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American Education Reform: History, Policy, Practice, University of Pennsylvania

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Discover what shapes how we talk about schools today by exploring the history of U.S. education reform. Engage with the main actors, key decisions, and major turning points in this history. See how social forces drive reform. Learn about how the critical tensions embedded in U.S. education policy and practice apply to schools nationally, globally— and where you live....

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por JQ

Mar 04, 2016

Interesting review of American Education Reform. Thanks for providing information on a topic on which I felt uninformed prior to reading and hearing this course.

por SD

Nov 14, 2017

This course provided background information that I would have not found anywhere else. More materials please!!

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16 avaliações

por Nathan

Nov 15, 2018

Great introduction to the history of American Education. A real service to the community, well produced, and enjoyable content

por Lorena Velasquez

Oct 30, 2018

Excellent course, I've learned many things not only about history but also changes in American education, I really enjoyed this course and the videos made by the two teachers were perfect the way the mixed many topics to understand the American education in a holistic way.

por Chelsea Swick

May 23, 2018

Excellent introduction to reform in the US educational system.

por Danny Roller

Apr 05, 2018

Lots of really great information and the instructors know their stuff. The lectures seem to be more like instructors reading a book, rather than a real conversation about ed policy and history. I enjoyed the course and the material, but it was hard to watch sometimes.

por Summer Davis

Nov 14, 2017

This course provided background information that I would have not found anywhere else. More materials please!!

por michael morris

Sep 18, 2017

more interesting and complex than i expected. From the little red schoolhouse to the most modern charter school it has been a long and winding role -- and we are still not out of the woods. Im more conscious of the issues as well as the need to get this right for the future of our country. Thank you

por 张宁曦

Aug 30, 2017

Although I was little known about education reform in the US before this class, now I am quite interested in it!

por Tiffany Sylvestre

Jul 31, 2017

Very informative and succinctly gave an overview of education and educational improvements in America.

por Christopher J. Ryan

Jul 30, 2017

The course content was insightful and practical, casting a wide net in the field of education in regard to socioeconomic conditions and challenges presented throughout the decades of American history. The transcription of the lectures was inaccurate at times though there were only a few cases where the misinterpretation critically affected the lens of conversation. The additional resources were essential to developing intimate knowledge of the subjects at hand. My favorite reading was by Bernard Bailyn. I would be interested in taking another course with these lecturers (/UNC Chapel Hill) on education or education reform, or a related subject. Thanks for putting this together!

por Charles K Ruby

Jun 13, 2017

Great course gives a great historical perspective for anyone who teaches.