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This course offers an intimate, story-based introduction to the experiences of six transgender children and their families. Through illustrated stories and short teaching videos, learners will gain a better understanding of gender identity and the gender spectrum. Stanford physicians, K-12 educators, and transgender faculty members offer practical tips for parents, teachers, healthcare providers and anyone who wants to help create a more gender-expansive environment - one in which all people can live authentically. As a global community of unique individuals, we can begin to build a world that is ready to nurture and love each and every child. Due to the sensitive nature of the story-based course content, we have chosen not to offer course certificates for this course. Simply put, we feel that the thoughts, ideas and sentiments of these remarkable children and their families... are priceless. We are confident that, like us, you will end up learning more from them than you could ever imagine. Together, we can lay a stronger foundation for all children. Join us as we explore health, across the gender spectrum. Additional note: When submitting answers to quizzes, you may be asked to enter your "full legal name". This feature is primarily for verification purposes for courses that offer a certificate on Coursera, so it does not really apply to this course. We recognize that, for some individuals the name they use does not match the one on their legal documents. Please feel free to enter the name you normally use in these boxes....

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10 de Mai de 2017

I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. My stepson (born a female) is transgender. This course has helped me understand things more and gave me a lot of pointers on how to do things. Thank you so much!

17 de Mai de 2020

I love how concise and easy to understand the videos were. They all get straight to the point and it was really a mind-blowing experience to learn about the differences and what we can do to support.

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por Elly F

15 de Mai de 2017

A basic on gender course that focuses on pediatrics. I wish there were more voices of trans/NB kids and providers featured. Instead, cis parents and providers working with trans kids got a LOT of air time. Didn't learn very much beyond, be respectful and ask for pronouns...while that is definitely helpful for some, it is not what I was looking for in this course.

por Jessica A

20 de Abr de 2017

This is a great introductory course for the Health of Transgendered youths. Many intersections such as, socio-economic factors, race, geography, or access issues are not addressed which heavily impact this community and possible families that are disenfranchised by these disparities.

por Recardo

6 de Ago de 2020

It is very basic. That said, I think it's cool that there are "easier" and "simpler" courses for people who aren't familliar with LGBTQ+ issues! It's definitely appropriate for young students, though.

por Jessi G

7 de Nov de 2020

While this course definitely helped me become more aware of the transgender society and helped me learn a bit more, I felt that most of the information was common knowledge and very repetitive.

por Benjamín I A O

29 de Jun de 2020

Considero que el lenguaje utilizado en el curso no es inclusivo por lo cual no es congruente con su temática, además de utilizar términos poco adecuados a la temática.

por Denisa V

20 de Ago de 2018

Me gustaria informacion sobre como abordar estos casos.

Conteste 2 por error de comprension al no poder trancribirlas al español

por Christopher C

6 de Fev de 2018

Some of the language is already outdated - not the most up to date research and care techniques either.

por Jeremie C

3 de Set de 2017

Interesting and well-made but a little light on content.

por Lucía G P

26 de Ago de 2020

básico pero interesante

por Marlo A

15 de Jul de 2017

Good Beginner's course.

por Doc F R

13 de Set de 2020

The course was very good at sharing stories of parents of children who are transgender, and one or two stories of people who transitioned as adults, particularly of Stanford professor Alice Lyman Miller. The course did not do a very good job of talking about Health Across the Gender Spectrum! The focus was entirely on social issues, not physical health concerns (such as expressing sexuality, cancer risks associated with hormone therapy, etc.) and an inadequate amount on mental health concerns (it was mentioned that there are higher rates of depression, anxiety, drug abuse, and suicide among transgender individuals, but not much was said about dealing with these issues apart from finding a support group. NOTHING WHATSOEVER was said about violence against transgender individuals, such as the appallingly high murder rate of Black transgender women. The testing was a joke -- one true/false question per video is not testing my knowledge! So this was just a nicely produced series of talks by privileged families who had the resources (including inclusive schools) to accommodate their children when they came out as transgender. I don't feel I learned anything about "health."

por Dhwani

21 de Mai de 2020

The course provides a basic and beginner's level understanding of the non-binary community, however, it lacks thorough scientific research and support of facts. I had high expectations before I began this course. The experience of trans/non binary children and their parents are taken into account. The quiz questions feel very basic and can be more comprehensive.

por Horatio P

19 de Ago de 2019

Informative if you know very little about the gender spectrum. I was really hoping there would be a lot more scientific content on what is currently known or understood by professionals. However, I understand the danger and threat of broadcasting what current research suggests in such a rapidly expanding topic area.

por Ece Ç

9 de Set de 2020

I am not satisfied with the amount of information provided, I expected something more in dept. Health Across the Gender Spectrum should not only focus on the experiences of children below the age of about 12.

The advice given to healthcare professionals to make healthcare more accessible to the gender spectrum was too little and not very helpful as they stated the obvious. This course should not be aiming healthcare professionals but parents who are having an experience in this field. Only 6 minutes of this course provided information on healthcare settings and LGBTQI. We did not even scratch the surface of the matter.

Why did we not hear doctors' experiences and patient's experiences at all?

por Ahmed A A A

8 de Set de 2020

Very very very good