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Through a series of engaging metaphors and stories, prospective and current EFL/ESL teachers will identify, summarize, and evaluate 7 basic language learning paradigms. Learners will be presented information on such foundational principles as motivation, risk taking, two different modes of learning, and balancing the teacher profession. Learners are also given an understanding of basic techniques founded on those principles, such as teacher talk, looking “ridiculous” in order to lower the affective filter, and networking. With these foundational principles in mind, ESL/EFL teachers will scrutinize common assumptions about language learning by comparing how they stack up to research-based core principles....
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17 de ago de 2018

This is a very useful course as I begin my studies to prepare to teach English abroad. ASU is a recognized university and the price is very reasonable. I look forward to the next course in the series.


9 de set de 2021

That was a great experience and im very grateful for all the information I have been taught. The professors leading this course are just so professional and it was really joyful to learn all the time.

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por Savindya B

6 de nov de 2020

This course is a great opportunity to sharpen the teaching skills. The syllabus is well planned and easy to grasp. Even not being a native English speaker I could easily understand everything. Every concept is explained in a simple and attractive way. I offer my thank for the mentors, coursera and everyone involved in the process. Thank you !

por Sawaiz R

25 de set de 2020

Hello everyone! I recently completed the first course of the TESOL Specialization and let me tell you, I am beyond delighted. The number of valuable techniques and teachings that I have learned in this course are truly stepping stones to my teaching career in the future. Dr. Shewell is an incredible teacher! Can't wait to learn more from him.

por Heidi G

8 de jan de 2021

I learned more about language teaching in this quick class than I did in five years at college studying to teach Spanish! It's condense, clear, enjoyable, and practical! I highly recommend it! It's the first in a four-course series to get a TESOL certification (I didn't realize at first that there were four courses, but I'm new to Coursera).

por De L A

29 de nov de 2021

The content is beneficial in learning the fundamental aspects of teaching the English language. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. I enjoy answering and reading peer assessments. It will surely widen your perspectives, given that each student has a unique view on a matter. I am thrilled to employ what I learned from this course.

por Kate D J

30 de out de 2020

A lot of skills I've learned in this course. It widens my horizon in teaching the language and able to know how important for us teachers to know our students, to know right strategies for the language and for us also as a teacher to be called an effective and effecient teacher. Thankyou so much for this course. It really helped a lot.❤️

por Tram N

22 de set de 2021

Entering this course is a stroke of luck for me. This course provides me a profound insight into the teaching profession including effective second language learning methods and professional teaching techniques. I also desire to take part in other courses of Teach English Now! Again, thank you so much for offering me this opportunity.

por Olga D

15 de abr de 2022

D​ear ASU team!

It was such a pleasure watching your online course and completing the assignments. It's the best education I've ever had. The course is full of practice, practical examples and ready-to-use techniques and material for teaching English as a second language.

Thank you so much for this awesome course full of information!

por Dina A

22 de nov de 2020

Great course! By taking this course, you will definitely gain a great experience and acquire new knowledge and skills about teaching students English efficiently and successfully. Even in the first course, you will get so much useful information in the easiest way. Just try it and you will really benefit from this! Wish you success!

por Haythem E H

18 de jun de 2020

What a wonderful course it was and what a creative way to teach the principles of teaching the instructors used to facilitate understanding. The use of metaphors to explain the principles of teaching was very helpful and effective! I don't think I will ever forget the principles now nor the metaphors! I highly recommend this course!

por Mar S

11 de jan de 2018

As this was my very first "course" with Coursera. i enjoyed it! I found it entertaining and very informative as well. I believe it can help a lot!. I didn't complete al the courses because I have many interests and now I am fallin for the freelance remote work so i got to learn about that and hopefuly with Coursera I get to do that!

por John N S G

7 de jun de 2020

This course is fantastic, I learned lots and lots of priciples about teaching any language, how to combine between the content and the technique, how to be different always and follow your own passion in teaching the language and be an actor, act silly and make jokes to serve the purpose and make your students acquire the language.

por Yeskhat K

9 de dez de 2020

My dear teachers, my first thanks to you, you became like a family to me. You inspired me, you made me study again, you made me believe in teaching again. You made me even nervous during the tests))))))) My second thanks will go to the IT support team, cameramen and to other teachers who made the course possible.

We love you guys!

por Theresa M

5 de dez de 2015

If you're interested in learning virtual instruction, then this is the course for you. The instructors encourage students to record a series of videos (1 to 4 minutes long), but those without a Web cam can also submit text files. Making a fool of yourself is allowed. The instructors provide excellent andragogy. Highly recommended.

por Donna N D

29 de nov de 2016

I really did enjoy taking this course. The information that I received helped me to implement new ideas and concepts into my language classroom. It also made me stop to think "Why do I teach?" I think looking at your own personal motivation helps you to remember and develop a better strategy to use inside your language classroom.

por Derya G

16 de jul de 2020

Thanks for everything. All teachers around the world haven't same conditions especially advantage for developing themselves . But with this course all of us can have a lot of opportunity for improving and developing ourselves. You can be a teacher more than 20 years but there are lots of new things you can learn in this course.

por Christine L

15 de ago de 2016

This is an excellent course as an introduction to language teaching. Loved how the entire course was scaffolded and built upon very important language teaching techniques. I highly recommend this course for those interested in becoming a TESOL Instructor or as a review for teachers who are already teaching. I am very satisfied!!

por Irina S

8 de mai de 2021

Thank you, Dr. Shane Dixon, for the providing such fruitful and and inspirational materials and guidelines for the practicing teachers! I liked the metaphors that you employed for the language, the students and the teachers. I will use language taxonomy in the future. I’m looking forward to other courses of this specialization!

por Bhuvani G

13 de nov de 2019

Consistency is clearly visible in the way the lecture is structured and delivered. Use of Metaphor helped in understanding the terms even better. Peer-graded assignment challenges the learner in bringing out the best in them. Congratulations to the entire team for the effort and wishing them to keep doing in future. Thank you.

por Anna K

4 de set de 2016

Thank you so much for this course! It was a wonderful path! Hope, I'll finish all the courses for TESOL certificate and will communicate with mentors not only as guides in teaching, but with experienced colleguages! As well as with classmates, it's great that we can create a network of ESL professionals! Thank you, Coursera!

por Irangi K

5 de mai de 2021

One of the best courses I have taken in my life! This course is concise, cohesive, engaging, and motivating. The instructors did exactly what they taught me: inspired learning with accessible, comprehensible, and usable knowledge. I wish I had these instructors when I started learning English as a second language! Thank you!

por lei c

17 de jul de 2017

I truly appreciate the comprehensive course . When I discovered this great online course and the convenience of it, I like to learn and teach the English language.I actually had fun taking this course.I especially appreciated the video lectures and written assignments. They helped me prepare for my future teaching endeavors

por Mart J

12 de ago de 2020

Great course! I loved every minute of it. The videos were great and I learned a lot about teaching that I didn't know before, or rather that I might have known but not paid much attention to. The passages and the videos made me more aware of my own teaching techniques and skills, especially where improvement is required.

por Noorzada K

17 de nov de 2020

I am so grateful for this course! I learn so much! All the video materials were short yet so useful, interesting, and enjoyable to study. All the quizzes and exercises helped me to check my progress and revise all the materials. Thanks to all the teachers and Arizona University for creating such an amazing online course!

por Alfredo L

1 de mai de 2020

Comparing this to other TESOL programs, you're going to learn a lot! Watch the videos and do the work, they're only going to add towards your learning experience. What I absolutely like about this is that it really does take an effort to succeed in these courses, unlike the other websites with cheaper options. Thank you!

por Karen O

7 de out de 2021

I gained more insight into language learning from this online foundation module than I did from an entire in-person TEFL course that I did years ago. I am also a language learner (German) and after this course I finally understand why I haven't achieved fluency in German yet. I can't recommend this course highly enough.