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This course presents the principles of evolution and ecology for citizens and students interested in studying biology and environmental sciences. It discusses major ideas and results. Recent advances have energised these fields with evidence that has implications beyond their boundaries: ideas, mechanisms, and processes that should form part of the toolkit of all biologists and educated citizens. Major topics covered by the course include fundamental principles of ecology, how organisms interact with each other and their environment, evolutionary processes, population dynamics, communities, energy flow and ecosystems, human influences on ecosystems, and the integration and scaling of ecological processes through systems ecology. This course will also review major ecological concepts, identify the techniques used by ecologists, provide an overview of local and global environmental issues, and examine individual, group and governmental activities important for protecting natural ecosystems. The course has been designed to provide information, to direct the student toward pertinent literature, to identify problems and issues, to utilise research methodology for the study of ecology and evolution, and to consider appropriate solutions and analytical techniques. Needed Learner Background: general biology and a good understanding of English. This course has the following expectations and results: 1) covers the theoretical and practical issues involved in ecology and evolution, 2) conducting surveys and inventories in ecology, 3) analyzing the information gathered, 4) and applying their analysis to ecological and conservation problems....

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Dec 03, 2019

The course is very useful for those who are concerned with the enviromantal studies and conservation of the Earth. It is very simple to understand and is provided with videos and transcriptions.


May 11, 2020

such a nice course, presentation is so good , specially thanks to university "Tomsk State University".

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por Nicole W

Sep 09, 2017

I completed the first 2 weeks of this course before I unenrolled. I did not learn much at all. The lectures are a jumble of advanced theories and vocab words that are very briefly explained (if explained at all), with no real uniting theme behind them. You walk away confused, trying to remember all of the dozens of advanced concepts and issues that were brought up in the last 5 minutes, without a clear sense of WHY these concepts are important or HOW they make sense in the bigger picture. I would only recommend this course to someone who has already had an extensive training in ecology who needs a very quick refresher on vocab words. Anyone who is a beginner, who is trying to develop a more in-depth understanding of ecology, or who wants to learn about the big picture of how the study of ecology relates to the world should find another course.

por Wei-Harng L

Aug 29, 2017

The ascent of the lecturer is not easy to follow for a non-English native like myself. There are some very good contents covered in the MOOC, which is commendable (e.g. Gaia).

por April H

Aug 27, 2017

The lectures that compose the first module of this course are short rambles that mention a great many ecological concepts with no consistent theme. The quiz at the end of the module somehow expects the student to have gleaned a detailed understanding of random disparate concepts only briefly mentioned in the preceding lectures. I passed the quiz, but only because I had some previous understanding of the material; I did not learn anything from the lectures. I decided not to continue with the class after this point. The instructor needs to make an effort to structure the material such that basic concepts are taught first, one concept at a time, and in sufficient detail that the student is able to learn what is expected of them.

por James H

Sep 09, 2019

Great topics covered. Honest portrayal of current environmental challenges and ways to address them, and super interesting and not too difficult course material. Well balanced and thought through course.

por Yana M

Dec 03, 2019

The course is very useful for those who are concerned with the enviromantal studies and conservation of the Earth. It is very simple to understand and is provided with videos and transcriptions.

por Prakash Y

May 11, 2020

such a nice course, presentation is so good , specially thanks to university "Tomsk State University".

por Peter K

Jan 07, 2018

I took this course as a refresher while prepping for graduate level study in wildlife biology. I don't know how someone with no previous ecology course work could pass this class. The instructor talks way to fast & covers topics that most professors would spend several hour long lectures in minutes. I am also uncomfortable with the Gaia hypothesis which I brings up repeatedly in later lectures. While the hypothesis is not without merit the scientific community is still generally skeptical & he makes no real effort to discuss criticisms.

On the Quizzes, when in doubt just pick the most long winded option as it is generally the correct one.

Also its not a five week class. The fifth week is a lie.

por Ilaria C

Dec 23, 2017

The course intention is really good. Unfortunately, it is a compilation of definitions not very well linked to each other. It is hard to see where the teacher is taking us. Furthermore, many sentences don't make sense (grammatically) and it even by reading the transcript, it is hard to understand what it is meant.

There are many interesting concepts but they should developed more. I got the feeling I was rushing through concepts and not really learning anything, even though it is my field of expertise and I was taking notes of everything.

por Robin M

Nov 20, 2017

Enjoyed this course very much. While it was a little hard to understand the teacher, I put on the caption/subtitles and was able to follow along with relative ease. Throughout the course I was very impressed by the thoroughness of the content and the level and types of research currently being done in ecology.

por Gopireddyvyshnavi

May 19, 2020

It is very useful to understand about the biodiversity and it is fabulous

por Royson R I

Apr 05, 2020

Thanks for offering this course it is just 💯% fabulous.

por Назаров Ш

Nov 22, 2017

хороший курс,понравилось все!

por JOHN Q

Sep 20, 2017

fun and interesting course.

por Debapriya H

Aug 20, 2019

ossam course for beginners

por Ступин Р А

Dec 07, 2017

Спасибо,он мне очень помог

por Ivan V

Jan 18, 2019

Wonderful Class

por fernando g u

Dec 30, 2017


por Rohan K

Sep 08, 2019

Amzing course.

por Naomi R

Aug 29, 2019

Great course!

por Liza v G

Dec 13, 2018

Thanks to Roberto. I like to organise a Bio Blitz in Springtime nearby Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

por Sourav C

Aug 01, 2017

Avery good course for future ecologists , very useful presentations and video slides.

por Joy S

Sep 11, 2017

Good stuff that I learned in basic life science.

por Damian W

Dec 05, 2019

Packed with great content

por Natalia A

Jun 20, 2018

As a beginner to ecology, I feel that each lecture is very short for a topic covered, it would be great to have lectures longer so subject can be better explained.