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This course highlights the importance and role of software product management. It also provides an overview of the specialization, as well as its goals, structure, and expectations. The course explains the value of process, requirements, planning, and monitoring in producing better software....

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10 de Jan de 2019

The course was very interactive, useful and interesting. I can definitely apply the knowledge that I gained out of this course to my day on day work on Software Management. Kudos to the production and

18 de Fev de 2018

Though it is an introductory course, it is packed with great information about managing a software product. I enjoyed the course, and I am moving on with the next course on the SPM specialization.

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por Justin B

24 de Fev de 2018

This specialization does nothing to prepare you for a job in product management, it barely scratches the surface of the requirements for even a PM internship (most of which require an MBA anyway). I invested a significant amount of time and effort into completing this specialization and found out all of my effort was a complete waste when it came to start job hunting. While it may be useful to understand some of the foundational concepts, the basics can be easily taught in the first week on the job. What employers are really looking for are hard skills like Scrum certifications, quantitative analytics, SQL fluency, data visualization, and a thorough understanding of business metrics, none of which this specialization covers.

por Vishal G

31 de Mai de 2019

The course is wonderful for a beginner to get his/her concepts right before diving into software product management.

por Denis B

25 de Out de 2015

Course title is misleading. It is actually a course on Managing Agile Software development, not Product management.

There is common understanding in active product management community that major focus for product manager is market. Market is not mentioned in this course at all.

What requirements and schedule, guys??? Current product management is all about hypotheses, A/B testing, customer development, experiments, lean UX, etc.

You completely missing the point.

Still, this course can be a good one for those who want to start Managing agile software development.

por Niranjan K

11 de Jan de 2019

The course was very interactive, useful and interesting. I can definitely apply the knowledge that I gained out of this course to my day on day work on Software Management. Kudos to the production and

por Gretchen G

31 de Ago de 2018

This course is excellent. It's difficult, but students learn by watching University of Alberta videos and third-party TED talks, as well as by reading interesting and crucial textual materials.

por Nicolai A

8 de Jul de 2019

Excelent to understand the foundations of product lifecicle

por Pratik

27 de Mai de 2020

Excellent Introduction to basics of Software Development Process !

I am 10 years experienced software professional, and can truly certify the elements mentioned in the course. Also having said, it is a good refresher as some of the topics are not strictly followed by industry leading to issues after a couple of months.

Would recommend for everyone !

NOTE: A more practical example of end -end journey would be super helpful - Pratik D

por Omar A

12 de Nov de 2019

Indeed a great Course to Start with. If you are new to Software Product Management Field, this course will help you understanding the process and basically identifying the role of Product Manager/Analyst. The course carries the depth knowledge, I rate this course 10/10. I am planning to cover all the 6 courses from this specialization.

por Maximilian W

14 de Dez de 2015

This course explained to me comprehensibly what a Product Manager does which is already a good thing to start from.

In addition it really gave me some insight into modern ways of managing a development team.

Therefore I would recommend that course to anyone working as a developer and not knowing what these "PMs" are doing.

por R D S

17 de Jan de 2018

I think it was a short but to the point course to teach you the basics and importance of client requirements, following processes and agile development methodology which are crucial elements in becoming a successful product manager. Sincere thanks and Cheers to the team from University of Alberta for creating this course!

por Luke L

10 de Abr de 2016

This is an awesome intro to SW product management. It points out the main difference between SW product management compared to product management of other industries. Specifically, Change.

It is a great way for experienced product managers of other industries to transition into the SW business.

por Sameera W

3 de Fev de 2019

This course introduces the concept of product management and how it applies to a agile software development. A focus it lacks is the introduction of managing a product such as design, roadmap, etc. and also the lack of focus on design.

por Richard J H

11 de Jan de 2017

This course was an excellent way to begin immersing myself into the specialization. I am new to this field but can imagine myself using much of my printed out material as future reference

por Haitao

4 de Jul de 2019

Great!I have some understanding about software product management. Continue to learn, let's go!

por Sérgio F

23 de Jun de 2019

Curso muito bacana mostrando a introdução do Gerenciamento de Produtos de software!

por Joniz G

5 de Jul de 2019

Muy bueno

por Boxuan Z

8 de Jun de 2019

not too much knowledge grow

por Jennifer S

19 de Jun de 2021

The style of this team of educators allows for differentiation of instruction for students, like myself, who either struggle to learn or lack the confidence to work within a new content area. Each presenter provides options for visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners to maximize learning retention. They have embedded techniques to help to reinforce learning through tactics such as repetition, scenarios, informal quizes, and explanations. Supplemental materials like TedTalks and real world Case Studies are also provided to clarify and to provide students who already have a background in the subject area with opportunities to extend their understanding of the material. No one with a passion to learn will go without or complete this course without coming away with greater insight and understanding.

por Andreia M

21 de Jul de 2017

I've been waiting for the end of the Capstone project to review all courses of the specialization. I want to check how they interact and how would the concepts be applied. I couldn't be more satisfied! This specialization is very complete and focused on the main topic "Software Product Management". Although there are several additional resources for us to deeply analyse a concept that interest us, the overall course gives you the necessary view of all options available without becoming to generic. I really recommend this specialization and congratulate all the team involved on developing this course. Thanks!

por Manuel G C

31 de Out de 2020

Great course, I like it a lot, because the content was presented in very simple way, easy to understand even for people like me that I not coder or system designer.

I have learned the basic about SPM, and I am ready to continue my trainning to turn this in a new opportunities for my career, being a SP Manager or Agile Master Leader.

This is my secound diploma earned in coursera , I will 100% recommend this plataform for my collegues and people that I know and they are willing to keep learning to make advances in thier porfessional careers.

por Muhammad N A Z

3 de Mar de 2019

Excellent course to become a Software Product Manager (SPM). The overview has given enough insight to appreciate the need for completing the rest of the course. This would be invaluable for any product manager or leader who needs to have a clear idea about how software product management should work.

I have 14 years experience in running a telecom company and has developed many softwares till date. I wish I attended this earlier. Must do course!

A great course for anyone who wishes to explore SPM job.

por Eshan B

13 de Mai de 2020

This course is simply fantastic. Course content is very well designed and explained. There is just too much to learn and explore. I was able to understand what it takes to be a Software Product manager , what does Project Success mean and core of Agile principles. I wish to explore further to strengthen my understanding about subject "Software Product Management". I thank you the Team for providing me an opportunity to lean this subject.

por Pallavit A

20 de Ago de 2019

Provides a good starting point to begin thinking and talking about products and its management. Resources are helpful, and I'd suggest going the extra mile and really researching deeply about all that's being said to get a better grip over it. Software devs, techies and managers may feel that most of the information is at a basic level and even well known, but there's always something new that each slide and video offers. Keep learning.

por Nenna

24 de Fev de 2020

I am happy to take part in this course and learn from professionals. I like the way in which the lessons are represented and constructed including the questions, so it makes us think, and not just listen or read. Also, the outside links, like the ones to TED and other valuable resources are indeed very helpful. I like quizzes at the end of every week since they are challenging our knowledge. All in all, I really enjoyed it.

por Madhusudhan R K

23 de Out de 2017

Introduction to product management is explained well in this course. As I am already into product management, learnt few good things that can help me on daily activities. Agile methodology introduction is also helpful. Knowing roles of product/project manager is very important and helps what to be done to achieve the right product by doing right planning. Overall great course and learning product management principles.