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Spreadsheet software remains one of the most ubiquitous pieces of software used in workplaces across the world. Learning to confidently operate this software means adding a highly valuable asset to your employability portfolio. In this third course of our Excel specialization Excel Skills for Business you will delve deeper into some of the most powerful features Excel has to offer. When you have successfully completed the course you will be able to Check for and prevent errors in spreadsheets; Create powerful automation in spreadsheets; Apply advanced formulas and conditional logic to help make informed business decisions; and Create spreadsheets that help forecast and model data. Once again, we have brought together a great teaching team that will be with you every step of the way. Nicky, Prashan and myself will guide you through each week. As we are exploring these more advanced topics, we are following Alex who is an Excel consultant called in by businesses that experience issues with their spreadsheets....

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24 de jun de 2020

The course material and assessments were just right and very useful. The course is well structured and the instructors explain things so neatly that there are no doubts left after watching the videos.


7 de nov de 2020

This was a lot of fun, challenging, and very practical. I was able to start implementing the new skills I learned at work after each learning module. Can't wait to take the advanced course! Thank you!

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por Hayley B

24 de jan de 2019

Great course, the way they teach is easy to digest and very well structured. A++++

por Madiha S

28 de jul de 2022

The difficulty level definitely increased but I leared SO much from this course

por Nirma K

20 de mar de 2021

Really useful course. Upgraded my Excel Knowledge.

por David M S

19 de ago de 2018

Awesome course!

por Sreeharan B N

14 de abr de 2020

Excellent Learning. Thank you! Assignments might be more helpful. Practice Challenge might be designed in much better way.

por Md A R

24 de abr de 2020

All the materials was awesome and resourceful except for the macro part. it should be more developed.

por mouhammad m a a

19 de abr de 2020

the last video with relative reference macros was a little bit vague, but overall a great course

por Kek M X

21 de jun de 2021

Week 6 not so understandable

por Peter L

9 de jun de 2020

The course started out well enough, but as it progressed the quality of the practice challenges deteriorated. The teaching overall and one's ability to follow along is good enough. However, so many assumptions are made on the practice challenges, and the application of what's been learned so difficult in many places and only vaguely related to the way it was presented in the learning videos (making it difficult to apply), and the unavailability of a teacher in real time to ask for clarification combined to be a deal-breaker. I expect an online learning course to be VERY clear with its instructions and to lay out scenarios clearly. Having taught in a variety of capacities over a 30 year period, both ad-hoc and codified classroom courses, I know very well how important it is to make sure one's students are clear on what they are doing, and why. This course, from about Week 4 onwards, fails at that quite spectacularly. Visual learners, such as myself, are not well-catered for, the material hasn't been updated since 2017, teachers are only sporadically available and then usually only after days of waiting, leaving students to either just forgo the practice challenges or bash their heads against them for days on end. I'm not alone in this, having seen many, many forum comments from other students bemoaning the lack of clarity with instructions / scenarios and having no teachers available to help (either at all, or only after a long wait). Macquarie should know that as a student's frustration level rises, their learning ability drops exponentially. If it were possible, I would seek a refund of my course fee for this course. While I finally made it through the course in the end - although by the end it was VERY difficult to force myself to keep plugging away due to the poor instructions as previously mentioned - I feel like what I've learned has been minimal, and the certificate I've received is barely "worth the paper its printed on". The degree of frustration I experienced on this course I feel sure has rendered a huge portion of my learning moot and mute, as the frustrations I experienced were so strong and pervasive that I can all but feel the stored learned data has fallen out and dissipated. I won't be using Macquarie again.

por Rebecca S

29 de mar de 2020

Week 5 was particularly difficult. Maybe teach it differently.

I contacted the teaching staff through e-mail, and there was no response.

I found myself doing more googling through these lessons than the others that I have taken so far.

Multiple questions are asking something that was never mentioned in the videos.

por Christine J

6 de dez de 2020

The videos focused on easy problems, which didn't help when it comes to the weekly assessments. I struggled with them and .I didn't find the discussion forum useful. I really need an in-person class so I can have a verbal dialog and am able to check for understanding..

por Amy N

2 de abr de 2021

Very good, I learned a lot: This is a challenging course. Note, for me, the course required more study time and more time to complete than was indicated when I signed up for the course. Also note, I needed some supplemental videos (recommended on the discussion forum by fellow students) that are available on youtube. Some of the Practice Challenges Solutions files didn't contain enough guidance to figure out what I was doing incorrectly. I recommend to Macquarie to add an additional level of "Practice Challenges" that have a video step-by-step solution provided - this would really enhance the learning experience. Thank you for the Excel education!

por Prasannagoud P

25 de dez de 2021

I already knew concepts like Logical functions, data validation, protecting sheets,Error check & Lookup lists, and functions up to intermediate level. But this course has thought me in-depth about these concepts, how, where, and when to apply these concepts in datasets. It also introduced me to new concepts like Recording Macros and Data Modelling. I'm completely happy with the course lecture video contents, quizzes, assignments & practice exercises, practice exercises, and assignments helped me to put my understanding into practice and also to evaluate my understanding.

por Kevin M M

13 de abr de 2021

Since the very beginning I started this course specialization and up until now I am so glad that I did. The courses build on each other, enabling you to learn core skills in Excel. This course has enabled me to build on my Excel skillset and I feel more confident in myself and my ability to tackle related challenges.

The course is well structured, the instructors know their craft and their method of delivery is great. I am also grateful for the Discussion forums because learners all over the world provide useful tips or assistance if you get stuck in a certain problem.

por David F

14 de fev de 2021

Really enjoyed taking this course. I know it's a business course and should be dull, however I found it to be fascinating and I was amazed at what the Excel program can do. One major flaw is that the controls for MAC are different that PC, sometimes significantly so. And Excel does not offer some functions on MAC that are crucial to the lessons. It would be nice to be shown a work around, or at least an acknowledgment that it is unavailable for MAC users so we don't have to run around the internet for hours trying to figure out what is wrong with our computer.

por Atisheya M

24 de jun de 2020

I have completed the “Excel Skill for Business” specialization by Macquarie University after 90+ hours of resilient learning and growth. After completing this specialization, I can confidently say that I have gained deep insights into one of the most powerful spreadsheets and analytics tools i.e. Microsoft excel. The Specialization entails of four courses which covers all the concepts of Excel (Basics to Advanced). I would like to thank Nicky Bull, Prashan Karunaratne and coursera for providing me such a wholesome experience.

por jayant s

13 de set de 2018

Just like the first two courses in this specialization, videos were well sequenced and organized. It took me a couple of attempts to get fully comfortable with few concepts but it was well worth the time. I now have the confidence to drive efficiencies in the way we work at office. VBA/Macros will take some more time for me but overall, it was a great experience. Looking forward to the Advanced course and completing my specialization. Thank you so much to the staff who put together such a wonderful course.

por Irēna P

15 de fev de 2021

Hello! Just would want to advice regarding final assignments, they are too long. The Intermediate level II took me a lot of time for the calculation. Just because for me it is very new and I’m not using it on a daily base. So filling in the file you have know any idea whether you put the correct answers or not. So the file might be incorrect from the very beginning. To avoid the great disappointment in the end my advice is to split the final assignment on few parts. Think it is better option .

por Mahamudul H

4 de jul de 2020

This is clearly the best course, when it comes to venturing into the wold of solving problems in business world using Excel. Tutorials are properly organized and Instructors are nothing less than amazing. In the truest sense of giving suggestion, I highly recommend everyone reading this review to complete this specialization properly irrespective of your background, age, career and future goals.

I surely did learn a host of things that makes me a much more efficient and confident user of Excel.

por Georg D

29 de mai de 2021

E​xcellent course, like the presenters and the way the videos are set up. The tests are very well prepared.

C​aveat - can be hard if you are on MacOS and in a non-English set-up (baisically, as Excel translates the name of the functions in local language and as on MacOS some things are different or do not exist) - this just as a reminder as this is mentioned in the disclaimer upfront.

I​ don't know how somebody can finish the final exam in 30 Minutes - I had more than 1h.

por Heike S

8 de abr de 2019

The course was exactly what I wanted. Very well-explained and clear. Also fun, and I learnt a lot of information which will be really useful.

This is a very good course! The best online course I've ever had. The structure, the order in which material is given, the difficulty of the course are very thought over. And the most important, I feel that the course is very effective. I really enjoyed all the quizzes and assignments of the course.

por Ian S

14 de abr de 2020

This course was also excellent and I fully intend to complete Course 4: Advanced, very soon. I learned new many skills which I can easily adapt to my current working role and I also learned skills that I had very limited experience of previously. This course helped to expand not only my use and knowledge of how these elements can be implemented, but also why. Fantastic course that I have already recommended to numerous work colleagues.


11 de jun de 2020

Excellently arranged, taught and presented course. Most of the skills one will learn are brand new here. Practice and Assessment Worksheets are very exhaustive and all-encompassing. Instructors are really very well-versed with their topics. Great experience learning this course, which teaches you awesome tools in Microsoft Excel which can bring a great change in how you manage your data at your home and your workplace. Thank You!!

por Soh Y H

3 de ago de 2021

The instructors' teaching are really clear and easy to understand. With step by step teaching, it is easy to follow. Together with the ninja tips it complements the lesson and sometimes adds on a few tips. However, I think for certain challenges there could be more detailed explanation as to how the solution is obtained as sometimes with just the solution, I still could not understand. Overall, it is still a really good module!

por ADRI�N M R T

9 de set de 2020

Well, I know that Excel is a powerful tool but I have never thought that so powerful, this course allowed me to understand a lot of tool that excel is offering to us and it makes me to realize that, millions of data can get organized correctly in few minutes. The best is that, the videos went directly to the point and easy to understand something really complex as all the secrets that Excel is hiding to us! #EverybodySaysWow