 weeks : clear, illustative and impressive. I like to learn more about Kierkegaard. This course is an invitation to read and learn more about these philosopher. Thanks to Professor Jon Stewart for his clear explanations. It was a pleasure for me to listen to his lectures.

por Hmeedat

12 de out de 2021

One of the great phenomenal courses I have ever taken. This course is an ideal course to anyone wants to learn about the Greek main philosopher "Socrates," and how he inspired Soren Kierkegaard and other western philosophers in understanding the reality and solving the complexities of modernity.

por Antonio E B S

11 de mai de 2017

The course has the level of demand and seriousness corresponding to the importance of the author. The printed text of Professor Jon Stewart was a great help in deepening and understanding the contents of the course. It has been an invaluable academic and formative experience. Congratulations

por Emanuela

6 de mar de 2021

A wonderful course for those who are appassionate of philosophy and the philosopher Soren Kierkegaard. It gives you a lot of details and informations about his life, his works and the way he focused the attention about some topics. The teacher is really exquisit, I sincerely recommend it.

por Joan M G

1 de jul de 2018

Cómo me hubiera gustado poder seguir este curso muchos años atrás!! Una mágnifica guia de estudio y de lectura para poder seguir de manera muy comprensiva la obra de S. Kierkegaard!! Leí no pocas de sus obras, pero a tientas, con dificultad aunque también con placer. Gracias por el curso.

por La T

22 de nov de 2016

It´s not just Al and the TAs; it seems that everyone gets pulled in by the energy. There is a sense that all are welcome to share their thoughts, their´s beyond a course, it´s a connection to others throughout the world who share a passion for poetry. Shine On!

por Moira B

7 de ago de 2016

From all aspects, visual, auditory and lecture presentation, this is first class. I would definitely study further with the University of Copenhagen and Dr Jon Stewart. If you want to delve into Philosophy and its relevance to our modern life I highly recommend this course.

por Viv C

15 de mai de 2021

So well put together. I've done a few courses on here and this was by the far the best in terms of organisation. A decent amount of reading to do and the lectures were very well-delivered. The mix of historical context and textual focus was perfect. Highly recommended.

por Emmanouil P

23 de out de 2017

Professor Stewart did a fine job with well structured lectures and preparation material. I appreciated the effort to show that the work of Kierkegaard does not just belong to the history of philosophy but is still relevant in our globalized and fast moving world.