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The Global Diplomacy course is a unique offering to the MOOC environment. Bringing together cutting edge research in the broad fields of Diplomatic and International Studies, award winning distance learning delivery and the instructors previous experience of delivering a successful MOOC. Please see the volume Global Diplomacy: Theories, Types and Models authored with Dr Alison Holmes, (Westview, 2016), and the Understanding Research Methods MOOC from Coursera. The Global Diplomacy MOOC has a direct heritage in the University of London International Academy/SOAS Global Diplomacy MA Programme launched in April 2013 which have attracted hundreds of students from around the world. The Global Diplomacy MA Programme is provided by the Centre for International Studies and Diplomacy which has been teaching postgraduate courses in Diplomacy for over twenty five years. After completing the 'Global Diplomacy' MOOC, learners will have: 1. The ability to demonstrate a critical understanding of the nature and development of global diplomacy, drawing on a variety of relevant contributing disciplines in the broad field of International Studies. 2. An understanding of changes in diplomatic practices and procedures and the relationship of those changes to contemporary politics. 3. A sound grounding in both theoretical and empirical approaches to debates in diplomacy so that students have been exposed to the and skills needed to analyse global diplomacy. 4. knowledge of issues in global diplomacy in historical and contemporary contexts....

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28 de mai de 2020

Great course. I had a general interest in diplomacy and wanted a little taste of what it was, this course has provided me just that. It has amazing resources to help enhance our knowledge of diplomacy


1 de mai de 2020

Absolutely incredible course in diplomacy that gives you a perfect glimpse of understanding how diplomacy works in practice and what achievements you need to posses in order to become a good diplomat.

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por Farhod S

31 de jan de 2020

Extremely convenient and tailored course, with amazing short videos by professionals and substantive accessible materials. The subject is interesting, although it says the modern world diplomacy, there are also great materials about traditional diplomacy. It is tailored course, you will be able to learn easily and joyfully.

Thank you so much. Truly enjoyed it .

por Ferdinand J

16 de ago de 2017

The course, of course offers a clear insight on the foundation in Global Diplomacy for those, who are interested to pursue. Unlike some of the other MOOC curses, offered by others, the very unique teaching methodology and assessment constructions, induce participants, to go a little deeper into the course contents, by seeking and learning other related materials.

por Mohamed H

5 de out de 2020

I actually see it as a very educational and useful course, nice way of teaching by short videos (even if the readings were a bit too long but still interesting content) and the tasks were meaningful, I see it as a course that is smh good but my only advice would be in making more tasks or events that connect the course participants more together in a direct way

por Hannah S A

7 de ago de 2020

Taking a course in global diplomacy has provided me with the adequate knowledge on diplomacy, and has broaden my knowledge on the qualities of who a good diplomat is, as well as the various dimensions of diplomacy. The academic materials that were provided went a long way to aid the successful completion of the course. I'm very grateful for the opportunity .

por Olu. A

29 de set de 2021

This is a wonderful method of teaching to encourage many people to study international law. I have done some courses in international law with some universities, which were not encouraging but mere wasting of money. I wish university of London to break all international law into modules like this for people to study, quickly the law will move fast to people.

por Eduardo d G O V

4 de mar de 2020

It seems to me a basic but very interesting course on the concepts of Diplomacy. Many times you don't think about diplomacy as it is presented to us, but it is something abstract that we assume happens, but we leave aside the reasons and the ways in which it is carried out. A course that I highly recommend and especially for the readings they provide.

por Judith L

27 de jul de 2020

Really loved this course, I was unable to finish my degree due to health issues a few years ago and loved this subject. So in preparation for my return to university (yay!) I decide to brush up. Also kept me sane during this pandemic, definitely worth even if its just for interest sake. Hope you enjoy the course as much as I did, and good luck!

por James M

24 de fev de 2019

Interesting course -- very good introduction to diplomacy, with interesting historical context. I appreciated the video interviews and the readings, which culminated in an especially excellent week 5 reading. In thinking through opportunities for improvement, I suspect an in-depth case study for close examination may benefit future learners.

por Prajwal M

7 de ago de 2021

The course of Global Diplomacy - Diplomacy in the Modern World is an excellent overview of the definition of diplomacy according to several experts, how they characterise success and failure of diplomacy. I learnt of how to observe diplomacy in action, its incremental temporal facets and the key skills that a good diplomat needs to possess.


4 de mai de 2021

I love this course!

I would like to thank you team for giving us this opportunity

we as a learner learn a lot much about it because after all

I am preparing for the civil services examination in India and this would help me in every aspect of my life, it has flourished me to participate in a global debate over diplomacy too

thank you again !

por Arjav P

12 de jun de 2020

What I want to say first is the I loved the course style. First you are providing different personalities' views on the topic, then you provide reading, then final video. I really enjoyed the course. The purpose of gaining basic knowledge about diplomacy is successful. Thank you Prof. Simon and the whole team of SOAS, University of London.

por Annie M

28 de jan de 2021

Really great course! Highly Recommend! Gives a great starting insight into what diplomacy is, the different aspects of diplomacy, and diplomacy in todays landscape. Video's are very informative. Really enjoyed doing the weekly summaries, and giving feedback on my fellow students summaries. Learnt a lot, was very interesting and engaging.

por Eduardo R Z C

30 de out de 2020

Es un curso con excelentes conceptos que contiene mucho valor agregado sobre todo de parte de los ponentes, creo que resulta de alta utilidad para las personas que quieren desarrollarse en el mundo de la diplomacia, ya se como carrera o fuera de ella en cualquier otro ámbito que implique negociación de intereses entre partes en dialogo

por Фань Тяньян

15 de ago de 2020

I like this course very much. Based on watching the video reading materials and commenting on homework, I feel that I have learned a lot of knowledge and learned a lot about the importance of diplomacy, diplomats and diplomatic activities. The exchanges with my classmates have benefited me a lot, thank you Professors, sincere thanks

por Muhammad A W G

16 de jan de 2017

I enjoyed my time learning in this course. But I actually have a concern: even though the materials were difficult enough for me to study (FYI: I am not a student from social science background), should not this course have been more challenging especially for them who pursued a verified certificate like me? What is your opinion?

por Mohamed Y S

27 de mai de 2019

I feel proud and very happy to have completed this program which has been dear to me. I wish good luck to all the friends who have followed and share this program with me. Thanks to Dr. J. Simon Rofe, the founder of this program. Thank you to all the experts who had to share their experiences to transfer their knowledge to us.

por Noor A

25 de jan de 2021

An awesomely course of global diplomacy and diplomatic proposition and international relations. How diplomacy strive not only in the traditional context but how it works in the modern globalization. There were history, articles and policies and research as reference. Great video by all the University Lecturer from the UK.

por Saikat B

5 de set de 2020

It is very useful. The peer review method is nice. Learning materials also enough. variety of examples and speakers including the practitioners and academics. Range of knowledge and information. World class examples. Different thoughts. At the end, it would be better to get a scope of interactions. Excellent course overall

por Nimesh B O

1 de fev de 2020

This course will certainly help everyone who has aspirations to learn about Diplomacy. From the Skills of Diplomats to Diplomacy happening around the world, this course will boost not only your knowledge from a perspective but from multiple dimensions and from other peers as well. Had a great time in completing the course.

por Егерева П Г

15 de mar de 2022

I​ like this course a lot, as it gave me an opportunity to hear opinions fro different thinkers and to say what I think. I've found som really inresting thoughts) I would reccomend to make more practice tasks, as diplomacy it is always about practive. However, this course is wonderwul. I'm grateful that I could study it!!

por Daniel B

7 de mai de 2020

Excellent Course, it truly explains and gives details of the workings of Diplomacy, show what the traits of a diplomat ought to be while also outlining the success and failure of diplomacy. I’m very happy to have taken this course as I aspire to enter the political arena. This course has taught me the value of diplomacy.

por Giulia V A

16 de abr de 2020

This course was interesting and different. It is not a usual MOOCS as you can interact, you have to send in assignments, and you are reviewed by your peers - which makes everything better because we are all on the same track. I would highly recommend it, plus the information is relevant for our difficult times as well.

por Hasnain J K

10 de fev de 2020

Global Diplomacy studying through the University of London SAOS was one of my great self educating experience. I have had a full course and completed successfully. The course give me great insights and developed my rational understanding of understanding how countries operate and cooperate through this institution.

por Gloria G d R

14 de fev de 2019

This is a great course and one learns a lot on the subject of diplomacy. Would highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to know more about this fascinating subject that is of great importance in any area of our lives. No matter what you profession is, this course will be of great use for diplomacy is all around us.

por Shreyaman B

3 de jan de 2020

This is such a wonderful course. It helps you understand diplomacy in the international spheres and also how it can be used in the daily life. Really thankful of the University of London that they have put such a wonderful course online and it can reach everyone on the globe and is fairly cheap and accessible.