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Everyday across the world, thousands of businesses are victimized by fraud. Who commits these bad acts? Why? And, how? In this course we are going to help you answer the questions: who commits fraud, why and how. We’ll also help you develop skills for catching them....

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16 de Jun de 2020

This course is one of a kind, it's simple, professional and straight to point. I've really been exposed to the concept of fraud and it's dynamics. This will take me a long way in my career.\n\nCheers!

7 de Jan de 2021

I enjoyed learning this course . It made me aware about the various ways frauds are committed, showed practical examples, discussed data analytic tools . I look forward to learning this subject more.

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por Karen B P

24 de Mar de 2021

This is an excellent introductory course in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. The detail provided in these videos are in-depth, easy to understand and educational. The course presentation is awesome. The speed of the speaker speech is. Welcoming and encouraging.

I have acquired a greater understanding of Fraud and prevention and detection methods. I highly recommend this course.

por Benjamin F

22 de Jul de 2021

Great course, I genuinely did not know what to expect as my accounting knowledge is currently limited to what I have learned on the job in places, and not academical for now.

It gave me a lot of insight and helped to focus my learning direction in terms of what I want to learn more about as I progress.

Thank you to the

professors, the Scholl, and Coursera for this opportunity to improve.

por Cong T T T

2 de Set de 2020

Thank you Mr. John Gill, Dr. Richard Riley and Dr. Richard Dull for bring the effective course to us. This course is really helpful and easy to understand for a beginer Internal auditor such as myself. After the course I already have basic knowledge about Fraud, Fraud Examiner and Forensic Acounting, and it's a basis for me to develop my occupation in the future. Thank you very much.

por Rosena S

17 de Mai de 2016

Very interesting content that introduces many common fraud schemes and warning signs that may help prevent or detect the fraudulent act. Additional real life frauds were incorporated into the lessons which was one of my favorite parts. Wonderful teachers and a class that encompasses accounting concepts, forensic and investigative skills, and curious minds. Highly recommended!

por pankaj s

15 de Jun de 2020

Its been a wonderful experience undergoing this well structured, well-articulated, and well synchronised course. However, just a small suggestion for the benefit of working people, if some more reading material is made available in addition to mere video text... it would be of immense help as they will manage their time accordingly which otherwise becomes extremely difficult.

por Eunice G

17 de Fev de 2021

I really enjoyed this course. I have taken other courses in the past and never lasted for an hour but this one's an exception. Maybe because I am personally interested with the topic and there are true to life cases and interviews presented throughout the course. It is not just theoretical but helped me apply or relate it to my experiences as a professional. Thank you!

por Joel C L

20 de Set de 2020

I have meant so much and I would like to do the ACFE examination. I work as an internal auditor but the knowledge gain here make me very aware of my internal environment more because frauds are often commuted by the most unsuspected employees or CEO I definitely would like to create a Money laundering policy also and whistle blower policy for my organization

por Mehul C S

23 de Jul de 2019

The Course was really a great learning experience with qualified professor's team. It was all in details with case studies easy to understand with simple language and accent. Enjoyed the course and would recommend for people who want to make there career in Forensics & Fraud Examinations.

Thank You Everyone for your valuable time & resources...

por nandurij

22 de Out de 2020

One of the best courses I have ever appeared in Coursera. All the videos focused on the subject without deviation and the value of the inputs given by the Faculty is plenty. The quality of the quiz enabled me to focus on core points of the modules and really help in my work environment. Thanks to all the Professors and team of Coursera.

por kamndalira I P

23 de Abr de 2020

The course was very interesting and equipped me with new skills. Audit skill combined with forensic accounting skills is valuable tool I will always use. My work has become more interesting. Thanks to Coursera for making it possible for me to learn from distinguished professors in forensic accounting and fraud examination. I am enlighten.

por Gyana R R

3 de Out de 2021

This is excellent course I will recommend to the professionals working in the field of Fraud investigation and forensic investigation to learn this course. It will help them to sharpen their knowledge and built them industry ready for investigating the new age frauds.

Thank you

Gyana Ranjan Rath -FAFE

12+ years in the field of investigation.

por Mohammed C

1 de Mai de 2020

An outstanding course with great depth of knowledge provided. The three professors involved curated thorough lectures that captured attention and promoted understanding of the course materials. I loved this course and I would recommend this course to anyone without reservation! Thank you for this great opportunity to learn and explore.

por Priti A

19 de Mar de 2020

Amazing course. It's easy to read the news and say how it could have happened. But to get to understand the trail of events before the fraud and the fraudster's mindset is a different world together. Experienced faculty with practical insights make the course remarkable. Thank you for putting together a novel and a brilliant course.

por Averil F

26 de Jul de 2019

It was a excellent course overall. The professors were very good at explaining the concepts of fraud & forensic accountants & I enjoyed all the lectures. The tests were also very apt & informative. I am grateful to West Virginia University & Coursera for this course which taught me a lot about forensic accountants & fraud examination.

por Steve M W

7 de Set de 2019

This is an excellent course for anyone interested in Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination. My only gripe is the format of the associated textbook. It is some sort of an e-book, but it is not a traditional pdf, which created a lot of frustration on my end. Otherwise, the course content and delivery was absolutely outstanding!

por Brijesh B

27 de Abr de 2020

Course content and delivery was sufficient to grab the concepts and understand the practicality for a seasoned professional. I would recommend the course should be taken post requisite years of experience in accounts / finance /audit etc. WVU have great learning options through such flexible courses which add feathers to our cap.

por Vishal D

17 de Mai de 2021

This course was absolutely remarkable! Loved each and every part of it- the instructors, the content, the videos, discussions. Provides a very useful insight into the world of forensic accounting and the job of these professionals in combatting issues like fraud and money laundering. Would recommend everyone to take the course!

por Habib U K

13 de Mai de 2020


first I want to say thanks to all the members www.coursera.og who provide and arrange such a platform to enhance skills people who are live in remote areas or distinctive areas. I learn so much from this course and much productive for me. I hope you will improve this course with the time.

thank you.


habib Ullah khan

por Edher E V P

9 de Jun de 2019

Incredible course, it goes to the basics and covers a great introduction of forensic accounting. It uses simple terms to explain and uses many examples of large frauds that have occured.

I finally came with the fact that with the tools provided and the simple way to explain helped me to learn a lot of this field.

Thank you.

por Jamshid M

20 de Abr de 2021

This is a great course to dive into the FAFE fields. The course is useful for newbies as well as for the seasoned practitioners who would like to educate himself / herself in the fundamentals of forensic accounting and fraud examination. The course serves a perfect guide to further education and skills development. Thanks!

por boniphace p

2 de Ago de 2021

I​ have been dealing with fraud isues at our microfinance without proper knowledge now i know exactly what it take to be afraudster and what to look when conducting reviews in accounts and compliance in generals red flags etc...thank you am looking to pay for it to get my certificate as soon as i get are great

por Muhammad J Y G

10 de Mar de 2019

I learned a great deal about forensic accounting and fraud examination, the things such as big data, data analysis, fraud triangle, Fraud prevention, detection, internal controls, real world fraud cases, evidence collection, examination of evidence, money maundering, placement layering, integration. World com fraud, etc

por Angelina G

28 de Dez de 2016

Excellent course! It gives you an understanding of

1 the meaning of fraud

2 the fraud examination process

3 how and why does a person go about committing fraud

4 what are some of the internal controls that organizations should focus upon along with the red flags suggestive of frauds

5 using data analysis for detecting frauds

por ifeduba o f

4 de Dez de 2016

quite inciting and informative exepercially in my society where fraud is very prominent and seen as a way of life.i am now convinced that with the knowledge i have acquired i can help to design control measures for institutions and organizations alike coupled with my background in Accountancy.thank you so much COURSERA

por V M K

8 de Jun de 2020

Great Course to complete . As a CFE also, I was able to get much detailed knowledge for my continued studies. it was good to learn Step by Step teaching by Professors help to complete the course before the time schedule. Special Thanks to ur Mentors Mr. John Gill, Mr. Richard Dull & Richard Riley for their efforts.