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Once you have hired good employees, the next step that successful people managers take is to develop the full potential of their employees. Performance management is a process that helps managers achieve the goal of getting the best from their employees. In this third course in the Human Resources for People Managers specialization, we will discuss the skills and key processes you will need to develop your employees to attain department and organizational goals. These skills will include setting clear expectations, providing positive and corrective feedback, and delivering an effective performance appraisal....

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10 de out de 2021

this course is amazing, give me a lot of knowledge i haven't know before. give me a lot of benefit. so insightful. thank you so much university of minnesota, the lecture, and especially for Coursera.


30 de jun de 2018

Another great course. This course explains and delivers the benefits of having clear goals and objectives that outline who, what, and when of the employee and reduces any surprises to expectations!

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por Betty O

1 de jul de 2018

Another great course. This course explains and delivers the benefits of having clear goals and objectives that outline who, what, and when of the employee and reduces any surprises to expectations!

por Горбунов И Н

14 de mai de 2020

The lecturer is hard to understand and to follow.

por Dr. S M

22 de mai de 2020

Underwhelming. Endless bullet points in too many slides and just reading from the slides with no depth in real life examples made this a totally boring course

por Regina H

14 de set de 2020

The overall message of this course was very unclear, therefore it hindered my assignment result and I failed the first attempt and was forced to do redo the assignment.

por Rumpa N

22 de out de 2020

It was a great experience in learning back my area of subject and get refreshed again to line of business. I was must admit Professor was so good in making us learn the subject with ease.I thoroughly enjoyed every module of the subject and also it gave me enough confidence and zeal to learn the subject.I also want to thank all the members of Carlson School Management and University of Minnesota in providing us with such a enriching experience of knowledge.

por Saikat G

13 de out de 2019

Employee Performance Management is a vital concept in any organisation.

Proper assessment of employees' performance leading up to opening a plethora of growth opportunities and making the employee feel a part of organisational set up reduces the turnover rate, thereby increasing the level of employee engagement for an organisation.

The course on " Managing Employee Performance " takes you through the journey in the simplest yet effective way possible.


16 de jun de 2020

I would like to Thank Professor Larry Bourgerie, SHRM -CSP, SPHR, MAIR from University of Minnesota - Carlson School of Management for providing vast and detailed knowledge on the importance of implementing a Strategic Performance Management System in organizations by providing ongoing feedbacks to employees for their career growth and development.

por Jinaele D

19 de mar de 2021

This course war quite fulfilling. I learned so much helpful information that will not only help with refining my own skills but helping with the overall advancement or practices at my organization.

por Shakerra N

21 de mar de 2020

the peer reviews is holding us back

por Brenda E

2 de jun de 2021

I have just finished the course “Managing Employee Performance,” and I feel like I’ve been on a learning journey that included organizational strategy, performance management system and purpose, tools and methods for the performance review process, and giving feedback.  The last part of the journey was on organizational culture and the importance of civility in the workplace.  I learned tips from an individual perspective but also received some team and company viewpoints as well.  I would highly recommend this course.

The only corrective feedback I have is to please hire a good copyeditor to go through all the quizzes and discussion prompts within the videos and even the text on some of the slides for grammar errors in possessives, plurals, articles, verb tense, missing words, and some spelling mistakes.  These errors distract the reader from the excellent content.

por Khalil B

20 de fev de 2021

I have truly enjoyed taking this course, i have recently got a promotion to be HR Senior officer, and this course gives me the confidence i need to demonstrate to the management and give back to the company the trust that they have kept in me. This is a sound course to build on your skills for Performance management and what you need to know if you are new to this, or you would like to change something in your current processes. They say, foundations are more important than the outcomes. If you have this course, you have a foundation to demonstrate your skills and expreience and translate it into practice. Thanks Larry!

por Sandra E

1 de ago de 2021

I believe this course is a perfect resource for all H.R. companies. I worked at a public school district, for UPS and currently for an Employee Stock Ownership Program company. Surprisingly, the work culture here is toxic and too laxed with little to no accountability. I have suggested that the supervisors ALL participate in this course. I have requested that our corporate office approve me to have our mangers participate in the course. Thank you for all the information, justification, examples and the well timed humor. The course was enlightening, informative and very entertaining.

por Erick Y

8 de set de 2021

It really helps me to see how much important Performance Management is. More importantly, about culture. We cannot seperate the impact of the workplace culture in Performance Management, let alone deny the importance of culture effects in Performance Management. One thing that I remember the most is "Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast". We must enforce Culture, we can't let it just go with the flow. No matter how good your strategies and plannings are, if you have a bad culture, that culture will just consume the strategy.

por Alfian R

27 de out de 2021

This course is so comprehensive. Start from strategy to implementation and culture. The assignment and the quiz help me to strengthen with the course materials. As an HR professional, I feel more confident to implement performance management with right framework of thinking.

For further improvement, I suggest that course material can be variance to animation. For assignment, I think for the peer-graded must be provided with share link button in order we can interact more and fast to give feedback each other.

Thank you!

por Tony M

15 de mai de 2022

Great professor and solid material in the videos. More rigor needs to be added to the course in order to protect the prestige of the Specialization. The discussion questions were optional and the vast majority of the peer review assignments I reviewed were stunningly bad. The assignment itself was too complex and confusing for most of the foreign audience of this course to follow. The rubric was applied incorrectly multiple times by reviewers forcing me to have to resubmit repeatedly.

por Idike S C

4 de mai de 2020

I'm addicted to learning new skills. I always thought that learning online is boring, but Prof. John W. Budd has proved that I'm wrong. His teaching method is superb and has convinced me to engage in online courses to earn good professional certificates. The online platform - Coursera, is very nice and I applaud the developer. Thanks for the opportunity.👍👍👍

por LIM P K

7 de fev de 2021

Glad to have learnt all aspects relating to managing employee performance especially the difference between performance management and performance review and feedbacks sections which have greatly enlightened me with in-depth insights of the topic. Thanks so much to the facilitator, Mr Larry for his guidance and lectures of such an interesting subject.

por Andrea P

6 de jun de 2018

This class was so informative. I am very impressed by this instructor. There was so much information but he taught in such a way where it all made sense and "the big picture" was painted much better than reading this information in a 400 page text book. Thank you! I walked away feeling informed and took note of some best practices as well.

por Saiful I K

16 de jun de 2020

Though I've done my MBA and a Post-Graduate Diploma in HRM, this specialization program does not seem 'old wine in a new bottle'. However, I've learnt many contemporaries issues about HR and effective strategies in order to implement in my workplace yet. I must thank to my lecturers for their outstanding modules and audiovisual presentations.

por Tran T D

25 de jun de 2018

This is the critical session you need to learn because it provides a lot of knowledge for your perfomance management to your organization / department. Not only about knowledge, but also practical about styles of performance you can meet, how to solve problem when you have difficulty into review/ evaluate or management process. Thanks a lot.

por Adam B

15 de nov de 2022

I very much enjoyed this course, especially the lessons on the different types of performance measurement (Comparative, Absolute, & Results). The content was presented well! I'm new to HR as a L&D professional, so I enrolled in this course to understand more about HR as a whole. I will be taking the other 4 courses for the specialization.

por Allison

3 de jun de 2017

I loved this class! I especially like week 4 regarding culture and implementing it into the design of a cultural value statement. This is an excellent class and it teaches students about allowing employees to make some mistakes and investing in them to make them stronger players in the organization. I recommend this course.


11 de ago de 2021


por Warren R

23 de abr de 2021

The material was very good, and thankfully I can see that my organization is following most of the best practices being taught in this course. I think that it would be especially useful for new organizations, new managers, and those in HR trying to help build an environment where the organization and people excel.

por Matjaz

6 de abr de 2020

Great course!It's narrated very well and gives you a lot of insight information on practical as well as on theorethical basis. I have beeen working in the HR field for the past five years and learned quite a lot of useful information with this course, would definitely recommend to anybody working in the field!