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This course is for teachers to learn why some children have so much difficulty with reading and writing, often called 'dyslexia', and to learn more about best practice in teaching literacy to all in light of recent scientific discoveries. Participation in or completion of this online course will not confer academic credit for University of London programmes...

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26 de Abr de 2020

This course gave me some further insights into how children with difficulties in reading and writing think and the processes they go through, along with some further methods to help them achieve.

19 de Mai de 2019

A very comprehensive course that explained the fundamentals of dyslexia, learning, reading, and writing in youth. It built on itself week by week. Work load was fairly light and easy to review.

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por Mery I P F

10 de Set de 2020

Es un curso muy interesante, donde se aprende desde cero la estructura del lenguaje, para conocer realmente en que partes del desarrollo de la escritura y el habla del niño es que puede estarse viendo afectado el proceso. Se brindan herramientas y ejemplos en los vídeos de como identificar estos problemas o atascamientos en los niños. Así como herramientas de ayuda para la comprensión y enseñanza del lenguaje, que pueden ser aplicadas en otras áreas (por ejemplo las tarjetas de memoria). Buenas recomendaciones y comparaciones de como dar manejo a niños con o sin problemas asociados a dislexia. Muchas gracias por todo el conocimiento compartido :D

por Salvatore B

25 de Out de 2020

I was pleasantly surprised by this course! I didn't think it was going to be as in-depth and useful as it ultimately was. It is loaded with important information for teachers and tutors, as well as for parents of children with dyslexia. In the past, I have taken university level courses in order to gain teaching qualifications in Special Education, and they weren't nearly as in depth in the area of Reading and Writing difficulties as this course was. I also enjoyed using some of the practical tools they provided (albeit I wanted more of them). I am grateful for having taken this course and will continue to refer to my notes in my daily practice.

por Iona F

24 de Jan de 2017

I am a tutor working with special children, I find it easy when i adapt with the child in his way always reminding him that he is capable of doing things, not fast and rashly, but slow and smartly. i keep boosting them to read aloud sound the words and put them down I have found it easier to cope with their studies by translating in the medium they know best , repetitive reading,, selecting key words and putting them down in writing. I have learnt a lot from this course and yes the professors were awesome in their lectures. it has bettered my way of approach to assessing them.

por Sylvia H

27 de Ago de 2020

This course has given me everything I need to get a basic understanding of dyslexia, and the direction to follow when I support children struggling with reading. I like the combination of theory (the first week explaining the neurological process of learning a language), the techniques in assessing (not diagnosing) dyslexic risk factors and using technological aid, as well as the practical application in classrooms (observation of lessons). I'd highly recommend this course to any teachers who really have a passion to help those who appear to be falling behind in a classroom.

por Karen R

25 de Mai de 2019

This course was comprehensive, concise and informative. Each week's material helped to develop my understanding of what my current students are dealing with! Although I struggled at the start, Jenny and Vincent are great instructors and present their knowledge well. I also appreciated the support I got from the course mentors and all of the other course participants. Thank you so much for providing this course online - I feel confident in the skills I have learned, and now have the tools and technology to better equip my students as they move through their academic career.

por Param

9 de Out de 2020

I am very happy that I came across sucha a course. It has helped me sharpen my skills as a school counsellor, especially while dealing with children who have reading and writing difficulties. Dr Jenny Thompson and Dr, Vincent Goetry have given a good insight into the world of children sho have reading and writing difficulties. I would like to take this opportuity to thank both Dr JennyThompson ans Dr Vincent Goetry. I also want to thank Coursera for providing a platform where people from across the globe come togther and add skills to their already existing skill sets.

por Erica M V

20 de Jan de 2016

Excellent course for beginners and specialists alike. I have worked with students with learning difficulties for over 8 years and still found the information presented in this course to be up to date, practical and very informative. The tutors, Vincent and Jenny, are extremely prepared and knowledgeable. They make the information easily accessible and relevant for those who work with students with difficulties. The course staff is quick to respond to any queries. I highly recommend the course for anyone interested in specialist work or supporting students.

por Sophia I S

22 de Fev de 2020

The course was very informative and enlightening, providing a comprehensive initial understanding of what dyslexia is, how it can be informally assessed and which ways a teacher can help their student(s). Completing this course has given me confidence that, as an EFL teacher, I am better informed as to how to detect and assist my students more effectively with any difficulties they may have in reading and writing. I highly recommend this course to any and all fellow teachers, no matter their domain.

por Mhairi W

7 de Jul de 2019

This course was incredibly interesting. I LOVE that it explain how we learn to read and built my understanding on a great foundation of how and why before jumping forward to how we support learners. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and I would recommend it to anyone. As an FSL teacher, I will be able to build a solid program for my students and apply a lot of what I learned in this course, because of my understanding of how language is acquired and learned. Thank you!!!

por Margarete D P

14 de Mai de 2019

I loved this course! I feel completely capable of helping children and even adults with severe reading (and writing) difficulties! There is plenty of material, pleasant video lectures, respectful staff... and I had help through foruns, where I could exchange experiences with colleagues. And it´s important to say that tests are not so easy as someone would think of an online course! Congratulations to the professors and to the platform!

por Parsa H

11 de Dez de 2016

I definitely loved this course. It is the most informative course I have ever attended. Great ideas, hard work, difficult assignments;) .. everything was taken so serious and to be honest I sometimes felt bein nervous of not being able to pass it so easily.

I love the way both lecturers provide the informative lectures. It has greatly influenced my daily practice whhile working with children at risk of Dyslexia.

Wish you the bests.

por shweta B

21 de Jun de 2020

As I come to an end of the course there are strategies, terms, definitions and meanings I learnt that were very useful and thought provoking . informative references and materials that was supported throughout the course . A well balanced course with ample of information for reading and writing difficulties and related to dyslexia. Even as an educator working in the field I found so much of new information . Recommended highly !

por Joanne P

28 de Nov de 2020

This course has really opened my appetite as it pertains to children with dyslexia. there is so much that the population needs to know to be able to assist these individuals. I do not think our education system is ready for such a task. We are trying but we are still failing. There should be a lot of teacher training in this area so that the schools could be more equipped to encourage and work with children with dyslexic.

por Sarah-Jane S

25 de Mai de 2020

Aspects of teaching students with reading and writing difficulties that I knew 'instinctively' were made explicit in this course. It brought my previous knowledge together with concrete research. I am genuinely very excited to return to the classroom and develop my teaching practice and investigate some of my student's difficulties, hopefully making their educational experience more positive and successful for them. Thank you.

por aspasia a

3 de Mar de 2021

Excellent course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I really loved it,enjoyed it deeple, i didnt want it to finish,so helpful, sonice the teachers and understandable,this course is like is made with such love,honestly , i congratulate for this course, the people that took part in all the making and organization and teachging and everything!!!!

i recommed it, its is really helpfu;,really detailed with a very organized way and presentantion!!!!

por Gail B

22 de Jan de 2017

This was one of my first online courses. I admit that I was little nervous at first when faced with Peer Reviews, Uploading documents, and facing deadlines, but I found it all to be quite beginner friendly! I was also happy to realize that many of the suggested methods of teaching were already being used by teachers in the school where I work. Second Semester begins on Tuesday, I am ready to 'hit the ground running'!

por Christopher I F

29 de Dez de 2018

I want to first off say this course was very eye opening to me especially since it's now becoming more prominent in younger children. Learning what I have from this course, I will move forward and use the tools that I have acquired to better educate, accommodate, and use the knowledge to help other colleagues.

Thank you to the University of London and the staff for providing this course for us educators.

por Babita B

10 de Nov de 2017

It was a wonderful experience to learn this course in a well systematic way.I am thankful to all who have taken efforts to make this course efficient enough to the learner.Last but not least to the peer groups , without them the active forum would have not been effective .

I would once again like to thanks the course providers and team for their well planned and structured content.Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

por Emma E

16 de Mai de 2020

I really enjoyed this course and felt like I learnt a lot. It made the aspects concerning dyslexia and other learning difficulties clearer for me. It also provided me with good ideas on how to support these children in the classroom. The course was user friendly, well laid out and easy to follow. All the videos were highly beneficial. Thank you to the organisers for all your efforts.

por muskan

12 de Fev de 2017

This course was very helpful to me as a teacher. I can identify a child with dyslexia and help him\her in reading and writing. I am also very grateful to Vincent and Jenny (our facilitators) for motivating the participants for their active involvement. I want to know the way to get the certificate for the course done. Your help on the above will be highly appreciated.



por Sahiba S

18 de Abr de 2020

very helpful and informative course. Thank you to the whole team for preparing such good material and sharing their experience and knowledge. every little bit helps to help a child who needs it.

I just had some trouble with the quiz, my cursor would move and change the answer i gave. though i managed to understand that and correct my mistakes.

thanks again.


Sahiba Sikand

por Marta S

3 de Dez de 2019

I have learned a lot through all the lectures, videos and books suggested. Thankful to Coursera and to UCL for facilitating this much needed course for teachers and parents out there trying to improve the way they help children and adults with dyslexia. Special thanks to Dr. Goetry and Thomson for their dedication and all the mentors for being there to clarify our doubts.

por Jannelle F

1 de Jun de 2020

Thank you. This course was very thorough and it gave me further insight into how children with reading and writing difficulties brain processes information to make the connections. Plus it gives great information of what an educator can do to provide strategies and methods to help the student achieve to the best of their ability. Very good lecture videos and research.

por Alan W H

19 de Dez de 2015

This is an excellent course for teachers who want to better understand and support children with reading difficulties. The content of the course encompasses all of the main aspects of concern and the references to the research provides a springboard to further study in this area. Many thanks to Jenny and Vincent for making this course informative and interesting.

por Rocío A M Y

20 de Dez de 2020

It is a course in which onw can get the idea about dyslexia, cause, characteristics, ways of assessment, advices, and practice which I think it is something really important and I value that very much. Eventhough, English is not my native language the information is well presented and explained. I will adapt it to Spanish for my future students. Excellent job!