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Corporate Finance Essentials will enable you to understand key financial issues related to companies, investors, and the interaction between them in the capital markets. By the end of this course you should be able to understand most of what you read in the financial press and use the essential financial vocabulary of companies and finance professionals....

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12 de jul de 2019

Being a non-finance background, this course has cleared so many basics and fundamental. Videos are very useful, instructor has tried to make all the concept very simple and easy to understood. Thanks.


25 de set de 2020

I like the structure and the tests and ease of learning and note taking. supporting documents also were very helpful. the instructor was very well explaining the materials and examples. Thank you.

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por Salvator O

15 de out de 2020

Super Excellent Course. This is the fourth online course on corporate finance essentials I am starting, and in all but this, I have not managed to cross the first week. Prof. Javier has a fun and easy way of presenting the concepts of corporate finance, that makes it intuitive and practical. Thanks for taking the time to provide this wonderful opportunity for everyone to learn.

por Ivan V

15 de nov de 2017

That was an amazing course, covering the essentials of Corporate Finance. It was easy to digest the material and to comprehend the basic models and techniques that are needed to evaluate projects.

About Prof. Estrada I would like to say that he is brilliant! The way he presented the information in a very understandable way was amazing.

I recommend this course hotly.

por jg i

8 de nov de 2018

Easy to understand and concrete course about the fundamentals of Corporate Finance. For the first time I was able to understand several concepts that I read once but never fully understood like CAPM, NPV, IRR and WACC. The videos help you understand the intuition behind every concept and the readings (specially the first three) make the concepts much more clear.

por Ramal V A

23 de abr de 2020

This course has really tremendous advantages for whom wants to enhance knowledges in Finance sector. I have taken a lot of cources in the field of Corporate Finance. As a result of my experience, this is the best one. Thanks for all the processes ( course materials, quiz and else). Special thanks to Professor Javier Estrada and IESE Business School.

por Danny C

23 de mai de 2020

Excellent course! The lecturer was able to explain concepts clearly and in an interesting manner. I found the topic on EVA to be extremely helpful, as I've come across the use of EVA frequently but couldn't really grasp the concept behind it. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who wants to have an understanding of Corporate Finance.

por Luis G

20 de fev de 2016

This course is a great source of information for those who are being inserted into the Corporate Finance Marketing. Prof. Javier Estrada has the brilliant method to explain all tough issues that compoud Corporate Finance.

I truly reccomend you to check this course out and collect the maximum information you can. It all will worth it!

por Eduardo G C

20 de mai de 2020

El profesor es muy claro, me sirvio mucho como abogado y emprendedor, para profundizar mis conocimientos financieros y aplicarlos en el futuro a mis negocios. A diferencia de los cursos presenciales, he podido manejar los tiempos lo cual me permitio incorporar los conocimientos de mejor manera, deteniendome cuando lo necesitaba.

por Diego A

14 de jul de 2020

Excellent, very intuitive and easy to understand. Professor Javier Estrada explains very well, and the technical notes were very helpful to complement the videos.

Excelente. Intuitivo, fácil de entender. El profesor Javier Estrada explica muy bien y las lecturas técnicas después de los videos ayuda mucho para reforzar los videos.

por Zacharias L

30 de set de 2016

A very intuitive course! All the necessary information I needed to know about corporate finance was given to me, easily and successfully! I have completed my gaps in the knowledge of the WACC and the EVA which was a rather complicated factor. I look forward to enroll in more courses with professor Estrada! Thank you very much!

por João V F

27 de jan de 2019

The professor has an incredible didactic and makes you think about finance as it is. Without formulas, you learn how to understand what is behind the finance world. I did the MIT opened online course and this is by far a better one. The complementary material is also very good. Congratulations Javier, Iese and coursera team!

por Razdeep H

28 de out de 2018

I loved the way Prof Javier Estrada enthusiastically takes the viewer through all the concepts. I found the minimal use of mathematical formulations and the heavier emphasis on understanding the underlying logic very appealing. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to begin learning about Corporate Finance!

por Grant L

10 de ago de 2018

This is a great and interactive course to take if you are looking to understand the basic principals of corporate finance and gain the ability to carry an educated conversation with respect to finance and economics. You will learn the frequently used terms and be able to articulate the differences between certain things

por Felix A D

12 de mai de 2020

Curso muy completo, da una buena idea de lo que son las finanzas corporativas y utiliza un método muy intuitivo. Muy positivo el hecho de tener lecturas adicionales que el alumno puede descargar y leer en otro momento. Muchas gracias al IESE y en especial al profesor Javier Estrada por este magnífico curso de finanzas.

por Vikas K

18 de abr de 2020

This course provides the basics of corporate finance which helps in understanding the required concept & terms which we must know to better understand the business.

Wide range of topics corroborated with examples and easy & understandable explanation makes it grasping for a non-financial guy as well.

Thanks Coursera!

por JeanLeeUCL

27 de jul de 2020

The course is well-articulated and to the point. The videos, reading materials, together with the quiz make me have a clear idea on corporate finance. So to speak, this course is effective and efficient for a finance amateur like me to have a good taste of the subject. Thank you for the wonderful presentations.

por Presne

13 de jun de 2017

videos are very clear and reading supports well the training.

I have learnt lot of thing and, even if it will be difficult to manipulated formulas in the time coming, this course is very useful to understand the spirit of finance and to understand better financial discussions !

many thanks for that to Javier ! :-)

por Ng S M

21 de jul de 2020

This course is simple yet fun to learn! I've learned a lot of basic concepts on corporate finance through this course, and I believe this knowledge will aid me well in my future learning. A big thank you to Professor Javier Estrada for explaining the concepts so well, such that I can understand it by heart.

por Javier L D

13 de fev de 2020

I Have dicovered an awesome way to improve my knowledge in finance. Developing my future habilities in corporate finance. How to estimate and measure future investment using the more common tools in finance. Also having in account the possibility of creating and destroying value with your decision making.

por Anne

12 de set de 2016

Instructor is so clear. He really focuses on teaching the intuition behind finance terms and concepts so that when you finally face numbers, you know WHY you're being asked to do this calculation or that. I wish I had this instructor when I was in college. I would have switched majors in a heartbeat.

por Davie A

16 de nov de 2020

I have always been interested in Corporate Finance but for non-Math expert like me, I have always been intimidated by it. However, this course and the way it was handled made everything easy to understand. It's a great start for non-Finance business professionals who would like to explore the topic.


2 de jun de 2020

First of all, thank you so much for creating a course like this with the topics covered was simply stunning! I have really enjoyed the way each topic is aligned, explained, the content, examples, practice sessions, etc. A big salute and my humble gratitude towards the instructor Sir, Javier Estrade.

por Alexandre T N P G

11 de jun de 2020

Ótima clareza do professor, transmitindo com objetividade os conceitos e as formas de utilização prática deles! Bons materiais de apoio. Considero de grande utilidade o aprendizado para meu cotidiano profissional e que valeu o investimento de tempo versus a agregação de informações qualificadas.

por Nektarios M

24 de fev de 2018

Amazing course. Javier Estrada has really put together a very interesting part of Corporate Finance and he keeps the whole course interesting until the very end. I would strongly recommend to anyone who is new to Finance but also to people that do not practice finance, as a refresher course.

por Ilona W

30 de ago de 2018

It is a great course for people who want to learn the basics of Corporate Finance from the point of view of an investor and a company. The lecturer explains the theory and practice very clearly and understandably, also the provided readings are helpful with anchoring the material.

por Ali A L

19 de mai de 2017

A great course that identifies very important concepts in finance. It is useful for people who want to go deeper in finance, and also for individuals that want to review corporate finance concepts in an educational set up. I benefited a lot from the course and highly recommend it.