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This is the first course in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. These courses will equip you with the skills you need to apply to introductory-level data analyst jobs. Organizations of all kinds need data analysts to help them improve their processes, identify opportunities and trends, launch new products, and make thoughtful decisions. In this course, you’ll be introduced to the world of data analytics through hands-on curriculum developed by Google. The material shared covers plenty of key data analytics topics, and it’s designed to give you an overview of what’s to come in the Google Data Analytics Certificate. Current Google data analysts will instruct and provide you with hands-on ways to accomplish common data analyst tasks with the best tools and resources. Learners who complete this certificate program will be equipped to apply for introductory-level jobs as data analysts. No previous experience is necessary. By the end of this course, you will: - Gain an understanding of the practices and processes used by a junior or associate data analyst in their day-to-day job. - Learn about key analytical skills (data cleaning, data analysis, data visualization) and tools (spreadsheets, SQL, R programming, Tableau) that you can add to your professional toolbox. - Discover a wide variety of terms and concepts relevant to the role of a junior data analyst, such as the data life cycle and the data analysis process. - Evaluate the role of analytics in the data ecosystem. - Conduct an analytical thinking self-assessment. - Explore job opportunities available to you upon program completion, and learn about best practices in the job search....

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8 de nov de 2021

This gives a great foundation for Data Analytics. The instructors do skim over everything and I would have liked more detail but most of what I wanted to find out more about I was able to find online.


10 de jul de 2022

This training has been incredibly helpful to me. Even though the term or precise stage is unclear, I have been working as a data analyst for a while. After taking this course, I feel really competent.

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por Marsha H

28 de fev de 2022

T​he course was very detailed and the instructor very engaging which made the subject matter fun to learn and easy to understand.

por Shawn L

28 de fev de 2022

This course gave me a good idea of what to expect out of data analysis. I'm looking forward to the other courses in this program.

por Agnes G

2 de nov de 2021

A very good foundational course if you are keen on a career in data analytics. Thank you and GOD bless!


12 de mar de 2021

I enjoyed the course and learned a lot of basic important concepts.

por Tushar B

2 de jul de 2021

so great to learn the key ascpects


2 de jul de 2021


por Madhav C

18 de jul de 2022

Successfully I have completed the first course of the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate. What I learn from this fundamental course “Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere”, I just share with you all.

The systematization of the analytics process was exceptionally helpful - probably the best takeaway of the entire certificate program. This course is a great intro to data analytics skill. It introduces tools such as spreadsheets and SQL. Found out why I'm always analytical about things in my personal life and the critical thinking that this provides.

I enjoyed the stories that the different instructors shared, and can feel that they are personable people. I appreciate the work put into this!It would be nice if the subsequent text included a link to the section with the information because I felt some of the answers were difficult to go back and find.

por Robert P

31 de mar de 2021

Good basic overview and introduction.

Some inconsistencies in volume level and lack of continuity between video sessions made the course difficult to listen to at times.

Because it's so basic, if you have any experience at all you will find many of the exercises--especially the writing exercises--very tedious and not particularly helpful.

The course's framing of holistic/accurate/open-minded analysis as "fairness" is confusing and could easily prove problematic in the formation of new analysts.

por Jonathan W

14 de mar de 2021

This course provides an interesting panorama of data analysis. I believe it to be a good starting point for those pursuing this career path. I think the course should add an interactive SQL component and possibly also an interactive spreadsheet component in which participants can see the results of queries and get automatedd feedback on whether they match intended results.

por Carla L

5 de out de 2021

I found the course and pace very interesting and liked the ratio of videos to readings to logs etc. However, I felt the SQL and Query section needed way more practice for beginners like me. I don't think the section covered it enough to really get a grasp of SQL.

por B Z

14 de mar de 2021

Comprehensive introduction to the data analytics methodology. It is especially helpful for people who are starting from scratch. If you scored well enough at the quiz and know excel, feel free to jump directly to the second course.

por Sedef E A

9 de abr de 2021

I already attached my coursera account to Google, that is why even if I log into the coursera system from incognito mode the Qwiklabs keep getting an error as I am logged into my personal google account. That is so frustrating. Please fix it!

por Suman D

18 de jun de 2021

Course content is very basic

por ZHOU T

17 de mar de 2021

it is just an introduction

por David M

24 de mai de 2021

Too basic

por Chris M

21 de nov de 2021

One day of material spread over a suggested 5 weeks. Most of the material can be cut or moved to another course about general computer and professions skills. Is it a coincidence that they offer 14-day free trial but don't teach anything for the first 5 weeks? Finally, parts of the course seem politically motivated, like classifying all data a "fact". Instead, they should focus on teaching the material and leave their personal politics at home.

por Brian M

6 de mai de 2022

I would not recommend this course to anyone. This course is designed for a specific type of person, with a specific type of rote memorization and recitation learning style. By taking this course, you can pretend to understand data by learning the lingo and following the steps. A bit horrifying to see, but illuminating as to how the world has gone so wrong. Honest review from a real person with decades of expert hands-on real-world professional data experience in the manufacturing industry.

por Deleted A

16 de mai de 2022

Some of the material was very repetitive and in the process terms kept changing making it a bit confusing to learn.

Hated how I had to fast forward thru the vides to mark complete or make a comment to the message board for it to complete. I just read the scripts for the videos - that is much better for me given my learning disability.

Overall - content was very good, useful, and helped me build a foundation for data analsics.

por Jennifer K

19 de nov de 2021

Painfully easy, no real value to be gained. The steps of the process could have been a single lecture with multiple practice problems to help solidify the concepts. Why waste a supposed 5 weeks to go over redundant topics? The material realistically can be completed in a single day if you have the time, or over a week if only working on it an hour or so a day.

por Rafael G R

14 de jun de 2022

Mi apreciacion es: Summa cum laude. Gracias a Tony y todos los demas del equipo. Excelente material para un amateur y mejor todavia, Gracias a Google y todos sus colaboradores. No se si con esta frase se define pero lo voy a intentar. He logrado encontrar lo que he estado buscando por mucho tiempo, no sabiendo lo que era ni como lo conseguiria. 100% agradecido. Si hay satisfaccion en el deber complido, este 1er curso es como un primer paso a la luna. Mi idioma materno es el español(hablado en Republica Dominicana), asi que las expresiones y la traduccion al ingles no seran exactamente iguales.

My appreciation(point of view) of this first course is: Summa cum laude. Thanks to Tony and everyone else on the team. Excellent material for an amateur and even better, Thanks to Google and all its collaborators. I don't know if this phrase defines it but I'm going to try. I have managed to find what I have been looking for for a long time, not knowing what it was or how I would get it. 100% grateful. If there is satisfaction in the completed duty, this 1st course is like a first step to the moon. My mother tongue is Spanish (spoken in the Dominican Republic), so the expressions and the English translation will not be exactly the same.

por Jeremy K

8 de jun de 2022

I really liked this course a lot! The instructor, Tony, was great! However, both a blessing and a curse, I took the fast-track assessment at the beginning.

I scored 100%, which allowed me to bypass all the lessons and go straight to the Graded Assignments. This was a great time-saver, but I did still go through a number of the lessons because I thought the material was very good.

The reason I say the fast-track was also a curse is that I think even if you know enough to pass all of the graded assignments, there's a lot of cool information "Professor" Tony teaches -- that aren't hard skills per se, but incredibly useful -- you might miss out on some great lessons.

I'm on a tight time-frame to get through the program, however, I plan to go back through a bunch of the lessons, because I thought the content was just that good.

I'm also going through the Meta/Facebook marketing analytics certification, and I have to say, this program is much, much better. It's much more cohesive and better designed. The case studies seem much more contextual and relevant to real-world scenarios. And the course is consistently interesting with high production quality.

I'm excited to go through the rest of the courses!

por sayan k

14 de mar de 2022

My main career goal is to learn every day. I really want to learn and to progress in my career. Programming requires constant learning and improving. Taking this course will help me to learn and study this Data Science and also to implement it. It can help me advance in my knowledge. This course will help me in defining Data Science, understanding how Python could potentially impact our business and industry, to write a thought leadership piece regarding use cases and industry potential of Data Science, explain Data Science to clients, friends, joining a community of economists, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists that are shaping this technology as we speak. Identifying which aspects of Data Science seem most important and relevant to us, Walking away with a strong foundation in where Data Science is going, what it does, and how to prepare for it. Data Science course will help me achieve it to learn. Courses on Coursera helped me to greatly increase my programming knowledge in the past.

por Karan S

4 de jul de 2022

Today I completed first step towards Data Analytics. Before taking this course, I spent a lot of time in Excel and SQL so as to prepare myself for this course. But contradictory to this, Till now i hardly touch Excel or SQL in the course (as per course curriculum). Because this course is created so that we can know "Why we are doing analysis?" before doing analysis. In this course I learned about Data Analysis Processes, Analytical Skills, Analytical Thinking, Data Life Cycle and much more. Among these topics, the topic which i like the most is "Ask" Phase- Where we Ask effective questions, define a problem, communicate with others. And the most challenging topic for me is Data Bias - Fair/Unfair Analysis. I found it complicated, because there is no correct way to determine Fair/Unfair analysis. Hopefully, as I continue my course, I will understand more about it. Thank You Coursera - Google Data Analytics Certificate for providing this amazing course.

por Owen E

9 de nov de 2021

It was an excellent entry into data analytics for someone who has never even explored the subject before. Learned a lot of the core foundations that go into data analytics but it didn't feel like it was holding my hand too much. They provided tonnes of resources and reading materials that not only helped during the first stage of the course, but that I know will help for later on. Excited to continue! I've tried online courses before and always ended up being bored or overwhelmed with the workload. The way this course is structured makes it so easy to jump in and out of and the lack of pressure from tutors and none of those screaming bold, red "MISSED DEADLINE" headers on your page made this a very relaxing and enjoyable course to do. I'm not one for sticking with things and completing them, but being able to jump in and out of the course any time and do whatever work whenever I wanted to do it has motiviated me to continue. Really enjoyed it!

por Emily G L

29 de mar de 2021

This course is a wide-lens view of what data analytics is and how it is done. At first I was a bit frustrated, because it felt like I wasn't learning any hard skills. But then I realized that this kind of information is really important to understand before jumping into learning about specific tools like SQL or Tableau. I needed to understand WHY I need these tools, and where they fit into the overall job of a data analyst, in order to fully appreciate and take advantage of learning in future courses. This course also served to fill in gaps in my knowledge that I didn't know that I had, such as the different between a data analyst and a data scientist. Overall, though it didn't teach me hard skills that I can put on my resume, I think that it really set me up to better understand why I am taking these courses (which will help me to stay motivated to complete the certificate) as well as make me excited about the role of an analyst in general.