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This course covers a wide variety of IT security concepts, tools, and best practices. It introduces threats and attacks and the many ways they can show up. We’ll give you some background of encryption algorithms and how they’re used to safeguard data. Then, we’ll dive into the three As of information security: authentication, authorization, and accounting. We’ll also cover network security solutions, ranging from firewalls to Wifi encryption options. The course is rounded out by putting all these elements together into a multi-layered, in-depth security architecture, followed by recommendations on how to integrate a culture of security into your organization or team. At the end of this course, you’ll understand: ● how various encryption algorithms and techniques work as well as their benefits and limitations. ● various authentication systems and types. ● the difference between authentication and authorization. ● how to evaluate potential risks and recommend ways to reduce risk. ● best practices for securing a network. ● how to help others to grasp security concepts and protect themselves....

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9 de abr de 2022

Great course for beginners and experts. Easy to understand and a good refresher for those who have been into IT for a long date. Recommend it to everyone looking for a high quality course on coursera.


25 de abr de 2018

Great course that is full of useful information and presented in an easy to understand way. It's an awesome beginner course that will add to your knowledge and further your knowledge of IT security.

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por Stacy G

18 de jun de 2019

A nice introduction to security in IT technology! The course covers everything from software and user security problems, to network hardening from a pretty high level (generally pretty abstracted) overview. Just deep enough to understand how and why certain principles should apply to security, and not too much more - a nice course overall.

It would have been nice to have more labs, exploring different tools. There's one where you use tcpdump in Linux to do some traffic monitoring which is quite cool to check out, but the remaining majority of assignments are short quizzes and a detailed, peer-reviewed assignment you write at the end of the course. Nice presentation as always from Google.

por Dave C

26 de set de 2019

This is intensive course. Much to learn. It is like learning the whole new language as trying to live in the foreign land. Not knowing exactly where things are and having to keep review and refer back to what I have just heard / learned. The practicing implementation is not as clear to me as it was guided step by step in many cases. But it helped a lot in the sense that helped me gain knowledge about the Integrated Technologies, and how it really is necessary tools that everyone should be equipped with no matter what field you are in. And thank goodness for those instructors, who seemed to have spent countless hours to make the learning more seamless.

por William B D

29 de mar de 2018

This is a great class, and I learned a lot.

However, the final assignment is not very fair. We are asked to provide recommendations and cover certain topics, but the rubric for grading ask for much more than what the assignment wants. This means there is a good change that after you have had the assignment graded by three peers, you will have to re-do the whole assignment and find three more people to review it.

Whoever wrote the assignment should have also been the one to write the grading rubric as well. The disconnect between the two is terrible.

por Jonathan M

28 de out de 2018

Other than Networking section, this was one of the toughest courses, but very informational. The final peer review test was not straightforward enough on what to produce as a "report" result. It did not provide enough of what was expected (details). They should have hinted that details (password length, times, characters, 802.11x, SIDS, SIPS, etc.) was too specific on what was asked in the peer review and nothing about the concepts of security (layers or security, AD, Radius or other).

por Eddie M

20 de jun de 2018

i wish there was a way to get all the dialogue printed as a pdf file. it takes a lot of time and effort to find the material you need by clicking over one hudred links to see the transcript. im one of those people that likes a textbook for class. overall i think the most difficult course to understand the critical points of security. glad its over on to the next ! probably take the comptia A+ test after reviewing for free online or if coursera has a cheap class on it .

por Teresa M

29 de mar de 2021

Would have been more interesting if there were a variety of instructors. This course was more like a roving dictionary of terms. The videos did not prepare us very well for the qwiklabs. It was mostly acronym based without a good demonstration of the skills needed to pass the qwiklabs. I did appreciate the challenge of the final graded assessments. That is actually what I learned from the most as I researched a variety of websites in order to write the project.

por Ian M

4 de ago de 2020

Instructor was very clear and did a great job overall. Sometimes it was obvious that someone wrote this out. Teleprompter or not, it read like a George Lucas script in places. Just technical jargon flying at us. Not the teacher's fault. Could use a little more writing or a few more images on screen to help make sense as the jargon is being thrown at us. Overall, though, intelligently designed and professionally done. Again, the instructor was great! Thanks.

por Mikey B

15 de ago de 2020

It was not bad, definitely better than the last course. My only issue was sometimes the topics were very broad and then would get very detailed. This made the quizes difficult because the questions had range of difficulty. Sometimes the quiz questions would ask something that was only mentioned in one sentence of the lecture which made it difficult even to review. Would like to have used more tools in the class than just learning about computer security.

por Rodrigo G L

16 de dez de 2020

It's a huge amount of information fired like a machine gun. In general it is a good course, but I do not see the point of so many minutes of video dedicated to defining one term after another that could well be delivered in written format, the real benefit of audiovisual language is not taken.

Of the total of the course could be a complete specialization. Something like "Google Cyber Security Professional Certificate" would be appreciated in the future.

por Richard ( M

4 de nov de 2020

Thanks Google with the GISC Canada project and this opportunity to go through this course. Our course administrator/Google IT Support Certificate Learning Facilitor is great. As a "young whipper snapper" with a teaching career he has had the energy to put 50 individuals through were help was needed. As well as pivoting to accommodate the year from hell and facilitating methods with COVID this has gone amazingly well. Regards,

Richard (Rick) Medlock

por Gerardo A

2 de set de 2020

This course gives you the total picture of what IT Security as a whole and that it shows the every changing nature of why security in IT infrastructure is important even if you have the latest and most expensive technology does not guarantee that your important data and information are safe. I find it very interesting and it really makes you realize how fragile and vulnerable your system if you are not careful and aware of the threats that abound.

por Joseph G

7 de jul de 2019

A thorough foundational course in information security, to be sure. But I did find it a bit difficult to absorb the more intricate material given that it was distributed rapidly through longer (than usual) videos. I personally think that this course, its concepts would be better digested via shorter videos and more in the way of diagrams and other visual aids. I found myself stopping many of the videos and rewinding them just to take notes.

por Christopher M

2 de set de 2019

This course is really superb for introducing cybersecurity best practices, though it offers so many different analytical tools that relatively few are looked at in depth and it would benefit from more labs. That said, this course made me more conscious about how I treat security and helped me think analytically about risks that are taken on a given network, which made it very useful. I'm excited to apply this knowledge in a new role!

por Thu B

8 de dez de 2019

A bit shock at first. So many concepts to absorb at a very short time. My compliment to the team to condense all these complicated concepts into a concise and easily digested content. This course content gave me the essential frame to expand my knowledge in this area. I read some of the documents on the net and really admired the good job the team had done to convey such huge and complex field to us.

por Luis B

4 de mar de 2022

I​ really enjoyed this course! One recommendation - please revisit closed captions. Sometimes the closed captions block the demonstrations at the bottom of the video, especially in the lessons demonstrating running a terminal in Linux. Also some closed captions misidentify the lecturers' words and the wrong word is used, which can lead to confusion when the lecturer is teaching a concept. Thanks!!

por Mohamed F A A

21 de abr de 2021

This is an excellent course that I will recommend to any one who want to work as an IT Support Professionnal and thank you to all contributors indeed. However this course will be more effective with more hands on labs or indicating how to setup a fictive IT Infrastructure for a given organisation using simulator tool such as GNS3 for example.... Good continuation Google in helping people!

por Landon M

13 de nov de 2020

The one negative of this course is that it is a lot of information just being thrown at you. There are very few ways to actually put the information you learn into practice through labs or other means. This being said, the overall course is great, it teaches you a lot and reinforces information that you may have already had and I would recommend it for anyone that is interested in IT.

por SecureGive

1 de jul de 2020

It's a great course! I learned a ton, and the presenter did a great job! The only reason I didn't give the course 5 stars is because a lot of topics aren't covered in enough detail to help you really understand them. A lot of topics are given such a high level overview that I had to research the topics on other websites to really understand them. Otherwise, it's a great course!

por Don G M

9 de abr de 2019

Very informative with a broad range of topics, and nicely explained with smart multiple choice quizzes. However, rather than showing the instructor speaking most of the time, it would be MUCH more helpful if they put up static diagrams or key points on the screen. Some of the content is complex, so diagrams on the screen while he's speaking will help greatly.

por Brooke F

11 de set de 2018

This was a pretty interesting course. I really wish there was some more hands on. It was very much theory and concepts with no demonstration on how to implement most of it. Yes there was links to some third party, or open source, programs that could help with secure, but no real world how to implement or do anything. I did learn a lot though.

por Martin D

5 de mai de 2019

Pro: Lots of good information. Has definitely motivated me to learn more about this important subject. I really liked having the transcript available.

Con: Hands on labs are good, but they seemed a bit superficial. Would have been nice to have multiple presenters, perhaps teach various concepts through interviews with expert practitioners.

por David T

9 de nov de 2021

V​ery broad overview of Computer Security Tools and Techniques, but not enough depth to attain a working knowledge of any of the itemes presented, just an understanding of what they do. As an experienced computer programmer I found the class to be way to easy, but perhaps I should have selected a harder course!

por Dean L

8 de ago de 2021

A very broad introduction to network security. Would have liked more visual aids when talking about the complex way that different servers work. Missed doing the labs like the previous course: IT Systems Administration. Was a great way for me to level up my knowledge. I had to really study to take it all in

por Justin T

13 de jul de 2018

This course didn't teach about how viruses are made or anything like that. I does teach about which and how many systems are needed to properly protect other systems from malicious attacks. As such, it teaches a lot of terms and names of systems. It was a struggle to get through but commit and it will happen!

por Jeffery A R

27 de out de 2018

The final peer-reviewed project is a boondoggle. It throws you in blind. The grading rubric adds in concepts not mentioned in the prompt. I felt bad for marking my peers down in points for this reason. The sample is locked until after the assignment is completed, which makes it almost completely useless.