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What are people most afraid of? What do our dreams mean? Are we natural-born racists? What makes us happy? What are the causes and cures of mental illness? This course tries to answer these questions and many others, providing a comprehensive overview of the scientific study of thought and behavior. It explores topics such as perception, communication, learning, memory, decision-making, persuasion, emotions, and social behavior. We will look at how these aspects of the mind develop in children, how they differ across people, how they are wired-up in the brain, and how they break down due to illness and injury....

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26 de jun de 2020

This was my second course using this site, and with Professor Bloom, and once again it was great. I've genuinely learnt a lot, and I've found a new love for psychology I never would have found before.


27 de dez de 2020

I just ended this course smiling & 'happy' with the final topic. 🎉 Thank you for the wonderful experience. Professor Bloom did a great job in explaining and a very pleasant, soothing voice to present!

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por Deborah M W

28 de out de 2019

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take Introduction to Psychology with professor Paul Bloom. It was an engaging and challenging course, and Professor Bloom has extensive and impressive knowledge of the subject matter. I have learned many new concepts and now understand how to listen and read the assigned materials more thoroughly. I would recommend this course to anyone who is considering pursuing psychology as a major. This course provides an extensive but condensed look at what to expect in other psychology courses.

por Berfu A A

14 de nov de 2021

Sayın Yetkili,

Bu kursa Türkiye'den katıldım ve kursun başındaki birkaç videonun da Türkçe alt yazılı olmasından kaynaklı tüm kursta Türkçe çeviri olduğunu sanmıştım. Ancak başladıktan sonra da vazgeçmek istemedim ve Google Translate desteği ve ek araştırmalarla kursu diğerlerine göre çok daha zorlansam da tamamladım. Bu kadar zorluğa rağmen harika bir kurstu. Çok teşekkür ederim. Türkçe çeviri özelliğini çok daha fazla kursta görmeyi dilerim. Burada İngilizce bilmediği için faydalanamayan ancak bunu çok isteyen çok insan var!

por jill h

18 de abr de 2021

I really enjoyed the course. There was a wide range of topics and just enough detail. The videos and readings were a good mix and I did also listen to Paul’s psychology podcast. As I studied this course during Covid 19 I would be interested to learn more about the impact of a pandemic on people’s overall mental health and how it may influence peoples feelings of happiness / happiness scores.

Thank you for offering this course for free through courses- taking courses has been one way for me to cope with the pandemic lockdowns

por Jane W

29 de mar de 2021

This was a really interesting and engaging course giving a good insight into the history and development of psychology. I especially liked the way the videos were done to simulate attendance in a lecture theatre but with the added benefit of being able to rewind and make notes. Paul Bloom had a great way of explaining things and to relating them to the every day. I would have liked a little more in depth on brain disorders but all in all I was more than pleased with this course and would thoroughly recommend it.

por S M U A

11 de out de 2020

The curriculum and content were perfect. The professor was of course very good, though there were occasional 'hum and haw' episodes which sound very irritating in an online course. In a classroom it will be natural but in an online lecture, it can be filtered out! Also the graphics on the screen were very irritating. A lot of improvement can be done on that front - maybe still photographs or videos or far better animations (least preferable option) may be considered.

por Heechan W

9 de jul de 2020

I think this was a well-rounded course on the subject of psychology which was pretty insightful and informative. One little complaint of mine is that I found the video animation style somehow distracting and I often found myself losing focus. It was as if I could concentrate better by just listening to the professor speaking without the animation running. Overall, a good course on psychology to beginners and I would recommend this course to anyone interested!

por Jillian O

8 de jul de 2020

I really enjoyed this course! I took it as COVID-19 was in affect for 2 months and we saw an outcry of people refusing to wear masks and protesting for normalcy. It provided me with great communication tools to better have conversations with varying generations about things happening in the world. My only criticism were minor sound or typos in the coursework. Overall worthwhile to help you change your mindset and speak more intelligently in everyday life.

por Bhuvnesh N

2 de jun de 2020

Loved the lectures by the professor. Would have been great if I could see him directly while he gives the lectures rather than to see an animation of him. The reading exercises took longer than the allocated time to complete but definitely a good introduction to psychology. The initial lectures might seem boring but they lay the foundation for the lectures that follow, so would suggest to be a bit patient initially. Then on it is more interesting,

por Ricardo F

3 de mar de 2020

Excellent overview course and stylish. I enjoyed neuroscience of emotions and neurotransmitters the most and by far. Clever quizz questions. Some topics were way too brief and others were too rushed. And some readings are way longer than the stated 10min. Some NOBA modules were too boring and had little information, others were amazing, specially amazingly the one on affective neuroscience

por Martina R G

26 de out de 2019

I love taking Coursera courses online because I can go at my own pace and watch, read, rewatch and reread, and take notes to study before taking the quizzes. Professor Bloom did a great job teaching the course. I highly recommend both, Professor Bloom and the course. I’d like to know how I can get official transcripts. Looking forward to taking another psychology course.

I’ve taken other classes before and enjoyed each one.

Martina R. Gallegos

por Robert C

31 de jul de 2020

Really solid course to the field of psychology. There are lots of visual aides and supplemental videos that are implemented throughout the lectures that accompany those taking the class with the content. The vast majority of information is contained within the videos, making for straightforward quizzes. And Professor Bloom is pretty engaging for this online course; strongly recommend to anyone with even a remote interest in the subject.

por Prashant T

28 de mai de 2020

the course was really good and engaging and so interactive that i covered it many days before the deadline. the course covers a very vast area and touches many topics in a very elegant and engaging manner. the course can be better if it had some means like surveys or something that the participants can conduct with the people they know and can have an idea of the applicability of the psychology around them in practical form.

por Aishwarya G

13 de jun de 2020

Professor Bloom's voice is magical - soothing, knowledgeable and kind - almost ASMR-esque. The course is structured very fluidly, the examples quoted are taken from life and you never feel overwhelmed at any point. The animated visuals are a bonus - it makes the class so much more interesting than had it been just plain text on screen. I thoroughly enjoyed this course - would certainly recommend it!

por Prathima S

15 de mar de 2022

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. I took it up as a personal challenge to pursue my interest in psychology which is different from my profession. I am glad this made me realise that I am still passionate and motivated to learn.I want to take up advanced courses . I loved the voice modulation and the lectures of Paul . Animation is excellent. Reading is elaborate but worth the time.

por Sarah B

6 de dez de 2021

The professor is extremely captivating, all videos are well broken up so you don't get bored, the discussion forums are very alive, the formatting of the videos are never boring, and I feel a million times smarter after completing this course. I greatly appreciate the professor of this course, and Coursea itself for giving me the opportunity to expand my knowledge on Psychology itself.

por Inge S

31 de jul de 2020

I loved the honesty of the professor, the cartoon-style college lectures, the playful and relatable examples and demonstrations of Psychology concepts, and the professor's ever-changing cartoon outfits in all the videos. The class covers a ton of information, but its also told in a way that most people can understand, and I love that! I'm so glad I got to take this course :).

por Kavya B

21 de abr de 2021

As the name suggests , its a great introductory course. It goes over all the basic concepts and leaves you wanting to know more. It is in fact a great course for somebody who is just starting out or knows nothing about psychology.

I would not recommend it at an intermediate level as that is not the demographic this course is trying to cover.

Hope this helps ,

Happy learning !

por Fayaz R

8 de set de 2020

Paul Bloom is a passionate teacher . I would rather loved to see him on a live recorded classroom lecture rather than his animated avatar . You can always pitch in the graphics on this recorded lecture , also would be glad to get a glimpse of what happens inside an Yale psych session . Ending the note with gratitude for making this course available to us . Thank You !!

por Stephen W

25 de ago de 2021

The course gave me a great feel for much of what psychology has to offer. The lectures were good and the reading material excellent. This probably says more about me than anything but sometimes I feltma little overwhelmed with information - particualrly the number of authors of all the studies that have been done over the past 150 years. Other than that it was good

por Mark W

31 de ago de 2020

Excellent lecturer, and a stimulating introduction to psychology. Many topics will be familiar to students of other social sciences or humanities, and more review at the end of the course (or a summary PDF for each module) would be helpful to concretise knowledge for learners. Readings are from a digital coursepack, and are useful for course quizzes.

por Kenly K

17 de mai de 2019

Great course overall, a good foundation to start working/study etc. on psychology, knowing what psychology is about in general, or simply get a grasp of how our brain works. I believed one might improved overall happiness, or self well-being if you prefer, simply by knowing the basic of how our brain works and how our environment affect our brain.

por Ly D

9 de jun de 2020

I took this course just to dip my toe into the world of Psychology and prepare myself for AP Psych next year (I'm in high school currently). There were some concepts that I felt needed to be expanded on and connected to (some lectures just seemed unrelated to the previous ones and it was hard to understand the main ideas) but it was really great.

por Matt W

10 de fev de 2020

A bit more overview of different forms & applications of clinical psychology would be great to help students get a sense of which pathway may be best suited for them if they were to pursue more research & begin research career choices (ie if that's why they took the course - to see which path would be "best" for them to conduct further research.)

por Sharmistha

6 de abr de 2020

My intention of attending this course was to get a feel for the subject area, particularly how it can help in day to day life. To that extent, the course has been successful. I think this course delves into western psychological perspectives. Given the global nature of the audience, it would have been good to know the oriental perspective also.

por Julie M

11 de fev de 2021

I enjoyed the course, including the wide range of topics covered and comprehensive overview of psychology (broader than I was expecting). I did find the videos hard to understand at times and had to pause and read the transcripts (which do contain some mistakes). I think it might be hard for someone who does not speak English fluently.