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Learn the general concepts of financial markets and economy. You will see the difference between primary and secondary markets and learn about markets for different products. You will also look at various economic Indicators and their influence on the markets. After completing this course, you will have a much stronger background of financial markets and ready to go to the next stage in the Specialization. This course is designed to help students with very little or no finance background to learn the basics of investments....

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28 de Mai de 2020

The course is quite comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of financial markets in a manner that makes the subject instantly interesting and engenders curiosity among the students to learn further.

7 de Out de 2019

Professor Vidya Nathan had delivered the training in simplistic manner which helps to understand the 5 modules and the contents.\n\nMay be if some data visualisation or hands on would further enhance

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por Thapansutha S

6 de Ago de 2020



13 de Jul de 2020


por Kamalkumar R

8 de Jun de 2020



4 de Jun de 2020


por Ajay B

14 de Ago de 2020

The course gave a good overview of Financial Markets, It was interesting to know about the markets, their working & how to begin an investment journey. This is something that must be known as well as taught to all but isn't. This course provides a good opportunity for the same. However, the videos were monotonous sometimes. They could be shortened to hold attention. More graphs, charts, practical examples should be provided. More quizzes could also be added in between and after the videos. The equity markets section could have been detailed & focused on types of trading such as futures, intraday, etc. Assignments could also focus on questions that get us acquainted with some major financial platforms or resources. Thank You!

por Rajat P ( R - R

11 de Jul de 2021

The course content, keeping in view that the course is only an introduction, was great. I felt the presentations could be improved upon to increase the visual delight. The instructor could have read the stuff using a prompter in order to reduce repetitions, slip of tongues , stammers etc. More examples, charts, yield curves should have been shown to really emphasize on when its called normal curve and when its steep or flat or inverted etc. Videography with blue background when the instructor is wearing black is not a good idea. The captions have far too many spelling mistakes than would generally be expected.

por Sahil G

6 de Mai de 2021

While the professor helped know the financial markets basic in very simple language, only thing I think is that the visuals may have been used more to show pictures of actual currency markets, US Bonds, stock markets and then explain on those pictures what various terms meants.

Also, since it is globally accessible course may be one small session each of other Countries and markets may be shared for example India. SInce many terms differ between wall street and dalal street.

However I am happy to have done this course. Thanks.

por Nadeen E

26 de Mar de 2019

I liked how the course was organized into the three main financial markets and then indicators to understand the markets but, I felt that the course missed a lot of the why's and sometimes discussed concepts without clarifying the basics. It would also be helpful if there were images, especially when discussing charts. Overall it's a good course to introduce terms and concepts but a lot of independent studies needed. Investopedia was a great resource to complement the material. Thanks!

por Digvijay C

15 de Mai de 2017

the course is definitely useful and introduces us to all the terms that are used in financial markets. It however fails to create an atmosphere that would make a reader feel confident of being able to start investing. Like, different factors of the economy and different indicators are explained individually. However, their combined effect by presenting case studies is not shown anywhere.

por Divyansh V

2 de Fev de 2019

It is a course that teases you with numerous concepts but never dwells deeper into any of those concepts. I would have loved the course even more had there been some diagrammatic representation of concepts rather than just on oral lecture. That said, I think this is a course that can stir up your interest into the whole investing sphere and make you want to learn more.

por Kenneth T

12 de Jun de 2020

1. Lecturer was clear in his explanation. Makes it easy to understand the various terminologies/lingo in finance. However certain quiz questions had the wrong answers. The video subtitles are also sometimes written wrongly. Audio quality for certain parts of videos were not good. Wished there were more visual cues for the videos while he spoke.


9 de Mai de 2020

The course was majorly theoretical and did not show the windows from where we could invest in stock market or impart any practical knowledge.

Also the course mentioned some ratio analysis but didn't tell how to calculate them.

The course should have been designed in graphical or diagrammatic format in order to better understand the course material.

por Shrey

2 de Mai de 2020

This course gives us a brief idea about the terms and their impact but i think a few things are a bit rushed. A bit of time should be devoted on topics for a better understanding as the trends and the effect a particular factor has on stocks,bonds or currency was sometimes difficult to grasp on (since I am just a beginner)

por Thirumal A

21 de Abr de 2021

Topics covered are wide and good for the intended learning. A little more visuals of everything that was taught would have helped to understand things even better. eg: when talking about yield curve, a picture of yield curve to show how the trends are with any of the country would have helped to corelate.

por Piyush M

14 de Dez de 2020

ISB is an institution based in India and participant choose such course to learn financial markets in terms of Indian context. In this course, all references are from US markets / perspective and few of which are not relevant to India. We would like to have flavor of India in this course.

por Vipul J

6 de Jul de 2020

It's a fine course but I think that it lacks some practical examples and also lack of presentation also makes it less interesting, even though the professor delivered the facts and information amusingly but still the videos can be updated and they should be edited better.


7 de Jun de 2020

It was a pretty good introductory course but really really lacked some animations of pictorial references.Which just does'nt help you visualize or make it easier to understand we have to search the topics online to get in depth knowledge about the topics.

por Ankit K M

23 de Mai de 2021

Well, explanations were very good but extremely slow and very dry- in the sense there were little to no diagrams, charts etc. First time learners like me get confused many many times especially considering the fact that I'm from non-financial background.

por prabhav a

26 de Mai de 2021

A course containing a width of topics.

Just that for a beginner level course, it was a bit difficult to comprehend. Also, the course was oriented towards the US financial market, while I was hoping it to be focussed towards the Indian context.

por S S S S

2 de Jun de 2020

i understand this as an introduction course. But i would've preferred a deep understanding i.e implying the affects of various economic indicators and why one changes when the there is a change in the other. Otherwise it was informative.

por Kshitiz S

21 de Mai de 2020

Quite okay, can improve on video bloopers and professionalism. Would've liked to see some quantitative aspects of the topics taught or some examples showcasing whatever theories the instructor was teaching us.

por Nimesh G

24 de Mai de 2021

The course surely is not an introduction to financial markets. Being from non financial background i had to consult with financial literates to know what the terms were.

por Daniel E

19 de Dez de 2019

Maybe I might have this opinion because it is not my core field but the coursework and presentation was quite boring that's why it took me time to complete it.

por Fidel A M

22 de Jun de 2017

El curso no tiene ningún soporte adicional como gráficos o diagramas en las presentaciones o textos PDF o diapositivas para poder reforzar lo aprendido.

por Abhishek K J

7 de Mai de 2020

this course can be made more productive by a good presentation , better communication skill of the teacher and my adding summary in every weak video