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This course is an introduction to learning and applying the principles required to solve engineering mechanics problems. Concepts will be applied in this course from previous courses you have taken in basic math and physics. The course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with an emphasis on real world engineering applications and problem solving. The copyright of all content and materials in this course are owned by either the Georgia Tech Research Corporation or Dr. Wayne Whiteman. By participating in the course or using the content or materials, whether in whole or in part, you agree that you may download and use any content and/or material in this course for your own personal, non-commercial use only in a manner consistent with a student of any academic course. Any other use of the content and materials, including use by other academic universities or entities, is prohibited without express written permission of the Georgia Tech Research Corporation. Interested parties may contact Dr. Wayne Whiteman directly for information regarding the procedure to obtain a non-exclusive license....

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27 de Jul de 2020

It has been a fantastic journey of five weeks. The teaching style is excellent. I Will suggest every graduate student take this course to make a good understanding. Overall it is an excellent course.

15 de Jul de 2020

THE COURSE WAS VERY INTRESTING AND LIFETIME USEFULL STUFF BEING TOUGHT. TYANKS TO Dr. WHITEMAN he is really good explainer had a great experience and I'm sure gonna join more courses by Dr. WHITEMAN.

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21 de Mar de 2017




por Zubair A

8 de Nov de 2018

The interactive approach of Dr. Wanye Whiteman leads to clarify the concept of Engineering Mechanics. I am glad to enroll this course, I will enroll further courses in future.

Thank you so much

por Dr A K L

1 de Jul de 2020

First I like to thanks, Dr. Wayne Whiteman for his effort to take the lectures properly. The organization about the course is fine. I learned Engineering mechanics easily with his teaching methods.

por Richard Z

10 de Dez de 2019

A good introductory course on the analysis of 2D and 3D statically determinant structures. Dr. Whiteman explains things in a very clear and straightforward manner. Love the corny jokes as well.

por satish

14 de Jan de 2016

I took this course to improve myself in fundamental concepts of Mechanics & now I can confidently say that I'm clear with the fundamental concepts & I can apply them confidently.

I really enjoyed the course because unlike the traditional Lectures, Professor Dr. Wayne Whiteman used to explain concepts in much simpler & practical way. Because of this kind of teaching the concepts became crystal clear for me.

Finally I would like to thank Coursera for providing me a platform to learn freely ,share my ideas with online communities, for learning courses from top most universities of the world & also for believing in me & granting me Financial Aid for this course.

I'm grateful to Dr. Wayne Whiteman & Georgia Institute of Technology for offering such a wonderful course.

por Dirk M

3 de Mar de 2016

This has been a fun course. The length of it is ideal. It's long enough to think I've learned something, but short enough that I'm not bored or dreading it. I definitely spent at least 10-15 hours a week on it. I had to read most of the relevant text book sections (the free, online one) to do the homework. Results may vary. I'm not sure how intense this is compared to an actual college course. My guess would be about half as intense, but it would definitely prepare you to breeze right through such a course. I took it out of genuine interest and I might use it in my current career.

por Erika B O

24 de Ago de 2015

I was very excited when I discovered that the most influent universities in the world are providing courses for free to students. I had never heard about Georgia Tech, but because of this excellent course of "Introduction to Mechanical Engineering" I search about it and saw its magnitude. I really would like to study in somewhere like that and I appreciate your work here, specially to Dr. Whiteman who teached me a lot and made me laugh sometimes with his intelectual sense of humor. I divulgate the Coursera plataform and the Georgia Tech to my collegues and hope that more and more students could appreciate the technology that you both offer to us. Thank you!

por sahil w

17 de Abr de 2019

everyone should do this course because experimental solutions are also explained and

we get a practical approach for each question

very well prepared course with simple and lucid language.

por Nortasia P

23 de Out de 2018

In my opinion, the course is thrown at you. I felt as though I was not being taught, was just given information. I had to find more in depth explanations, solutions and help via other sites. The course set up is great; easy to navigate, see and understand. Once I am more knowledgeable in this subject, I will revisit the course.

por Charan S

26 de Dez de 2015


Honestly, I am a true beneficiary of this course. I have completed my Engineering and it has been 10 long years. I dont remember understanding this subject as clearly as I do today. Thank you so much for clarifying the topics in a very lucid way. Its a dream come true to be able to learn from top instructors and top universities. I have scored a overall grade of 86.5%. I hope I was a good student :-). Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous new year 2016! All the best.

Best Regards

Charan Siddachar

por Nicholas R L

4 de Dez de 2017

As a mid-career professional with a background in earth sciences (and a need to better understand the engineers around me), this class has been very helpful. The delivery method of working through example problems helped me much more than focusing on the theory of the material separate from application. I do think that the course could be improved through the use of recommended supplemental readings from an open source, but it was very effective for me in its current format.

por Erteza T E

20 de Out de 2017

This course is an introduction to learning and applying the principles required to solve engineering mechanics problems. Concepts will be applied in this course from previous courses you have taken in basic math and physics. The course addresses the modeling and analysis of static equilibrium problems with an emphasis on real world engineering applications and problem solving.

por Ajit K

19 de Mai de 2020

Very good course. Teacher was excellent. Highly recommended.

por James W H

19 de Dez de 2015

Awesome experience! Great professor, clearly explains topics with easy to follow lectures, examples, and graphics. Has plenty of examples in easy to download and print pdf format. I have not tested the online help forums mainly because the lecture modules are very well made and self explanatory. Wishing I had this excellent resource available when I was taking Statics in college. Highly recommend for any Engineering Major, or just brushing up for the PE/FE Exams, etc.

por Shafique U R

17 de Jul de 2020

The Course was well planned-out and included thorough explanations. For example, some topics required 2 Modules to be able to grasp the concept correctly. I believe that the examples also helped to reinforce the new concepts learnt. As someone who recently completed their O-Levels, this is definitely a course worth taking if you are considering opting for the Mechanical Engineering field. Thank you, Dr. Wayne Whiteman!

por Rangaraj.B

28 de Mai de 2020

awesome course!!! I really loved the way he taught, by using models to help us visualize the problem. Moreover his pressing of importance on the use of mechanics in real world is the key factor that kept me motivated throughout the 5 week course !!! Thank you very much sir. I doubt if he would read this anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH SIR

por Shamkhal H

13 de Fev de 2019

Though the course content was not difficult for me, i faced some new concepts and challenging problems and learned a lot, after this i will try to complete Applications in Engineering Mechanics course which i ams ure will be excellent after this

por Sridharbabu Y

3 de Fev de 2017

Really Excellent Course. Learned a lot. The way Professor Teaches and explains is excellent. I would suggest all who are interested in mechanics should go through this course.

Best Wishes.

por Filipp H

23 de Mai de 2020

I have enjoyed the content for engineering mechanics and greatly enjoyed the instructor's enthusiasm for the topic. I have learned a lot of new applications of mathematics such as vectors and calculus used in force diagrams, that I have never used before in my high school Physics course. I also liked how the instructor has explained every example problem (in the lectures) in immense detail making sure everybody understood it which is important in a STEAM based subject. However, what really let this course down was the homework. The questions provided had little to no answer solutions which made it difficult for me to understand if I was making mistakes or not. I often had to refer to the discussion form or peers for answers which were not always accurate, hence disadvantaging me in the final quiz where I didn't know if my method was right or not.

por Sarah N

25 de Nov de 2020

The material was well taught and with a good depth level. However, the fact that you have to wait an entire week before retaking a failed quiz is slightly absurd. I am taking this course and another one for extra credit in a current college class, but I risk not being able to actually complete the course in time due to this mechanic. It is very frustrating.

por Joceline F

16 de Jan de 2020

Good material but the explanations in the videos aren't explained as well as I'd like and there are no explanations for the practice problem sets.

por Aniruddh C

8 de Jun de 2019

examples used were quite nice but the method of explanation could have been better.

por GODA V V R

17 de Jul de 2019

very fast lecture and cant understand a few topics

por Pierre W

20 de Ago de 2018

extremely unsatisfied. Although the content is great. The lack of details, the missing results in the training exercises and the extremely arrogant coments (like: "Make shure you know how to do this" - Well if I did, I wouldn´t enroll in a course), making it extremely dificult to keep the pace. The quality in preparation is very deficit, and the interest in teaching even worse.

por Chandra P

25 de Set de 2016

I took the the Introduction to Engineering Mechanics by Dr Whiteman. I would like to give feedback that the Dr Whiteman is awesome, his way of teaching shows great subject knowledge. The practical examples with scaled models is superb and I could understand different support conditions with the help of his models. Hats off to Dr Whiteman who made understanding so practical which no professor here would teach students in India. Hope he takes several courses especially Civil Engineering, most importantly the Design of Reinforced Concrete Members in the future, which will help interested students around the world like me. The way he talks about beams, columns and structural members is giving us a lot of confidence. I would love to take Theory of Structures and RCC (Reinforced Cement Concrete) structural design courses from Dr. Whiteman/COURSERA. Thanks from my heart to Dr Whiteman of Georgia Tech. Chandra Prakash (a middle class father of 2 daughters earning 2500USD per annum), Hyderabad, INDIA.