Para quem é direcionado este curso: This specialization is intended for Systems Operations professionals and Cloud Architects using Google Cloud Platform to design, create, or migrate application environments and infrastructure.

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Commitment1 week of study, 11-14 hours/week
How To PassPass all graded assignments to complete the course.
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Ajuda dos seus colegas

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Avaliado em 4.6 de 5 decorrente de 127 avaliações


Very good overview of important features and tasks related to GCP. Some topics did overlap with the fundamentals course, but hearing topics again is never a bad thing, especially for fundamentals.

kinda weird how the course was marked as completed and showed the certificate before i finished the final lab

i wish the navigation on the left menu had a level of hierarchy - it's ugly looking with every single element as it's own element with lots of vertical padding

for some reason the sysops course (Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals)i doesn't recognize that i've completed the course, even though my accomplishments section has the certificate. it continues to think i'm not enrolled in the current section (e.g. the specific gcp-security course, and tells me to enroll) at the parent course level (Google Cloud Platform for Systems Operations Professionals), while the individual courses eventually do reflect that i've completed it. ultimately the certificate is listed accurately so that's all i really care about, but this is a bit annoying.

Very good course. Got a lot of useful insights. Especially useful was the section on IAM.