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This is a six-week course providing a historical overview of the American Deaf community and its evolving culture. Theoretical frameworks from sociology are explored. Deafness as a culture and not a disability is explained as participants are guided into the world of Deaf culture....

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9 de Out de 2017

I've gotten an Associate's in Sign Language and learned a lot about American Deaf Culture and this was a wonderful refresher for me! I did NOT want this class to end!!\n\nPlease offer more like this!

15 de Jun de 2017

I am also a CODA, and I am so happy that a course on Deaf Culture is on CourseRA. Very proud of the collaborative efforts of exposing hearing people to the deaf community. ILY!

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por Tatiana A

18 de Dez de 2017

As a deaf (hoh) individual, seeing a proudly Deaf person as an educator about our culture and struggles was absolutely fantastic and wonderful. It's been great for my self-esteem. Hovewer, I find that this course is very introductory, I would like to also have some lectures going a little bit more in depth into certain topics. Also I found that the struggles we still face are not being discussed enough. As a deaf person, I know what my life is like, but I imagine many hearing people will be left with an impression that all our barriers are long overcome and that audism is not a thing anymore. I definitely would like you to touch on that as well.

por Grace F T

17 de Abr de 2020

It was very informative and a great intro course. It could have helped to have more material (each "lesson" is a minute or so long) and make the reading and videos part of the quiz. I recommend doing the homeworks as you get the most out of them and I really like the professor. His interpreter didn't seem to carry the same energy and translations the way I'd hoped, but I still really enjoyed the class and would love to take more like it.

por Liliana B C

24 de Jul de 2017

Es un excelente curso que habla de manera general de la cultura sorda, de las leyes, las vivencias, el esfuerzo que les ha representado ser reconocidos como individuos valiosos, me encantó poder adentrarme y saber más de este mundo tan rico y acogedor. Me gustaría que hubieran ahondado más en algunos temas, como la educación y que hubiera más profesores para conocer más experiencias.

por Angelica V P C

22 de Jun de 2020

Me permitió comprender la cultura y la interacción dentro de ella, adicional conocer las herramientas con las cuales se cuentan al día de hoy .

Gracias por esta formación, para mi es de gran importancia.

"El que no conoce la historia, esta obligado a repetirla."


30 de Set de 2020


por Mary P G

1 de Ago de 2020

I personally was born prematurely and suffered severe hearing loss from birth. Growing up in a hearing culture with very little support was extremely difficult. I did have speech therapy and wore hearing aids all my life until in my late 50s got two cochlear implants which has helped me tremendously but I truly think my life would have been much more enriched had I gone to a school or two that geared to deaf students, and society belief in me and in my successes...while my parents tried their darkest , it can only go so far In the world and society we live in. Thank you for this course. I wish sign language was a language taught at elementary schools as a required course and carried on through high school.

por Frederick P

30 de Out de 2020

I took up this course because I am interested in the situation of the Deaf community in the US which is actually the basis and roots of Filipino Sign Language. Although there are cultural differences, I had a glimpse of the similarities of both Deaf communities and at the same time, an idea of why changes happened when sign language was adapted in my country. The course was handled briefly and as comprehensively as possible as an introductory course. It's great to have someone from the community itself talk about it. It's more relevant, meaningful, and impactful. Thank you!

por Winona R

2 de Jun de 2020

It was indeed a great course. It was very informative. Helped me understand the deaf and the deaf culture in America. I liked the way the professor taught the basic terms first and then went on talking about the whole culture which made it easy to understand and follow. The professor's personal experiences also helped a lot in understanding as well as kept the course interesting. I would love to do more courses like this. Thanks to Professor Terrell Brittain and the University Of Houston for organizing a course like this.

por Sarah O

8 de Abr de 2020

I've always been interested in deaf studies and sign language, and this was my very first course in this subject area. It was a very informative course, and being a non-American, it was all the more interesting! I would love to have the opportunity to learn sign language itself one day (would likely be NZSL as I live in New Zealand). The course was so enjoyable that I completed it in one day! Hope there are more MOOC courses in deaf studies and/or sign language.

por Gloria

28 de Mai de 2021

I found this course most educational; it is a must for parents, educators, and the general population. There is much to influence, and this course will help understand and bring awareness to society. It should be mandated for medical institutions to provide this information before making their professional recommendation for cochlear implants and oral ONLY speech AVT. I will spread the word about the course and what I've learned from this material.

por Aymara H

9 de Ago de 2020

I am writing to tell to the professor Terrell Brittain that I thank you for giving me the American Deaf Culture course. I am interested. I am very glad for learning a lot about your culture. I am also deaf from Venezuela. It is a very different culture but I live in Toronto Canada.

I also thank Coursera for giving me a good course. Successes!!I want another course, but without an American Sign Language interpreter.

Thank you

por Leeza R

23 de Mai de 2020

Hello, my name is Leeza Roper and I am a CODA (Child of Deaf Adults) I enjoyed this class because it taught me so much more about a culture I am invested to, Deaf culture. I was able to learn the specifics and the spectrum of Deafness. Thank you to Dr. Brittain for this class and providing his own experiences as a way to reflect and think about the individual experiences in one, expansive culture.

por Kellyann A A

21 de Mai de 2018

I thoroughly enjoyed this class. I am hard of hearing and I knew some of what I learned but Professor Britten taught me a great deal more about deaf culture as well. I really enjoyed this course and all of the information provided. Professor Britten was wonderful as a teacher and very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend this course to many other people.

por Holly B

1 de Dez de 2020

What an incredible opportunity! If you're a hearing person who keeps telling themself, "I wish I could understand deaf people and deaf culture better," this is a great place to start. Also, the fact that every video is captioned is so exciting to me. I can't wait until Coursera makes more accessible courses like this one available.

por Miriam J B

13 de Mai de 2021

A good quick overview of the topic. It perhaps skips over the degree of controversy around some topics, e.g. cochlear implants, but then to give both sides of such disagreements a fair hearing would take considerable time, which the course didn't have. I would be interested in more detailed courses from this professor.

por Florangel R A

20 de Fev de 2019

It was an excellent course. I had the opportunity to understand more the deaf culture. Among everything I enjoyed the videos and papers for reading. The professor had a very good approach and his own personal experiences were the perfect way to see the course in a practical way.

por Christopher T

21 de Mar de 2021

Broken up into small lessons and quick videos, this course is a breeze! I found it to be very insightful, though some of the course material is a little outdated, a few of the readings have now been archived and/or haven't been updated in the last 10 to 15 years.

por Aashna W

25 de Abr de 2021

I was very keen on learning about the deaf culture and after having studied this course, I most definitely learned a lot of information and it has inspired me to learn more about it! I will never stop learning about the deaf culture!

por Jacqueline C

14 de Ago de 2020

The course was easy to move through. I learned a lot just by watching Terrell sign the lesson. I am hearing and any interaction with a native signer is quite valuable. The articles were also helpful. The interpreter was good.

por Karla N B J

27 de Abr de 2019

Thanks to this course I'm able to conect with deaf people and understand more about their life's style. It was amazing taking this course because of the teacher and the interpreter. Easy to understand and very complete.

por Aimee G

9 de Dez de 2017

This course was very interesting and I love how it was done completely in ASL with an interpreter for hearing people. Thank you for teaching me more about deaf culture in the U.S. I am inspired to learn how to sign!

por Christina P

10 de Out de 2017

I've gotten an Associate's in Sign Language and learned a lot about American Deaf Culture and this was a wonderful refresher for me! I did NOT want this class to end!!

Please offer more like this!

por Julieana M

15 de Jun de 2017

I am also a CODA, and I am so happy that a course on Deaf Culture is on CourseRA. Very proud of the collaborative efforts of exposing hearing people to the deaf community. ILY!

por Caitlin R

8 de Mai de 2020

This course was awesome! I am hoping to go to school for ASL-English interpretation and this course only made my desire to start this profession even higher. Thank you!

por Carole C

10 de Mar de 2018

I am hearing and have just started a new job in a deaf related structure and I feel this course has been an awesome entry point in understanding the deaf culture.