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Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure introduces important concepts and terminology for working with Google Cloud. Through videos and hands-on labs, this course presents and compares many of Google Cloud's computing and storage services, along with important resource and policy management tools....

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9 de mai de 2020

Thank you so much for this amazing interactive course. I enjoyed every part for improvement suggestions please consider increasing the lab projects' time a bit so that students can be on less pressure


4 de fev de 2020

This course gives good non-in-depth overview of GCP. You'll learn about most of options and tools GCP offers. Also I really liked that all labs are automated and don't suffer from peer-review issues.

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por Prateek A

4 de jan de 2020


por Raj K S

2 de dez de 2019


por Ramakrishna R P

22 de out de 2019


por Ibrahim M

20 de ago de 2019


por Anton K

8 de ago de 2019


por Pawan K S

24 de jul de 2019


por Hitesh B

3 de jun de 2019


por Akhmad M

1 de dez de 2018


por Chetan P

30 de out de 2018


por Suresh C

15 de out de 2018


por Jérémie F

17 de jun de 2018


por Bernard B

1 de ago de 2017


por Pedro C

18 de mai de 2017


por Yevhen H

17 de dez de 2018

Without practical experience in GCP or AWS in background and personal knowledge about technologies like AWS Lambda's, Apache Kafka or Apache Cassandra etc. it would be hard to understand half of this course, especially about different data storages. Too much water. Sometimes questions or answers to them are generally incomprehensible. Like "orchestration" as an answer to a question about Google Cloud Dataflow use cases. Orchestration, really? Of what? Compute instances? Linux servers? Is it the same as Ansible or Salt? Absolutely confusing and not clear why and when I need Dataflow and other services also. Transactions are not the only one thing that people should understand. We need more practical use cases. And there are some other questions with the same problems. 90% of people who really passed the GCP certification recommended Linux Academy but not Coursera for the preparation. Now I have to try it to compare personally.

Overall, you made a great work. The platform is good and the course also is good. I found a lot of new information about GCP and now I need to dive into them deeply.

Thank you.

por Damir B

10 de mar de 2021

I am really happy with the way labs were set up. It was easy to get into and not much of a hassle for me to set everything up - I could just focus on learning. I love that.

Other aspect of those labs was... There just wasn't that much things to do in them. I would really love if there were some projects that we could do, on our own, without exact instructions, to achieve something. I think that it would definitely cement the knowledge into us.

The videos were good. Speakers were engaging and they spoke clean English. Clean English is very important for me in courses, because I don't want to listen to the same sentence a few times, in order for me to understand it. Every teacher should strive to minimize their use of accent.

The tests often time asked questions that just weren't given enough attention. It would be really good if you added additional, reading, materials to this course - to bolster the knowledge acquisition and retention.

por Hugo P

11 de ago de 2020

Most things worked out nicely, but there were issues with two of the labs:

"Developing, Deploying, and Monitoring in the Cloud": The monitoring part did not work for me, as using the monitoring service now requires installing some agent on the VM. I followed the instructions, but starting the agent failed due to missing certificates. I found no straight-forward way of making the agent work on the VM so I could not test out the monitoring services.

"Getting started with BigQuery": After loading the logdata table, viewing it in the console fails with error "Unknown error response from the server". Stackoverflow says this is a known issue due to the table being too big. Making queries in the console or shell works fine, but you cannot directly see anything about the logdata table / its rows in the console due to this error.

por Kerry M N

28 de jan de 2017

The content of the slides were sufficient for the basic intent of this offering. The overview and reasoning behind why the products are competitive for other contending services was clear. When performing the labs, the content is very recipe driven. While that works well for someone attempting to get the work done, there needs to be some visuals prepared that show how the GCP components are laid out and the relationship they have to each other ( simple architecture views ). The GCP products have very similar sounding names, so paragraphs describing what is happening have less effect, whereas some simple architecture views of what the lab is intending to do to go with that in the lab content itself, might help.

por Hideyuki K

14 de jun de 2018

Major portion of course is fine. But, in some sessions, focus of discussion suddenly moved, and difficult to follow. For example, in IAM session, the explanation of policy suddenly turns into the discussion of role without explaining relation between them.And, some using terms in quizzes are ambiguous. For example, an quiz is something like "while still offering various choices of runtime". Within the context of a session, this is meaningful. But, if it's single quiz, because there is no story of explanation there, it is not really clear whether it's "runtime environment", "runtime language" or "runtime library" It's quite confusing unless if I remember "EXACTLY what the trainer said".

por Luis E F d S

16 de mai de 2020

This course is a good introduction to Google Cloud Platform and it has an interactive labs that allows you to play directly with real GCP so is a good way to get hands dirty and learn but since is a real environment some times the steps will not work as expected so requires you to adapt a bit. In regards the video content there are some typos in the slides not matching what the speaker is saying or the videos showcasing the UI of GCP not matching with the new UI of GCP or the video explaining the steps for the lab not matching with the steps that you need to perform in the lab itself.

por aries1816

19 de abr de 2020

The labs are where it's it with this course since most of the lectures feel like sales pitches instead of lectures. For the stuff I didn't previously have any familiarity with, I picked up some useful info. There were a few times where temporary creds/sessions logged me out or were invalidated, but nothing was too hard to deal with. I'm also pretty sure one of the commands to write to a file just straight-up did not work, so having an understanding of terminal editing (nano) tools was beneficial as it allowed me to make the appropriate edits to the required files without the script.

por Akwo-Fese E

5 de ago de 2018

You get the maximum of this course if you have basic understanding of a Java or Python languages. Having a foundation knowledge on virtualization, networking and storage is also great because the GCP is intuitive for the user.

It also be useful in knowing some Google Chrome shortcuts. A course is designed to challenge a student to think on how they will use the material they are studying. I believe that this course has succeeded in do so. It did present a number of concepts and the labs were great in putting into practice the concepts learnt!

por Arvid T

29 de mar de 2021

Very structured curriculum, you can learn and finish this course at your own pace. Covers all the "general" knowledge of GCP's Products and service, the classification make us easier which product to use on what projects.

Although, some practice lab videos are outdated, the GCP UI that trainer uses already replaced by the new one, but the qwiklabs session fixed it, some later courses had some confusing instructions but still tolerable.

Recommended for those who wanted to get started with GCP and Cloud Engineer.

por Georgi K

5 de abr de 2020

A like how everything is broken down into smaller sections and content for us to reflect and learn. I also like how we are given an overview of the (as much as possible) whole GCP suite. There were however minor inconsistencies in the labs which I have marked and signalized for. I only wished we would cover each topic in more details rather that giving us a bit of info in course 1, then in course 2, then in course 3 and leave it to us to gather up 1, 2, 3. i.e. content on virtual machine and compute engine.

por Vijayabhaskar A

22 de out de 2017

The pace is really good for a beginner. Since the course is short (1 week), it encourages you to complete even if you are slightly behind schedule. You get reminders to complete in case you are stuck. Dont worry about the billing of GCP, as you get some credit to start with and this is more than sufficient for you to practice in Google Cloud Platform. The labs are quite clear to proceed with exercises. You will get some hick-ups on the way that can be solved with the help of Forum.

por Karsten S

31 de jan de 2021

The course offers a first hands-on experience with GCP. You learn about the different services and how they interplay. I recommend it to anyone, who wants to get a fundamental awareness of the GCP stack. The Qwiklab assignments are easy - and provide repeatable tasks. Not challenging at all. This also means, it becomes from time to time a copy paste exercise, which is not helping to learn the things. I miss a better context introduction ... e.g. we do this task in this scenario.