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Learn the basics of Go, an open source programming language originally developed by a team at Google and enhanced by many contributors from the open source community. This course is designed for individuals with previous programming experience using such languages as C, Python, or Java, and covers the fundamental elements of Go. Topics include data types, protocols, formats, and writing code that incorporates RFCs and JSON. Most importantly, you’ll have a chance to practice writing Go programs and receive feedback from your peers. Upon completing this course, you'll be able to implement simple Go programs, which will prepare you for subsequent study at a more advanced level....

Melhores avaliações

4 de Abr de 2020

Great intro. If you already know the basics, you probably don't need this course though. Not much of a deep dive, more of a "skim the surface" type course. Week 4 on IO was the most beneficial for me.

23 de Out de 2020

Very detailed, nice introduction to golang's basic concepts. Might need to google to find better ways to handle some requirements of the assignments, but overall a cool programming language to learn.

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por Nafisur A

19 de Mai de 2019

Completely theoretical course. Only assignments are coding practical.

por Michael N

12 de Abr de 2020

Too much water, a common blah blah blah blah course for housewives

por Tim W

10 de Mai de 2020

Content reasonably good. Some errors in quizes and assignments.

por Antoine V M

4 de Nov de 2021

Too simple for intermediate developers (targetted profile)

por Max M

11 de Fev de 2020

2 times received incorrect grades from other students.

por Saurabh S

7 de Nov de 2019

Sweet and simple introduction to the GoLang.

por Roberto M P

16 de Fev de 2020

The grading systems is somehow inefficient.

por Luke S

20 de Out de 2018

This course is a little too basic & slow.

por Fanchao C

6 de Dez de 2020

To many coding errors on the slides!

por Petr N

12 de Fev de 2020

Assignments are super weird

por ildukim

22 de Dez de 2018

Too basic.

por Zack K

27 de Out de 2021

A​t time this course feels more like an intro to programming course than an intro to go. The assignments should be graded using coursera's unit tests rather than peer reviewed. Peer review's are not comprehensive, and I doubt most people are actually checking the code. Also, having people download other people's code is a security risk. Wouldn't be hard to put something malicious in the code that executes it is run (or even when it is opened)

por Kevin H

3 de Nov de 2020

Pretty decent course with two flaws:

tagged as an Intermediate course while going from very basic stuff.

most of the assignments can be script graded while using peer review and people just grade it in pure randomness. Somebody just gives you a full point while others grade you on a error handling issue considering the assignment is just a toy program showing you can use a slice or something

por Shly

13 de Fev de 2020

Course was very introductory on high-level topics for a class that assumes you are an intermediate or higher programmer. Requirements for weekly assignments were confusing and left a lot of unanswered questions on how certain things should be handled. Peer-based grading clogged the message board with "please grade my assignment" posts and unequal grading standards.

por Gin-Ting C

4 de Jan de 2021

It's too text heavy for basic comp sci topics. It's good information but not on topic.

The topic is 'Getting started with Go' not 'Getting started with Computer Architecture'.

There should be more Go specific focused talks and assume a base level of comp sci from your audience.

Or, make basic comp sci a requisite to this course.

por Deleted A

3 de Jan de 2021

Peer grading is the laziest form of grading. Do some work, write unit tests, provide a decent grader. For a so called intermediate level course there is too much bla-bla and too little go specific material. Programming assignments are few are not challenging to say the least.

por yasharnesabian

19 de Set de 2020

This was not a productive course at all! there are many syntaxes problems in the codes which by the way are only shown in the slides, first I tried to learn go using this course but now I decided to learn go using other online resources

por Paul R

15 de Fev de 2021

The code assignments should be graded through unit tests not peer reviewed, I had code that was working and unit tested (so I knew it worked) and someone graded that is didn't work, which was incorrect.

por Peter M

24 de Ago de 2020

Why say something in once concise sentence when you can say it in hundreds of words? There is so much unnecessary waffling in all these Go courses. Not to mention mistakes.

por Deleted A

7 de Abr de 2020

I expected to see Ian writing and running codes. Just talking like that I think does not help. I took a programming course here and it was far far better.

por S.Devanathan

2 de Jul de 2020

too hard when coming to the end sections


17 de Mar de 2020

Most of the things are basic.

por Syed M M H

8 de Dez de 2018

Course should be updated.

por ILIN A ( А Л

11 de Out de 2020

To easy

por Bakhodir U

18 de Mar de 2021