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Often called “the cornerstone” of public health, epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases, health conditions, or events among populations and the application of that study to control health problems. By applying the concepts learned in this course to current public health problems and issues, students will understand the practice of epidemiology as it relates to real life and makes for a better appreciation of public health programs and policies. This course explores public health issues like cardiovascular and infectious diseases – both locally and globally – through the lens of epidemiology....

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11 de abr de 2020

Very clear teaching strategies from the instructors. Some quizzes though are a little bit hard on my part because of the type of questions and answers. But overall it is a great course to take with.


30 de mai de 2020

I just completed my course and I would like to appreciate the tutors for doing a great job, yeah! Also, I recommend Coursera for anyone who wants to experience advancement in knowledge and career.

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por Kelly K

1 de set de 2015

The content was really neat and definitely not something I had been exposed to before. I really liked the quantitative parts of the course and wish there had been more time spent on that and more quiz questions on that.

The reason I am ranking this 2 stars is that I felt the quizzes were unreasonably difficult (or perhaps they had bugs). Week 2 quiz I had to take multiple times and really couldn't figure out what the correct answer was. Looking at the discussion boards I believe my sentiment is shared. I have taken multiple coursera classes (Astronomy, Astrobiology, Calculus) and these are by far the most difficult quizes I have encountered.

por Sabrina S

21 de out de 2016

I am a little disapointed with this course. I have completed the third week, but quizes are too big, and the questions are almost impossible to compare with the lectures.

It seems like what is evaluated is your ability of getting languages nuances, and not the epidemiology subject.

por Emily J

27 de dez de 2015

I enjoyed hearing about epidemiology, but didn't find the quizzes very useful. I was expecting more practice doing computation or examining case studies. The lectures also had no time in between slides to pause, write notes, and make sure I understood what was just said. I liked that the lectures were well organized and the review questions in between the topics of discussion.

por Dan A

16 de nov de 2015

Very useful and comprehensive information. I warmly recommend this course to all the ones interested in getting a proper understanding of the terms, concepts and designs used in clinical studies.

por Manoj M

13 de out de 2016

The course was fantastic and learned the things which I could not study from many books I had referred. I have spread this message to many of my friends and colleges. Thank you very much.

por Rai S

3 de set de 2015

Good enough for a free course offering very basic understanding of the topic. Lots of video errors, and sometimes the lecturer's speech isn't very smooth. Tests are poorly worded sometimes in ways that contradict the language used in the lectures, making them difficult to pass even with notes. I wouldn't pay for the certificate - if I were an employer I would not recognize this course as teaching any sort of proficiency.

por Anthony F A

30 de mai de 2020

I just completed my course and I would like to appreciate the tutors for doing a great job, yeah! Also, I recommend Coursera for anyone who wants to experience advancement in knowledge and career.

por Alicia J

28 de dez de 2017

Some of the earlier quiz questions seemed impossible to answer based on the lecture videos and materials, but otherwise this was a generally informative and engaging course.

por Bret W

12 de abr de 2020

riddled with errors, presenters are read scripts in flat really boring accent.. often information in quiz was never presented in course and needs to be researched independently - not worth it..

por Noime L

12 de abr de 2020

Very clear teaching strategies from the instructors. Some quizzes though are a little bit hard on my part because of the type of questions and answers. But overall it is a great course to take with.

por Pedro L M R

22 de mai de 2018

The course and content are good and well taught by the teachers. However, the lessons are very short and the test complicated to be carried out, mainly for not accepting the partial note of the questions that have more than one correct alternative.

por Sooraj B

29 de out de 2017

One of the best classes I've taken. It was difficult for me. I had to take the quizzes many times usually to get an A. Worth the effort. I completed the class. I'm proud of the accomplishment.

por Wendi L

7 de fev de 2016

Course content was pretty detailed. I did not like that I had to write down pretty much every single word from each slide and that was said in order to make sure I could answer the quiz questions. Either the quiz questions were bad or it was taught in a confusing manner. I would go with the former.

por Ricardo P d E

6 de out de 2015

There is no real flow between videos and questions, not easy to follow. Good efford, good content, just wrong methodology for online training for 2015.

por Austin G

18 de mai de 2020

Quizzes were very hard


15 de abr de 2020

I have knowledge about this topic because of my profesion, but the evaluations are insanely tricky, with multi-response questions or asking about anecdotic things instead of questions that truly evaluate your general knowledge of the topic.

por Michael R H

19 de jun de 2020

Paul Brodeur's New Yorker article, The Magic Mineral (Asbestos) ( was my first detailed contact with epidemiology. I was a pre-med student who injured a dominant hand, as an alternate to regular class assignments, I read and reported on, this article. Although, I subsequently became a lawyer, my science background, lead me first to patent law, then to product liability and workers' compensation, with cases involving asbestos, 2,4,5 T and PCB, as well as other chemicals. After 44+ years in law, your course was an excellent review of the issues I spent my career litigating. Your last subject, Causality, was central to every case. I strongly recommend this course to every personal injury lawyer. Thank you.

por katrina g

9 de mai de 2020

As a medical laboratory professional, this course was invaluable in refreshing and increasing my knowledge of epidemiology in a time where we are in the midst of a global pandemic due to SARS-CoV-2. The course material has helped me to improve my interpretation of the data that the department that I supervise, Microbiology, is generating. This is not an easy course and the material should be reviewed before attempting the quizzes. However, the sweat and pain are worth it as you will finish the course with a much better understanding of epidemiology!

por Iván E L A

1 de jul de 2020

El curso fue grandioso en todo sentido. Me ha ayudado bastante a interiorizarme más en la temática de Salud Pública, la cual es muy importante. Ambas profesoras explican increíblemente bien, por lo cual me sentí muy cómodo realizando este curso. Estoy muy agradecido haber tenido la oportunidad de realizar este curso. Muy recomendado para los que quieran aprender sobre Salud Pública.

por S J

19 de nov de 2019

very interesting and informative .thank you so much for providing this opportunity. useful those who are willing to enter into public health and learn the basic concepts of epidemiology

por Dr. D D

15 de mai de 2017

A brilliant course that can serve as a great introduction to public health. A must take for all including the ones from other streams, even who are not going to work in public health.

por Aparna S

10 de set de 2020

I enjoyed the learning experience;but its not for beginners.As a dentist,it helped me to brush up my skills in public health.Thankyou!

por Lauren-Ashley D

29 de abr de 2018

There is room for improvement, like showing quiz answers once submitted and editing all of the transcript errors but the information and additional materials are great resources for people interested in getting started with in the field of epidemiology.

por Melissa H

24 de nov de 2018

I enjoyed taking this course, although I felt the quizzes at the end of each week were much harder than the practice questions throughout the videos requiring me to go back frequently. I do feel I have learned a lot I can use moving forward.