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This course offers an intimate, story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families. Through illustrated stories and short teaching videos, learners will gain a better understanding of gender identity and the gender spectrum. Stanford physicians, K-12 educators, and transgender faculty members offer practical tips for parents, teachers, healthcare providers and anyone who wants to help create a more gender-expansive environment - one in which all people can live authentically. As a global community of unique individuals, we can begin to build a world that is ready to nurture and love each and every child. Due to the sensitive nature of the story-based course content, we have chosen not to offer course certificates for this course. Simply put, we feel that the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of these remarkable children and their families... are priceless. We are confident that, like us, you will end up learning more from them than you could ever imagine. Together, we can lay a stronger foundation for all children. Join us as we explore health, across the gender spectrum. Additional note: When submitting answers to quizzes, you may be asked to enter your "full legal name". This feature is primarily for verification purposes for courses that offer a certificate on Coursera, so it does not really apply to this course. We recognize that, for some individuals the name they use does not match the one on their legal documents. Please feel free to enter the name you normally use in these boxes....

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10 de Mai de 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. My stepson (born a female) is transgender. This course has helped me understand things more and gave me a lot of pointers on how to do things. Thank you so much!

17 de Mai de 2020

I love how concise and easy to understand the videos were. They all get straight to the point and it was really a mind-blowing experience to learn about the differences and what we can do to support.

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por Jeane A

15 de Abr de 2017

I took this amazing course and found myself crying through the first 3 videos. I never knew what the child and parents experienc. My state is planning to pass a "bathroom bill' and I now know the full horrors of that. Being transgender is not a religious issue or a female privacy issue, but rather reaching out to children who need acceptane, support, and understanding. A wonderful course taught in a beautiful manner. A must for all teachers, parents, and healthcare providers! Thank you!


16 de Abr de 2021

I loved this course, I am a professor in a private university and I would like to help my transgender students with the tools I acquired at the end of this instructive course. In order to be able to be of help for the students I need a certificate of completion of the course "Health Across of Gender Spectrum" to deliver it to the Directorate of the School of Architecture where I work and to start a program of support against discrimination of gender. Thank you very much!

por Monica C

14 de Mai de 2017

This is important work, making gender diversity education available to people across the board. This course is informative, and easy to comprehend. It is important to create safe spaces for gender nonconforming people and trans people. It is great that this includes information for teachers and for healthcare providers. These folks have a BIG impact on us as children and we need professionals in these areas to be educated so they can help our children grow and thrive.

por Patricia L

11 de Abr de 2017

I found this course very informative. It explain gender expectrum in a way that was clearly understood. I enjoyed having listened to personal experiences from parents and teachers of transgender children as well as personal stories of transgender individuals. This course has helped me by providing me with understanding about what is like being transgender. It also has given me the tools to be supportive and inclusive of transgender individuals and their families.

por Nirmal V

4 de Jul de 2020

I feel everyone must take this course and learn everything that we must to make this world better and friendly for Transgender people. I just know, a human is human doesn't matter what gender. And we all need love, in abundance. I personally loved this course and learned a lot from it. It didn't just give me more information about transgender humans, their feelings, and struggles of life but also gave me a whole new perspective to see the world. 😊

por Rev. D R

15 de Jul de 2017

Was content-rich but cursory enough for someone at the surface level to understand the importance of gender diversity and competencies in the professional and personal level. Discourse was not time consuming and I believe was worth my time I will definitely recommend this course to others it was well-constructed they were no technical errors or glitches and I believe the personal stories mixed with the clinical interjections was the perfect mix.

por Helene J D

3 de Ago de 2017

Excellent course that includes a range of issues and challenges in the health and wellbeing across the gender spectrum field with a special and important focus on children. The course includes many instructive and enlightening narratives that get the points to come forward. I think the course apply to all people no matter how you identify, and you should definitely take the time to enjoy and learn from this visual and auditory resource.

por chandana J

18 de Nov de 2018

It was really a wonderful experience for me.I came to know many things, each week's schedule was very well planned and the live models were quite motivating and inspiring as well. Now i think have become a more empathetic person.It was heart wrenching for me after knowing the about the hardship people go through when they aren't accepted.I think proper awareness should be created among people.lastly i want to thank everyone for this.

por Marissa V

3 de Out de 2017

Excellent course. As someone with a Master's in social work and a close friend who is trans, this course presented a lot of information I was already familiar with, and was a great refresher as to what attitudes I should bring to my practice. I have recommended this course to my friends and family who may not have had experience thinking about and discussing gender and gender identity, and how to best support trans individuals.

por Lyndsey C

19 de Mai de 2020

This course provides a holistic understanding of what it means to be transgender and shares a glimpse into the experiences and struggles of transgender children and their parents, as well as offers insights into how we can provide more inclusive healthcare and education for all students of all diversities. I would highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to better understand what it means to be transgender or non-binary.

por Shreeporna B

7 de Mai de 2021

Absolutely enjoyed doing this course. The concepts are so easy to understand yet so important. I am a Public Health Professional working with adolescents and children in India. Often i struggle to explain regarding gender and LGBTQ among children and adolescents to parents, teachers, frontline community workers, government officials and policy maker. I forward the link to this course to whoever i can to help them understand.

por Sarah S

13 de Fev de 2018

I really enjoyed this short course, and found the personal stories and animations to be helpful in really understanding the journey of transgender kids and their parents. I think this would be ideal to share with those not familiar at all with gender studies, as it is an easy and supportive introduction. Great for teachers as well as parents and healthcare professionals to understand some basics. Thank you!

por Jeyana M

3 de Out de 2017

This course is great! Thank you! The concept of gender spectrum was a revelation to me. I feel so happy and releaved now. And I want to become one of the voices, which are building a better, safer world. Thanks for the list of resources - as soon as I feel confident enough in this topic, I'll start telling about it to everyone who's interested. And now I'll definetely recommmend this course to people I know.

por Frances W

13 de Mai de 2017

I never understood what transgender meant. I was given a very clear definition. But more than that it helped me understand how transgender children feel and how their parents feel. It made transgender real to me. I don't know anyone who is transgender but I know that after taking this course if I do meet someone I will be very aware of their feelings. I will accept who they are and be able to support them.

por Cristina P

5 de Jun de 2020

Hello, Is loved this course, it is one more step in my sexual education and it helps me to apply it in my personal life and in the environment in which I operate, I understand and I know how to create spaces of gender equality and respect for people who like human beings deserve to live their sexuality fully and how they feel and live, it must be respected. Thank you, I will recommend it!!!!!!

por Kaye S

28 de Abr de 2017

I am going to recommend this course to other teachers and counselors at my school site. I feel it is important that everyone understands this issue is real, it's not a "phase" kids go through, and it is not something that can be swept under a rug and ignored. As public school educators it is our moral obligation to ensure a safe and inclusive learning environment for all our students. Period.

por Harumi N N

19 de Ago de 2017

This course opened my eyes. I don't have many transgender people around me, so I didn't understand. I have a friend whose child seems to be a transgender. I saw this boy start wearing a skirt or pink clothes and wondered why she would let her child do that. Now I think I have better understanding because of this class. It would be great if many people have a chance to watch this class.

por Rachel G

1 de Mai de 2018

Excellent course! Provides a great basic background for families, educators, medical professionals, and community members who are interested in supporting the full spectrum of children in our care. Videos and interviews are very well done and easy to understand, even if this might be your first bit of education on the subject. Will continue to recommend this course to others.

por Erick G

29 de Abr de 2017

Because of a special circumstance I recently experience at my child school, the schools Head Master and the early childhood principal recommended this course to me. It was the perfect fit and had all the information I need to be part of the conversation regarding the gender spectrum. Also this is the first course I complete in this platform. It left me completely satisfied.

por Divyanshi

20 de Ago de 2021

I​ loved this short course. From the country that I belong (India), we have accepted transgender community (hijras) from ages. But even today, most families would not accept one in their own family. We never talk about the community, their problems and solutions.

For me, the course was an eyeopener. The stories of different people were so inspirational. Highly recommended!

por Margaret

14 de Out de 2017

Fantastic course that touches on a wide range of topics, concerns and questions. It provides so much needed information while also keeping it personal and relatable by having videos and recordings made by transgender people and their families. Very powerful and thoughtfully constructed course. Extremely helpful in helping to progress in understanding and acceptance.

por Ezequiel M

11 de Jun de 2017

I was great to participate in this course. The material is excellent. I think everyone needs to have a basic notion of the gender spectrum. I regret this is not available in other languages, as I could help in spreading this message. I am a native Spanish speaker, so, if you want, I could help by translating video subtitles to Spanish. Just let me know. Thanks a lot.

por Maria C M D C

5 de Jan de 2021

It was awesome! The first time that i experienced something like that. I can wait to do more courses and learning more. After all, it's really important to learn about our children cause they are the future! Me as a 17yo, i'm learning this for my future education and in case i have kids, i might be a great example and give the best support and education!

Thank you!!

por Hengki c

3 de Out de 2020

it is an amazing course that shows me how I should begin myself to develop and take more steps to go further to discover my personal goal as I m always think that I am transgender but I always feel ashamed to myself to express my identity.

I hope one day it could have link how to contact the prof to ask further questions regarding the course topic and experiences

por Ljubica A

21 de Abr de 2017

The course allowed me to thoroughly understand the topic of gender spectrum. I have learned how I, as and individual, could help transgender people and their surroundings to strengthen their understanding, acceptance and relationship. I would recommend this course for anyone who is interested to learn about the diversity which life has to offer to us.