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This course is intended for the Bachelor and Master's students, who like practical programming and making IoTs applications! In this course we will talk about two components of a cyber physical system, namely hardware and operating systems. After completing this course, you will have the knowledge of both hardware components and operating systems. You are able to plan and use embedded operating systems in resource-constraint devices for Internet-of-Things (cyber physical system) applications. In addition, you can use Cooja simulation for designing and simulating wireless sensor network applications. We have 4 modules, each with a graded quiz in the end and finally we have one peer reviewed programming assignment In case you have no experience with C programming, please check you a practical course like: The course is actually quite fun at the end when you are playing around with Cooja simulation for IoTs applications. So you can create and simulate your own design for sensor network applications. A lot of features and examples of Contiki and Cooja can be explored via assignments. There are some optional assignments of wireless sensor network applications for students who want to explore more about embedded OS in IoTs applications. - Marco Ramirez /University of Turku - Igor Tcarenko/ University of Turku - Nguyen Gia Tuan /University of Turku Check out our whole curriculum:

Melhores avaliações

24 de Mai de 2017

Initially it seemed easy and what I already knew... but the week 3 and 4 had alot of new and interesting stuff. It was great eventually... Especially the OS part and some practicals

28 de Jun de 2021

Excelente curso en lo que refiere a las competencias objetivo.Seria bueno una guia mas detallada para las actividades especialmente las ultimas

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por Sanyaade O A

27 de Jul de 2017

Excellent introduction to Embedded Systems development that could serve as platform for further studies and research. A valuable pedagogy.

por Tarun K P

16 de Set de 2018

Excellent resources provided by the instructor and emphasizes in gaining practical knowledge

por Deleted A

19 de Mar de 2019

nice and very understandable

por Sai S

21 de Mar de 2019

very useful to all students

por Г В В

12 de Jan de 2019


por nikhil

24 de Mar de 2019


por Harsha V T

13 de Mar de 2019

This course is very good. Even though this course teaches you basic things it will help you to explore more. You will get to know about many new things.

por G P T

1 de Ago de 2019

It would be better if the lectures were less monotonous

por kim g

18 de Fev de 2019

Great class to get you started in Embedded systems.

por Matteo S

10 de Jan de 2021

The course is useful to achieve a basic knowledge about operating system for embedded devices; however, it is really basic. Moreover, it is hard to find a well define content line: there's often the perception of jumping from a topic to another and then back again.

The real minus of the course is that material (both contents and exercises) is pretty old an not updated.

Finally, I don't appreciated very much the peer-graded approach since, while being useful to have exercises, it slows down the achievement of a certificate when the course has a limited number of enrolled.

por Deleted A

19 de Jan de 2018

The topic is definitely interesting. The course, however, does not go very deep into the topic. The assignments are not well explained and the grading criteria is severely deficient and does not help students or reviewers understand what is expected. The assignments are not well coupled with the presented material. Week 4 Assignment 2, for example, is about Contiki/Cooja analysis tools, but there is no such topic covered in the course.

por 张明哲

29 de Jul de 2019

the last weeks assignment need more detail and instruction, it is not hard , but i belive the guidance is too vague to understand

por esha p

25 de Mar de 2019


por Bharat K

6 de Nov de 2017

In first three weeks the topics covered are not covered in much detail, but it is good enough to get started, and you can learn about that topics from other sources. The reason I am giving such a low rating to this course was, first I expected much more in depth knowledge and wide coverage of topics, and secondly the most important reason is that the week 4 of course sucks, there is no detail, no sources to understand topics, the forums are down right dead and there is no help from the staff (TAs) and faculty, the assignments of week 4 are not clear in terms of what to do and how to do, and it is very difficult to find relevant information on-line. In my opinion you should take this course only when:

1) You already have a clear understanding of C, OS concepts.

2) You are ready to search on-line for the topics taught even when you have no idea where you should start.

3) You have zero expectations from TAs and forums.

por Nicolas S L

30 de Nov de 2020

The videos and the instructor are very nice.

The quizzes have questions with totally unrelated answers, leading to guesswork.

One of the final assignments is very complex and hard to understand what has to be done. Also, the final assignments have missing links in the PDF instructions.

In general, the ideas of the course and the assignments are very interesting, but this course needs to be urgently reviewed.

por Elyasin S

19 de Nov de 2016

I found this course to be dry. No practical examples. Just information presentation, like reading from a book. The lectures do not prepare you very well for the Quizzes and even less for the assignments. This is the only course in Coursera that really got me disappointed. Since there are not many students in this course one might feel a bit "left alone".

por Dvizma S

29 de Jan de 2020

The course is very generic overview of embedded hardware and operating systems. Too many OS' have been covered in a very short time without going into actual details of any of them. Assignments are full of error and have little relation to the lecture material. Assignment 4 is completely out of scope. Would not recommend.

por Kiranlal E U

24 de Fev de 2017

The course is for people having advanced knowledge in embedded architecture and knowledge. Until 3rd week is perfectly alright. But from 4th week the course changes to advanced knowledge. I do not think an intermediate could easily grasp enough knowledge from the 4th week. Kindly do the needful to change it.

por Mikhail B

3 de Mai de 2021

Rather shallow course. Kinda OK as an overview for embedded operating systems, but that's it. Practical part is really badly organized. Materials for peer-graded assignments have errors like not working or missing links, and those errors are not being fixed for years! Assignments are formal and boring.

por Iñigo H

27 de Jul de 2020

Too general content, practical exercises not very useful and almost all outdated so they can't be done as explained. It may be a quite good introduction for the next courses of the program, but then it's a too long introduction.

por Hatem S

16 de Set de 2020

This is course is not clear enough. It shows some ideas about embedded systems and Operating systems used in the field, but it's not suitable to everyone. Yet it gives a nice idea of how things work from other perspective

por Pablo M

25 de Dez de 2016

The course is a shallow introduction to a set of topics about embedded systems, it tries to cover too much without really explaining the concepts. The videos could have some diagram.

por Helena b

14 de Mar de 2020

some things don't make sense, this course isn't maintained, no VMWare for mac in link so wasn't able to do assignment, quizzes are ambiguous and unhelpful to learn from.

por Shiomar S C

13 de Abr de 2020

The class videos are good, but the practice and peer activities look outdated, a lot of issues with installation and with the instructions.

por Seema S

17 de Ago de 2020

There is too much theory in the sessions and videos. Thhe assignment are completely out of the context.