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If I Googled you, what would I find? As we move around the online world we leave tracks and traces of our activity all the time: social media accounts, tagged images, professional presences, scraps of text, but also many artefacts we don't always realise we are leaving behind, or that others leave about us. In this course you will hear from a range of experts and you will have an opportunity to explore and reflect on your own online tracks and traces, to understand why your digital footprint is important. We will introduce you to some of the tools and approaches to effectively manage your online presence (or digital footprint). The course will focus on the different dimensions of a digital footprint, including developing an effective online presence, managing your privacy, creating opportunities for networking, balancing and managing professional and personal presences (eprofessionalism). By the end of this course (MOOC) you should be equipped to ensure that your digital footprint works for you, whether you want to be more private online, or are looking to create a more effective and impactful presence. You can also join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #DFMOOC and follow us @DFMOOC We hope you enjoy the course!...

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13 de ago de 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, my objectives were met and the course creators put a lot of thought into ensuring that various options were available to suit different learning styles. Thank you


10 de out de 2020

Very informative and useful course to know more about what digital footprint means, what are the pros and cons to look out for, and the ways it can benefit one's career if used properly.

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por fabio g

21 de jul de 2020

it is an informative course, if you already are a social platform user, probably all the topics shared are common sense. however there is no harm in refreshing what behavior should we follow online, and how to safeguard our privacy as this may have high impact on our professional life.

por Melachroini V

26 de nov de 2019

As a middle-aged FLT and former bank executive, I belong to the generation that feels suspicious about social networks. The course was to the point, including a sufficient amount of information, many experts' opinions and not at all axiomatic or dogmatic. It made me feel more relaxed and confident and less afraid to be exposed when contemplating to join a 'platform'. It demonstrated that social networks can be used in a beneficial way and can be a disciplined and regulated environment.

por Deleted A

4 de jun de 2020

This course helps me to have a full-real understanding about my online presence and gave me so many useful tips in maximizing my online profile. Thank you very much.

por Nandivada P E

18 de jun de 2020

super coures

por Aedrian A

21 de jan de 2021

This short course is for those who are not even casually aware of their digital footprint (and its possible implications for their current and future lives). I have learned to be more conscientious in moving around the internet sphere after taking this course, making good note of the online accounts I may have created (often unwittingly) in the past, and in "filtering" apps that demand personal information but are dispensable for my needs.

por Sandeep B L

5 de out de 2020

Phenomenal is the word..!! loved all the interviews and it was really an eye-opener for a person like me who is posting contents online and well as following many other related to work or hobby. I have decided to be extra cautious when I'm online. Thanks a ton to the Instructors and content creators. I have in fact started following many instructors on twitter who were interviewed in this course. Thank you

por Scott K

23 de mai de 2019

Thoughtful, and thought-provoking course on what it means to have a presence online and to be active on social media, in personal and professional capacities. I've been using social media for years, and this helped me to think more about how the landscape has changed, how my needs and wants for social media have changed, and how I can be more proactive in making sure it works for me.

por Carmen

18 de nov de 2020

It is a short yet helpful course designed with insights on the importance of online persona management and how taking responsibility of one self's digital footprints can make a big difference in making our online presence meaningful, worthwhile and secured. This goes beyond what books can teach us about the reality of the digital world. Thank you for this wonderful course!

por Pierre S

19 de mai de 2017

This course is excellent, it doesn't require too much time which was perfect for me when I took it. And it is very interesting, includes a lot of additional content to go deeper into the subject. There are several speakers who come with different ideas, tips, points of view which make the course engaging and clear. I recommend !

por Jenny A F

18 de jan de 2021

I've learned a lot from these course, making my online presence that synchronized with your career. Think before you post, share and comment bear in mind that we leave a digital footprint that has to be professional and modest in such a way that it attract positive implications for our friends, groups and future employer

por Yali X M M

2 de nov de 2020

I am a novice lawyer. So, I found this course very helpful because I learned the tools for Digital Footprint. Now I understand better some concept of online navigation and the track that we leave. For this reason, I highly recommend the course for those who want to study the basic of digital footprint.

por Harsh a

25 de jun de 2020

This course made me learn few things which were barrier to me when I open my social media pages. All of my queries are solved here. The environment is dynamic, we need to focus on it, this course is highly preferable. Thanks to The University of Edinburgh for making the course at an online platform.

por Laurence R

25 de nov de 2020

This Course really helps a lot in making us aware of our Social presence and the footprints we leave behind. Taking a time to think of how an attitude we have before could change when the things we have done from the past haunt us in the future. Think before we post. Think before we share.

por Muhammad A

4 de fev de 2022

I think this is imporant for everyone to undesatnd the importance of their digital footprint. This course makes your mindful about how to manage your digital presence at large. This importance and signifance of this and such courses will grow and will be felt in times to come.

por Melissa E

19 de mai de 2021

Although I have several online profiles and have experience serving as an IT Officer/Webmaster for several of my college organizations, this course has refreshed my look at my digital footprint allowing me to review them with a fresh and stronger lens.

por Sarah M H

6 de nov de 2020

This course is short but it offers a lot of helpful tips on how an individual can make his or her online presence professional. Also, it helps in maintaining your social media accounts private so that you leave small to none of your digital footprints.

por Naved A

18 de jul de 2020

Very much interesting and not only professionals but every individual online should know about the pros and cons of posting things online and your digital footprints that are left behind when you go online or use social media.


14 de ago de 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed this course, my objectives were met and the course creators put a lot of thought into ensuring that various options were available to suit different learning styles. Thank you

por أسامة ه - O

16 de jul de 2020

This course was very very useful.

I became very familiar with the digital fingerprint, and I became aware of the digital fingerprint and how to arrange and manage my presence online.

thank you

por Chuah H

11 de out de 2020

Very informative and useful course to know more about what digital footprint means, what are the pros and cons to look out for, and the ways it can benefit one's career if used properly.


29 de jun de 2020

Very informative and easy to follow! I like how they've gathered diff opinions and i feel that gives us a wholesome view towards the whole topic and makes classes more fun in that sense.

por BTW

17 de mar de 2022

Excellent course in which I really learned a great deal about building and protecting my digital footprint. The professors are genuine, honest and a delight to listen to. Well done!

por Shah A R

16 de set de 2020

A must have course for those who wants to know about their digital presence in internet and how does it affect.Surely you will learn something new that will make you think twice!


3 de mai de 2020

The course is well designed with a plethora of insights by top academicians sharing insights on Digital strategy and impact of E-professionalism in today's world.

por Leonora V

6 de nov de 2020

Very informative course, gives better understanding of the digital world, good tips to consider dealing with social media.I would recommend it to everyone .