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Certificados compartilháveis
Tenha o certificado após a conclusão
100% on-line
Comece imediatamente e aprenda em seu próprio cronograma.
Prazos flexíveis
Redefinir os prazos de acordo com sua programação.
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Aprox. 10 horas para completar
Legendas: Inglês

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Semana 1

3 horas para concluir

Cryptographic foundations of the blockchain

3 horas para concluir
10 vídeos (Total 46 mín.), 2 leituras, 4 testes
10 videos
What Excites You About Blockchain?3min
Introduction to week 12min
Financial Markets Today: Financial Intermediation4min
Financial Market Infrastructures5min
How blockchain can change the financial system6min
A blockchain-based startup: Proof of Steak4min
Public Key Cryptography8min
Hash Functions - Five Properties4min
Merkle Trees5min
2 leituras
How the course works5min
Week 1 Resources10min
3 exercícios práticos
Changing the financial system
Foundations of blockchain10min
Week 1 Graded Quiz

Semana 2

1 hora para concluir

Mastering the blockchain technology

1 hora para concluir
9 vídeos (Total 44 mín.), 1 leitura, 2 testes
9 videos
Single- and double-entry bookkeeping3min
In conversation: How will blockchain disrupt banks?6min
What is a blockchain?3min
From blocks to blockchain7min
Distributed consensus4min
Consensus Mechanisms overview5min
Consensus Mechanism: Proof Of Work6min
Consensus Mechanism: Proof of Stake3min
1 leituras
Week 2 Resources10min
2 exercícios práticos
Distributed consensus6min
Week 2 Graded Quiz

Semana 3

1 hora para concluir

How Artificial Intelligence Changes Data Analytics

1 hora para concluir
10 vídeos (Total 60 mín.), 1 leitura, 2 testes
10 videos
What is artificial intelligence? - A bird's eye view5min
Artificial Intelligence in Banks3min
Unsupervised learning - Agglomerative clustering7min
Unsupervised learning - Partitional clustering6min
Supervised learning4min
Supervised learning - Classification and Regression6min
Reinforcement learning6min
Aunnie Patton Power: Artificial Intelligence and Impact Investing6min
Benji Meltzer: Aerobotics - Using Artificial Intelligence for tree crop protection10min
1 leituras
Week 3 Resources10min
2 exercícios práticos
Machine learning14min
Week 3 Graded Quiz

Semana 4

4 horas para concluir

Preparing your company for the fintech revolution

4 horas para concluir
8 vídeos (Total 51 mín.), 3 leituras, 2 testes
8 videos
Web 3.0 - from client-server architecture to distributed applications8min
Blockchain benefits6min
Blockchain considerations7min
Blockchain outside finance: supply chain solutions5min
Custos Media Technologies - Fighting piracy using blockchain13min
Do you need blockchain?4min
Custos Media Technologies - Do you need blockchain?3min
3 leituras
Case studies: Non-financial application of blockchain10min
When or when not to use blockchain10min
Week 4 Resources10min
1 exercício prático
Blockchain and technology choices18min



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Sobre Programa de cursos integrados Fintech Startups in Emerging Markets

The University of Cape Town’s specialization will give aspiring entrepreneurs the tools to understand the technological innovations and challenges the financial services industry faces in the emerging market context. The specialization covers foundations of the changing financial regulations, new technological applications like blockchain or artificial intelligence and design thinking for startups in emerging markets. Through real-world case studies, you will see how this technology can unlock growth and spur innovation and will understand the specific emerging economies environment within which innovation can take place. This specialization is particularly suited for entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs who want to learn how they can harness the power of fintech or technology in an emerging market. You will work on a business plan for your own fintech or tech-based startup idea in the capstone project comprising a business model canvas and pitch. This allows aspiring entrepreneurs to take a tangible step towards launching their own startup. Watch the course trailer...
Fintech Startups in Emerging Markets

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