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Humans often fail to make rational decisions that affect their health. This course seeks to heighten understanding of the social and behavioral factors that contribute to health decisions and behaviors, with an ultimate goal of learning how to utilize these factors in improving public health efforts. Through a set of experiential learning exercises, students will learn to apply the science of health behavior change in their own lives. The course is appropriate for students interested in health care and public health, as well as individuals who are interested in learning to apply the science of behavior change to improve their personal wellbeing....

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17 de jan de 2022

The course was very useful and helped me set, plan and work towards my personal physical and mental health goals as well as share the learning with my colleagues at work. Thank you Dr. White!


2 de ago de 2020

It was a wonderful experience. Thanks again for introducing this course. I will look forward for more, especially, health behavior practice in children and young adults.

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por Keiko L

3 de jul de 2020

This was most effective and important course I ever taken. I'm very lucky to have this opportunity and it will be in my brain to activate to bring better future for all the people around me. Thank you for letting me take this course free. I really appreciated.

por aleen f

18 de jul de 2020

I've never completed a course like this before (remote instruction) and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material. I am looking forward to share my learning to my co-workers as well as friends. Thank you!

por Deleted A

18 de jul de 2020

I am interested in Public Health so I decided to take this course. Not only this course is a great introduction to public health, it also thought me the importance of taking care of myself and ways on how to educate others through health behavior change. I appreciate Professor White for inviting her students in the weekly discussions. The lessons became more engaging and interesting because the students share their own views, opinions, and experiences in their life and in the public health field. Thank you, Professor White and Yale School of Public Health!

por Vanessa M

13 de mai de 2020

I was impressed with the course. I enjoyed hearing the experience and opinions of other students

por Carolyn T

22 de mai de 2020

I enjoyed the lectures by Dr. Marney White and the contributions of the students who

por Achyut S

3 de ago de 2020

It was a wonderful experience. Thanks again for introducing this course. I will look forward for more, especially, health behavior practice in children and young adults.

por Kimberly R

9 de nov de 2020

The format of this class did not appeal to me like the other Coursera courses I have taken. There were many times when a slide was shown to the two on-screen participating students but it was too small in the distance for me to see. Sometimes a full-screen shot of the slide was shown but there were many times it was not. I would have enjoyed it more if the instructor was speaking directly "to me", showing me the slide instead of the way it was formatted. I often felt like I was an observer of someone else taking the course versus an actual participant.

por Varsha V N

10 de jul de 2020

I loved the course as it was very friendly and I could find myself being constantly engaged in the course. The involvement of students and their perspectives have helped the students who take this course to also find answers to the small questions that arise in our minds. A big thanks to Prof. Marney White for her lectures and lessons that has helped me understand different mental health issues and other issues like diet, nutrition and physical activity much better. Thank you for this course, I am very happy to have pursued it.

Varsha. V. Nair

por Joshua B

16 de mai de 2020

Interactive and Informative. It helps you take into account your own health behaviors throughout the course so you can begin to see the benefits and challenges facing the community. I love the focus on prevention and healthy behaviors to avoid disease or improve health outcomes for those with a disease. Highly recommended for anyone!

por Jason W

22 de abr de 2020

I enjoyed this. Dr. White was engaging and modules were separated in a way that was easy to follow and digest. It was a nice introduction in to how we push the needle in changing the health behaviours of society (and validating to hear that it's not the simplest of tasks).

por Abigail P

26 de jan de 2021

This has been an inspiring course as so many have said. It has kept me intellectually engaged throughout, and has been my self study time alongside working in the healthcare industry. I have thoroughly enjoyed the participatory factor, it has been informative and life changing in some respects in terms of changing my perception towards my health, which can only be achieved through direct experience. I hope others will be able to replicate my success and the success from others, I have already seen a change in my partner who I live with; in implementing changes in nutrition activities for example; intermittent fasting - eating after 12pm and before 8pm. I have also thoroughly enjoyed the student-lecturer interaction and found the relationships rewarding to observe, and it has helped me identify with being a student again which I have greatly missed. And consider the importance of participation and sharing of thoughts. Thank you

por Rebecca C

5 de jun de 2020

This was an excellent class. The material was well taught and the discussion forums were a great way to complete assignments. I would highly recommend this course as it is filled with lots of great information about improving your mental and physical health.

por Regina V

6 de mai de 2021

Dr. Marney White is so kind and informative! I learned so much that I was actually able to work into my daily life. I constantly think differently now and I am so so grateful I took this class.


23 de jun de 2021

I find this course really interesting and I had more reflections and lessons that will apply for self to other people around us. Thank you for having this course.


19 de jul de 2020

Thanks for motivating me to become a healthier version of myself. ❤️

por Andrew J

22 de jul de 2020

It was very nice and appreciative.

por Jacqueline J

28 de jun de 2020

I thoroughly enjoyed the course.


16 de jun de 2020

Excellent course!!

por Elaina A d S

31 de mai de 2020

Very interesting, dynamic and motivational.

por Evelyn E

16 de nov de 2020

This course is very well organized and presented. My participation in efforts to change my own health behaviors was enormously informative. The experience of goal setting, application of techniques to track and make change happen, and review with peers taught me more than just listening to or reading the information I was supposed to learn. Marney White should be commended for her efforts to not only put this course together but also making it very accessible. She then takes the class one step further and has student become part of a study on the impact of the class itself. Thanks for all the work and support.


1 de jun de 2021

It really helped me to understand how to make change and stick with it my goals. I must say it was a bit hard trying to follow through but it made happen. This also help me with other courses I signed up for a during this course. Thank you much I will continue to implement this in my future.

por Anwesha P

21 de set de 2020

It had been an enriching learning experience for me throughout this course.It helped me attain my health goal in all the three domains of nutrition, physical activity and mental health and boosted my confidence.Consistency is the key to everything is what i believe.Thank you.

por Maria S

11 de nov de 2020

I really enjoyed this course. I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and I really liked her teaching style. I also like the pace of the course. I was left with a lot of things to think about in my own life and then I deal with patients in my job. Thank you.

por Laurentia A

6 de jul de 2021

It's a rather long course but I guess to build a habit you indeed need more time to get used to it. I like how there was hypothesis to compare to the result and how it is easily implemented to my own goals on the 3 aspects. Thank you!

por Marvin D

5 de nov de 2020

Thank you so much Dr. Marne for this course! This is crucially relevant especially during this pandemic. I will try my best to apply the knowledge for the betterment of my living. More power and stay healthy!