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In today’s ever-growing and changing world, being able to think creatively and innovatively are essential skills. It can sometimes be challenging to step back and reflect in an environment which is fast paced or when you are required to assimilate large amounts of information. Making sense of or communicating new ideas in an innovative and engaging way, approaching problems from fresh angles, and producing novel solutions are all traits which are highly sought after by employers. This course will equip you with a ‘tool-box’, introducing you to a selection of behaviours and techniques that will augment your innate creativity. Some of the tools are suited to use on your own and others work well for a group, enabling you to leverage the power of several minds. You can pick and choose which of these tools or techniques suit your needs and interests, focusing on some or all of the selected approaches and in the order that fits best for you. The practical approach of this course enables you to acquire an essential skill-set for generating ideas, with plenty of: - Fun e-tivities and exercises; - Practical lectures and tips; - Video representations of the techniques in action. By the end of this course you should be able to: - Pick a type of brainstorming you think will be useful to apply to a challenge - Use alphabet brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use grid brainstorming in tackling a challenge - Use a morphological chart to synthesise a solution to a challenge - Use the TRIZ contradiction matrix to identify recommended inventive principles - Apply SCAMPER to a range of challenges The greatest innovators aren’t necessarily the people who have the most original idea. Often, they are people- or teams- that have harnessed their creativity to develop a new perspective or more effective way of communicating an idea. You can train your imagination to seize opportunities, break away from routine and habit, and tap into your natural creativity. Join this course and a community of practitioners in CREATIVITY!...

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22 de jul de 2020

Amazing to find out that I have been using the Six thinking Hats tool all my adult life and I wasn't even aware of its existence! As an Event Manager, I would definitely be applying many of the tools.


29 de mai de 2020

I enjoyed this course right from the start. The videos are relatable and exciting as so were the reading exercises to get a better knowledge of how to think and easy, fast steps to get to those ideas.

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por Raghav B

10 de jul de 2020

I didn't personally like the course, it provides different ways to organise thoughts,but the examples were uninspiring.

por OM P S

30 de jul de 2020

its was very long more than it should be

por Mohit K P

9 de jul de 2020

Material not challenging enough

por Riona S R

17 de out de 2020

Where is my certificate?

por Mukesh s

20 de fev de 2021

Nice one

por Kirubbanandhan J B

20 de mai de 2021

I didn't find it useful. Also, please increase the volume for the videos and add subtitles. Its really frustrating when I listen (more like unable to listen) to the videos in a noisy environment, which is how it is in my current place of living!

por Delia G

28 de jun de 2021

This course have too many excercises by checking other students essays. It takes too much time and we depend on other people time. I don't like the course i will unroll.

por Vinsuka K

27 de jun de 2021

i have completed all the assignments, yet no certificate.

por Rama T

1 de jul de 2021

 highly recommend this course to anybody who is interested in opening up different avenues of thinking. The design tools unpacked by Peter Childs are stellar and the course is packaged very appealingly with a mix of interesting short videos, peer reviews and reading material - all imminently digestible even at the end of a heavy work day. Here are the tools I really loved! 1 Morphological Analysis - Ideal for solving a product flaw to tackling writer's block. 2 TRIZ - A Russian acronym for the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving" that is incredible in its readymade parameters and principles you can use to arrive at approaches for pretty much ANYTHING! 3 SCAMPER - Interesting for opening up divergent thinking 4 Circle Brainstorming- Given the current WFH scenario, this will have to wait but I would hedge my bets on this versus regular brainstorming any day of the year.

por sabitri k

10 de abr de 2022

This course is helpfulfor those who struggles a lot to solve problems they faced and was helpful to enhance our critical thinking. All the activities included here gives us the new knowledge to tackle various challenges we come across in life. I really liked this course as we get to know about various tools and techniques to handle situations. moreover, it also helped us to develop a new ideas to solve problems that arises in life. Thank you team for developing such a wonderful course which really helped individual to update their knoeledge in creative thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success.

por CHIU K W W

4 de ago de 2022

Overall I really like this class because all lectures, assignments, and tests are straightforward. A couple of things I dislike about the class are that there should be more opportunities for extra credit and it would be awesome if the final was an objective essay about what we have learned in this class or what we like about the class. I believe that I have more knowledge about creative thinking, frankly speaking, I can use them in real life.

por Joseph S

7 de ago de 2022

what a time to be alive , I really enjoyed the course and the skills gained are really implementable . This will definately improve my problem solving abilities and creativity in general.

I mostly enjoyed the Morphologocal Analysis and TRIZ (contradiction matrix, parameters and principles , I will always find a solution to any problem from now on.

Thank you Coursera together with Imperial college , salute you.

por Sridhar P

24 de nov de 2021

Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success is really a very good course. The tools learnt in this course are definitely creative than what i know earlier and easy to use in my personal and official life for various situations. I suggest every one to register for this course and improve your creative thinking.

por Aarav C F

8 de jul de 2022

I completed a very engaging course on Coursera named Creative Thinking: Techniques and Tools for Success. The techniques and concepts are very clearly articulated by Professor Peter Childs from Imperial College London. I learnt various new techniques for creativity and generation.  Highly recommended.

por Mario A C M

19 de mai de 2022

Curso muy interesante, me hubiera gustado tener un poco más de tiempo personal para tomarlo con calma pero creo que he aprendido varios conceptos que nunca habia escuchado.

Lo volveria a revisar para poder entender mejor algunas cosas que no me quedaron tan claras por la rapidez de mi curso.

por Beril Ö Ç

24 de jan de 2022

This course is very beneficial for me to understand the essences of creative thinking with given techniques and tools' examples. Actually, I think it should be a must course for many departments to teach how to create a productive mindset and exploring the ways to develop 'thinking' itself.

por Daleen T

2 de jan de 2022

The thing I love about this course is that it provides students with many assignments to work on so that they know how to solve problems, create breakthrough ideas and apply them in practice. What's more, having peers cross-check the assignments improves the way of thinking.

por Sally W

15 de mai de 2022

This course gave me theoretical, as well as practical knowledge on applying thinking skills and creative tools for success The assignments forced me to use the skills so that I could understand them and internalise them. Thank you Peter.

por Ravi G

21 de jan de 2022

I felt inside classroom, connected and engaged. Course is so informative and compelling that I could not stop myself from completing it. An excellent course for professionals who would like to be different from the rest.

por augusto q

12 de jul de 2022

Nada que decir, llevo más de 20 años en el mundo de la creatividad y siempre tuve la necesidad de mejorar y complementar mis conocimientos y talentos en este tema y este curso hizo exactamente eso. Muchas gracias!!!!!

por Anna N B

17 de jan de 2022

I have really enjoyed this course it was a great journey! I have to admit it was my first online course and I am glad I could start with this one. I am looking forward to develop my skills in this field.

por Ruth M

30 de mai de 2022

One of the best courses I have ever had. I learned a lot of concepts and ideas to put into practice from now on. I want to thank professor Peter and Coursera for giving us these useful opportunities.


5 de set de 2021

All thanks to Sir Peter Childs And on the day of Teacher's Day I would like to wish him Happy

teachers Day and just keep inspiring students like us to achieve their goals in future

por Abi M

24 de dez de 2021

Excellent tutor with clear explanations throughout the course. Assignments helped to apply my knowledge and give me confidence to use the things I'd learnt in everyday life.