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Course 2: Getting Started with Essay Writing This is the second course in the Academic English: Writing specialization. By introducing you to three types of academic essays, this course will especially help prepare you for work in college classes, but anyone who wants to improve his or her writing skills can benefit from this course. After completing this course, you will be able to: - create effective thesis statements for your essays - plan and write compare/contrast, cause/effect, and argument essays - write well-developed body paragraphs Note: The lectures and practice activities are available for free, but you must upgrade to the pay version in order to take the quizzes and get feedback on writing assignments....

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26 de Out de 2021

It is actually quite a simple course, easy to attend as it does not require a long time each week. However it did improve my writing skills, I'm considering to attend the next advanced writing course.

16 de Nov de 2015

Thank you for teaching me how to write basic essays. This has been one of my most important goals for years. I've tried several other ways of learning but your method worked for me. Thank you so much.

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por Sreeletha N

29 de Jun de 2021

I enjoyed doing this course; the structural steps provided for progression, peer assessment strategy and some of the video tutorials have been great experiences. Although peer assessment was an integral part, sometimes, there occurred an unexpected delay in getting your work reviewed and this provoked late submission warnings, which I think, can be disengaging for prospective learners. Overall, it’s a good course for high school learners who have a passion for writing.

por Jennifer T

18 de Jan de 2016

Easy to understand introduction to essay writing. In future versions of the course, would be advisable if people were trained in how to give constructive feedback and there were measures implemented to ensure that people provided feedback. Sometimes I received gibberish as feedback such as "erg" or "uyt."

Training in feedback could include a sample list of common types of errors that people make or ways to give positive feedback that is specific.

por 俞倩

17 de Jan de 2020

All the study materials are very nice, and the explanation videos are helpful. But I have a little suggestion. It would be better if this course lists some pre-requirements about what software we need to install or use before enrolling to this class. For example, essay assignments need to complete in Words document with specific format, and grades are based on formatting as well. However, I am using Macbook and do not have Microsoft Word.

por Alex B

14 de Jul de 2020

Great course! Very hands-on and great videos and exercises. The problem lies in some of the people taking this course, who are not serious enough and tend to plagiarise and to provide you with limited and useless feedback. I also feel some of them do not even pay attention to the marking criteria. I think that an instructor should provide reviews on the essays, not other students.

por Karim M

20 de Out de 2016

The course wonderful and just suffer from some shortcomings. First, it assess by the peers, sometime people just say "great", "wonderful". It surely don't help students who come here to improve themselves. Next, sometimes it is take too much time for assessments. There is no forum or somewhere that you can discuss about the course. There in one to ask about your ambiguity.

por Christian R B C

12 de Jun de 2020

I like this course; I learned a lot of new things to improve my writing skills. I recommend it to you completely. However, this course has 2 negative points that it could improve: 1) evaluation system of essays (I think that it is not very good because it doesn't evaluate the essay structure); and 2) I hate that all the exercises needed Mozilla.

por Ishari M

8 de Set de 2020

Thank you for giving this opportunity. I would like to add some points regarding this course. It is better if there's a way to grade our assignments by the experts rather than by peers since most of us are non native speakers. and when grading assignments, it is better if the course can focus on the content of our essays. Thank you!

por Kaushik G

31 de Mar de 2017

It is great course for beginners who wish to learn how to write the essay. This course will build your foundation and their idea of peer review and topic practice will help you to make this foundation solid. I have greatly effected with this course and now i am able to write a 5 paragraph essay in a well manner.


por Agim Z

12 de Dez de 2016

All I wanted was to understand what a basic thesis question was, and what was considered an acceptable, basic, entry-level academic essay. I think this course delivered well enough. I only audited it, and I have thought since that I should have paid the money so I could have gotten more feedback on the assignments.

por Susan B

21 de Out de 2020

"Getting Started with Essay Writing" is an interesting and informative course. I found the video lectures to be easy to understand, and the exercises helpful. I learned a great deal about the format for building an essay, and about different types of essays, and how and when to use each kind. Highly recommend.

por Abdul-Jabbar B

8 de Fev de 2016

The course itself is exceptional. Instructor elaborates everything perfectly, but it takes really longer time to receive peer-reviews to pass the course. Also course doesn't have any forums where students can post that they need peer-reviews (which can be helpful to finish the course in timely manner).

por Star

21 de Mai de 2016

It was a fun course, and throughout the course I learnt the fundamental basics of essay writing. Only thing that could be improved on is to put some example essays for students to read as an assignment, and go through it afterwards. Also to talk a little faster.

por ElSayed M

4 de Abr de 2016

Getting Started with Essay Writing helps me improve my writing, and changes my point of view toward essays.

But we need a feedback on the assignment essays from the instructor or any specialist, the peers review is not enough.

Thank you!

por shirley t

8 de Jun de 2020

Great course overall for people with average writing skills looking to improve, but the peer review just doesn't work. Others don't give you feedback, often don't even read your work and just give you an automatic 80% or 60%.

por Assem I

31 de Ago de 2020

The course was great. The first time I wrote the essay it took me almost a day, but then it got easier and easier. Thank you for instructors and my classmates. I wish the peer review focused on the content of the essays too.

por Robert E L

14 de Mar de 2016

I think the course is very good, but the peer review grading should be improved! Sometime, people have to wait for more than 3 weeks to get their assignment graded, or they don't know whether they will get the grade. Thanks!

por Sujjitra K

2 de Mai de 2016

It's a good course for anyone who wants to start writing as it shows you the variety of methods. I personally gained a lot from the lectures. Likewise, the additional links and the assignments were very useful. Thank you!

por Laura M G B

26 de Jan de 2017

I like this course a lot, Professor Tamy Chapman is very good, she explains everything in a way that makes it feel easy to understand. But I would like that the teacher was the one to review our homework submissions


por Masoud H A

14 de Jul de 2020

I have enjoyed the course from the start to the end, some of the self-taught videos were not operative. Other than that, I would recommend the course to whoever wishes to understand the fundamentals of essay writing.

por Deleted A

26 de Fev de 2016

It is a very good course. However, I must admit that is discouranging making the course because when you do the course free you do not have the opportunity to make all the excercises. Despite that, it is very good.

por Natalia A L

3 de Jun de 2019

When checking some of the reading exercises that open in a new tab, I noticed I don't have permissions to see the contents of them. Suggested to check a better way to share these contents with the students.

por Irais M C

6 de Abr de 2016

This course was a little confusing, specially because this was my first experience writing Essays.

On the other hand, the feed back was super slow. I still don't know how did I do with all of my assignments.

por Perkash P

29 de Abr de 2020

I am feeling very satisfied with the course I've completed. This was really a wonderful experience for me to learn all types of essays in such a short period of time. Thank you UCIrvine and coursera.

por Amogh P

26 de Fev de 2017

Course material was good. But, I was hoping the essay corrections and feedback will be given by experienced teachers/instructors, was disappointed at this as it was given by the fellow students!

por dina r

24 de Nov de 2015

It is super nice, but still needs more challenging concepts, sometimes I found it was mostly information I knew while it could be something I never paid attention to regarding the subject.