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Learn how to implement concurrent programming in Go. Explore the roles of channels and goroutines in implementing concurrency. Topics include writing goroutines and implementing channels for communications between goroutines. Course activities will allow you to exercise Go’s capabilities for concurrent programming by developing several example programs....

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20 de dez de 2020

Excellent course. Great instructor. Dives right into computer science fundamentals to fully explain the concepts. Good programming assignments. Only thing left to include concurrent design patterns .


10 de nov de 2020

Has a Javascript Developer, and this course opened my mind to concurrency, not just in go, but in computing. I would recommend to anyone looking to understand true. concurrency

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por Max W

5 de jun de 2021

Light on content, with an emphasis on the very basics of concurrency and Moore's law. I was hoping that an intermediate course would jump right into the Go concurrency concepts instead of spending half the course on remedial concurrency topics.

It may be that the course isn't very fully attended in June of 2021, but I was having a hard time getting folks to review my assignments and/or finding assignments to review (you must review at least one for yours to be graded).

por Daniel R

23 de dez de 2019

The concepts in this course are critical for any Go developer to know. However the course itself contains all sorts of extraneous information and could easily be done in two modules instead of four. There are many more go topics that could be included in this class instead of wasting time talking about Moore's Law and repeating information.

por Tim W

10 de mai de 2020

Content reasonably good. Some errors in quizes and assignments.

Assignments could use better descriptions and rubrics as often they did not test many of the features included in the assignment. Also one of the earlier assignments used knowledge that was not introduced until the following module.

por Peter M

24 de ago de 2020

Why say something in once concise sentence when you can say it in hundreds of words? There is so much unnecessary waffling in all these Go courses.

Almost all of the first 2 'weeks' is not relevant to Go. Moore's law indeed! Why?

The lecturer loves the sound of his own voice.

por Taewoo K

10 de fev de 2022

Contents are too basic. And I needed to wait so long time for a peer to evaluate my assignment. The worse, there is no guarantee when the evaluation will be done.

por Gonzalo R

4 de abr de 2021

The instructions for the assignments are too vague. First two lectures in week 1 are not specific about go.

por bob n

12 de ago de 2020

Sloppy, babbling presentation. Multiple inexcusable typos in slides, trying to learn a new programming language/syntax when the presentation contains syntax errors is just plain wrong. Presenter is disorganized, ramble and runs off topic. First week has NOTHING to do with GO. Programming concepts needed to complete second assignment given IN THE FOLLOWING week. I'm so grateful there isn't a fourth course in this series, I could not take much more of "professor" Harris. He might be fun to share a beer with, but not as an instructor.

por Joey W

14 de jul de 2021

I have loved the two previous Go courses, and been looking forward to getting to the course on concurrency. Unfortunately, this course embodies the very reasons I could not stand attending college. Right from the beginning, I had to sit through 39 minutes of lectures on a deep dive into topics that really are only relevant if I'm trying to specialize in hardware engineering. Now, I'm being asked to WRITE AN ESSAY covering those topics. I'm here to learn Go, not to dive into the hows and whats of modern CPU architecture.