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Throughout history, pandemics have devastated populations and changed the trajectory of mankind. The global effects of the current COVID-19 pandemic have disproportionately affected certain regions and population groups. This course provides an overview of the far-reaching impact of COVID-19 and presents contact tracing as a tool to mitigate the spread of the disease. Contact tracers are critically needed to help state and local health departments, particularly in large and diverse states such as Texas. This course was developed during the early phases of the COVID-19 pandemic, and thus, some of the data regarding disease prevalence, mortality, and vaccines have changed over time. The content, which addresses issues specific to population health and contact tracing during a pandemic, remains relevant. Acknowledgments: The Epidemiology and Pregnancy and COVID-19 module authors would like to thank Andrew Roblyer, CHSE, Bettina Beech, MD, MPH, and LeChauncy Woodard, MD, MPH, for their assistance in creating illustrations and providing editorial feedback. The Community Resources team would like to thank Gabriela Mohr, Doctoral Student, University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work, for her help in developing references. The authors of the Ethical, Legal, and Regulatory Considerations module authors would like to thank their research assistant Cody Miller. The authors of the Vaccine and Spread module would like to thank Andrew Robyler and C. Griffin Litwin, BA, a UH NSM post-baccalaureate student (BA in Politics), for his instructional design expertise. Thank you to Matthew Castillo and Iggy Harrison for their help in creating the video modules....

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13 de jul de 2020

Very informative for people that are/are not in the Health Care Profession. Course work was challenging but necessary to give a complete picture of what is expected and what NEEDS to be done.


30 de jul de 2020

Very nice overview and educational tool for contact tracing. While some of the data needs to be updated as a lot has changed in the past couple of months, it was very informative.

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por jason

29 de jun de 2020

Gives a good overview of contact tracing. And an overview of issues a contact tracer is likely to face, such as vaccinations, uncooperative and fearful contacts, stigma, pregnancy, children. Information that will help you connect vulnerable populations to services they may benefit from

por Anthony T

30 de jun de 2020

Great course and now I'm ready to start helping people

por Angela H M

11 de jul de 2020

This was the MOST DIFFICULT but also very rewarding course of the 5 I have taken, Including Purdue Univ and Johns Hopkins. This should be worth 3 under graduate credits in virology or epidimology. I almost bailed out of this 1oo times, but as a Marine Veteran female, I will not quit until I accomplish a goal. This was really great! I am still mad at your designers for making my brain get a cramp, but I learned alot more in this course than all 5 others. Pregnancy, breast feeding, health disparaties by race, income etc. I Highly recommend this as a required course for high school and college students

por Todd B T

16 de jul de 2020

Very very insightful class, and I have to say that I found it and enjoyed it a little more than the contact tracer class from Johns Hopkins University I took a couple months ago. I learned a lot from both classes Thank you to everyone who taught these classes

por Anita J

2 de jul de 2020

Really fun and educational!

por Kathleen S

20 de set de 2020

The information I obtained during this on line class will be beneficial not only to me as I pursue my job search but also as a personal guideline for my family, friends, and my overall health. This program was very thorough and informative. Thank you for offering such a program to the public as it will help keep the community, state and country a better and safer place to exist. This class has encouraged me to apply for positions as a contract tracer and I feel confident that I can now approach contacts with the information needed to help them better handle their condition and to alleviate the transmission of COVID-19. I look forward to and will most certainly be visiting this website to further educate myself as well as keeping my skills current.

por Imani S J

2 de ago de 2020

It was challenging, but it definitely helped to meet my expectations as far as the learning experience. I am grateful to U of H for the opportunity to take this class on contact tracing for free. This is a huge step in the right direction for me and my career. I'm happy that I'm going to have something to show for it. I was working for Join Papa, trying to be a helping hand and voice to the elderly, and now I am able to help people in a different way as our country, and the rest of the world try to overcome this Virus that has taking over many lives. Thank You again, U of H for making this class available, I will put my certificate to good use!

por Shirley H

7 de set de 2020

This was a very informative course. It gave me the tools and information that as a school nurse I can definitely use in my practice. I started it during the summer because I wanted to better equip myself and help my community while earning some extra money. After returning to work, my nursing director informed the staff she and the leadership team completed the course and it was highly recommended the rest of the staff do it. She later made it mandatory. I think that was a necessary move. It has proven invaluable! Thank you to those who put this program together and the instructors of this program.

por Katrina E F

18 de jul de 2020

I really enjoyed the class, not only learned things that will be very helpful as a contact tracer. Program material is informative and delivery is user friendly, Reference material will be very beneficial going forward.

por Lisa G

13 de jul de 2020

This course was very informative with a good balance of video sessions and reading materials. I gained appreciation for this important function in stemming the virus.

por Sandra B

9 de jul de 2020

This Contract Tracer Training Course has been very informative. Modules were well organized and well done. Enjoyed the course very much. Thank you.

por Noe H

6 de jul de 2020

Very useful information and a vast variety of resources to help individuals the assistance that they might need.

por Michael H

9 de jul de 2020

I learned much about COVID-19, and feel prepared to help my community as a contact tracer.

por Sholonda S D

11 de jul de 2020

This course was very informative on the status of Covid 19 pandemic.

por JOHN L

11 de jul de 2020

I have learned a lot. Very informative and i am ready to help!

por Mapendano K A

8 de jul de 2020

Excellent course with additional resources for contact tracers.

por Haydar C

5 de jul de 2020

Very thorough and informative and educational and interactive..

por Nathaniel C V

9 de jul de 2020

great info, and very informative articles

por Joseph A L

11 de jul de 2020

This course was very informative.

por Ralp P T

9 de jul de 2020

thanks for the learning !!

por Md M

10 de jul de 2020

very well

por عمر م ا

7 de jul de 2020


por Betty L M

29 de jul de 2020

I previously took the course offered by John Hopkins. I was excited to see that the University of Houston offered a longer course and I looked forward to learning more about how to be an effective contact tracer. Although much of the information was interesting very little of the information provided focused on training me to do the job. The extra certificate might help me get the job but I do not think it helped me prepare to do the job. I do appreciate the free course.

por Evelyn S

29 de jul de 2020

I had the privilege to take part in this amazing course. I have learned so many new things while taking this course and it opened my eyes to lots of valuable information that should be distributed to the public for everyone to see how crucial viruses can be. The research pertaining to the history of viruses throughout human history within the course was simply mind blowing and highly informative. I enjoyed the course because not only do I need this accurate information to be a contact tracer but it's also information that myself and others need to be aware of so that we can all survive the widespread of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. This information will also allow me to serve both my clients and my community in a caring, professional, and productive manner. Thank you all for this amazing opportunity.

por Valerie N J

8 de fev de 2021

This is an immense amount of very important information. The history of pandemics is intriguing, to say the least. This history assists me in putting our current world crisis in perspective. Now, I realize that the appearance of deadly viruses among humans is nothing new and that viruses can and do jump species. Certainly, increased population, technology, world travel have changed how the current pandemic interacts with humanity. I am also appreciative of how and why various populations are being impacted. Despite my having worked in social work for 30 plus years, the perspective from the view of heavily impacted groups, such as immigrants, is eye-opening. The resources provided are phenomenal.

Thank you!