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Learn how theatre and globalization have affected each other over the past century, and how to conduct your own research on global theatre histories....

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18 de nov de 2020

Thank you for this inspiring course! It is nice to combine the discussion of theatre history and the context of globalisation, which also allows me to observe some cross-cultural theatre practice.


9 de ago de 2020

I loved this course ! It gave me a new prospective on how theater has spread across the world and how artists have passed their own traditions across cultural and political borders.

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por Marcelo G Z

18 de mar de 2019

I would like to have a certificate for this course.

por Eldon C

25 de jun de 2018

The majority of material presented is done so in a variety of ways that keep the course moving forward.

por Manuel A C C

3 de jun de 2019

El curso ofrece una visión bastante optimista de los procesos de globalización. En términos generales, contiene una visión del mundo liberal que en muchos sentidos oculta zonas oscuras que la globalización ha producido; sin embargo, es cierto que la hibridación, el sincretismo y la comunicación entre las diferentes culturas (artistas de distintas zonas culturales) son hechos innegables que han alimentado y desarrollado la cultura humana, y que es en el arte, en este caso, el teatro, en donde los procesos de desterritorialización, modernidad y conectividad surgen para crear estrategias de apropiación y reapropiación del otro y/o los otros. Gracias.

This course offers a rather optimistic view of globalization processes. In general terms, it contains a liberal worldview that in many ways conceals dark areas that globalization has produced; however, it is true that hybridization, syncretism and communication between different cultures (artists from different cultural areas) are undeniable facts that have nurtured and developed human culture, and that in this case, theater , where the processes of deterritorialization, modernity and connectivity arise to create strategies of appropriation and reappropriation of the other and / or others. Thank you.

por Dr. I W

18 de mai de 2020

It was really hard and difficult, but a nice experiment for me. I wish that i have an option to have a certficate for . Thats why i am giving the 3 stars .

I am really interested to a certificate, after i have so many hours for it.

por JOHN Q

17 de fev de 2017

Enjoyable course. Thanks. I learned a lot about my own community.

por Tanisha B

12 de mai de 2020

Haven't recieved my certificate yet even though it has been more than 2 weeks now since I completed it

por Гарбузюк М В

4 de mai de 2020

Thank you, prof, Balme for the very important course! It`s amazing to understand international theatre relationships between Europa, Asia, USA, Australia - all over the world. Now I better realise the place and specific features of the historical theatre process in Ukraine - from the early-modern period to the end of the XX century - becouse our territories often call "the frontier between West and East". Thanks to this course I opened many interesting references for researching global theatre history!

por Daniel H

11 de jun de 2018

The course was extremely informative and actually inspired a vested interested in theatrical preservation. As a burgeoning theatrical storyteller, this course was extremely helpful in framing my own course of future graduate study and professional development. It was also quite user-friendly and though I felt connected to other students I did not rely on them to complete the course as is the case with several other courses on this platform. Thank you!

por Gabi R

9 de jan de 2018

Thank you for this informative and interesting course!

I can recommend it to everyone who is interested in theatre! Besides we learned a lot about theatre history, globalization and curent developments, we were also asked to find out something about theatres in our local area which was realiy interesting for me.

Looking forward to your next MOOC about theatre!

por Sagar

9 de fev de 2020





por Maulikraj S

24 de abr de 2020

This course is really amazing. it helped me a lot to understand the Theatre practice of migrating troupes and individuals from history to present. The most important learning from this course is Theatre research from a historical perspective. I am satisfied with the efforts of Prof. Balme and the team of LMU.

Thank you.

por Georgios

9 de dez de 2016

Very interesting course that makes someone to wide his mind and understand that art can not evolve without technology or economy. Also it becomes quite clear that art is not one persons or countrys privilege, but of the whole world and everyone can help theatre to evolve.

por sibu v

14 de abr de 2020

Well planned and created. Don't miss the chance to learn and get a global view of theatre. A must for those who have a love for theatre - to understand the past, present, and future. Thank you for all the effort taken to create and offer this global learning experience.

por Kat K

18 de fev de 2018

This was a great course and has inspired me to go study and learn more about this topic on my own. The only glitchy part of the course was some of the questions mid-video. Otherwise, it was a well planned, well delivered, and interesting course. Thanks, Prof Balme!

por Ping S K

26 de nov de 2018

This was my first course on coursera. I was very impressed by the curriculum and lessons given by Professor Balme. I am glad that I discovered this course, which provides a wide range of useful research methods and resources for my PhD project.

por Kaustuv B

13 de jul de 2017

This is my first completed course in Coursera. Thanks a lot Coursera and Christopher Balme, LMU for making this wonderful course. It exposed me to the entire timeline of theatre starting from the past to the possible future. Thanks again :)

por nanor

5 de jul de 2017

I would like to thank you Mr. Balme for this educative class. Just enjoyed every second of it! It's such a pity I don't have time to put Armenia on the map of yours by my assigments. It was a juicy squizzed fresh air in this hot hot summer

por Deleted A

31 de ago de 2019

This course was very informative about how globalized theatre production was in the past and not fully appreciated

por Bhramari S

17 de mai de 2019

This course has helped me to step into understanding Globalisation in the Indian context.

por Gina J

13 de jun de 2018

I LOVED this course! Plans are to visit the university in the near future!

por David S M

23 de abr de 2018

This was a very insightful course and I am very pleased to have done it.

por Allie T

8 de fev de 2018

Great introduction to globalized theatre. My one wish would be that the course included more on theatre during the war. I was curious about what role, if any, did organizations such as the USO and the ENSA (organizations to provide live entertainment for troops stationed abroad) play in the transition from theatre as commercial enterprise to theatre as a public good to be sponsored by the state? And what impact, if any, did these organizations have on the globalization of theatre.

por Paulo F L d L G

8 de jun de 2020

This is a wonderfully organized course. A very simple and systematic approach to this field of knowledge. Very useful to every academic researcher, in order to refresh its main conceptual tools. Also it is very interesting to the general public. A current topic presented in a very friendly way. I learned a lot! Thank you for that. I'll be waitting for the next course on this topic.

por Waddah M A

24 de jan de 2019

Thank you very much to Professor Christopher Palmy for valuable information and to change our view of the theater in general and how we can document our old theaters and revive and re-live life a more unified look with the whole world

por Oyewo A

10 de mai de 2020

History has been the key to unlocking more sphere of life and that key is this course I just took that has helped me travelled round the world without leaving the four walls of Nigeria! Thank you Coursera for this awesome experience