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In this six-module course, you will learn how businesses and organizations behave in situations in which strategic decisions are interdependent, i.e. where my actions affect my competitors' profits and vice versa. Using the basic tools of game theory, we will analyse how businesses choose strategies to attain competitive advantage. This course is also available in Chinese. Please go to our course catalog to access the Chinese version of Competitive Strategy....

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28 de nov de 2020

splendid experience! the pacing was fantastic, the delivery flawless. if you're remotely interested in understanding the concept that is game theory, this is the course for you. i have no complaints.


10 de jan de 2016

I have no previous business experience and I really enjoyed this class. It gave me insight into game theory and marketing and product development concepts. Good pace and good explanation of topics.

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31 de out de 2019

Sir I thank you wholeheartedly, you taught me in such a good way. And I was very happy to do this course. And I thank Corsera for giving me the opportunity to do this course for free.

por Avi A

10 de jan de 2016

I have no previous business experience and I really enjoyed this class. It gave me insight into game theory and marketing and product development concepts. Good pace and good explanation of topics.

por Olayele O

23 de jul de 2018

I had a great time with Prof. Tobias Kretschmer. The course was really eye-opening for me and gave me a lot of perspective in the business world. Looking forward to the remaining courses for sure.

por Bruno R

22 de jan de 2017

Hello. Just noticed the new Competitive Strategy Specialization. Very much interested. Loved the first course. Made sense of all my old microeconomics classes.

Nevertheless, I've already done Competitive Strategy Course with success and was already in the advanced one.

If I do Specialization will I already receive a specific certificate for the course I did? Will I be able to pay a smaller fee for having done one course already?

Final question, does the specialization have some specific certification from LMU?

Thanks again.

por Carlos A R

3 de jul de 2016

Very good course. Easy to follow and served in adequate portions. Lots of examples and very didacting format that builds on the knowledge. Excellent intro to competitive strategy. thanks.

por Pooja S

21 de dez de 2018

Excellent course on business strategy. I learned so many concepts that my MBA syllabus never touched upon!

por Kittichai H

2 de dez de 2018

This course is very useful and give me for huge new knowledge. I can know the real business competition in the market and also I can know the reason why this kind of promotions are launch to the market. This will helpful for me to ada

por Ali R

23 de mai de 2020

A great course, and the interactive way of instructor made it more interesting. Instructor was really good at explaining things. Plus the quizzes were really helpful to memorize everything.

por IVAN E G R

17 de nov de 2019

Buen curso. Solamente hay un video Wrap que está en un lugar equivocado, además, algunos videos no tienen traducción al español.

por Denis B

13 de abr de 2020

I liked this course very much. Professor Tobias Kretschmer gives it in structural, very efficient way, without water. I have gained a lot of ideas which I can implement in strategy of the company where I wiork. COmpetitive strategy is very insteresting and usefull thing every manager should learn. My personal advaice: If you listen units without care - driving, excersising and etc (like me) - I will not pass weekly quiz and final quiz from the first time , I will need return bak to unit, review it again and then may be from 2nd and even 3d try you will pass it . The benefit of it - that you will remember all the material very well. Good luck in learning !

por William F

28 de ago de 2015

A great introductory level course to Competitive Strategy. Professor Kretschmer does an excellent job of engaging the audience, keeping the content simultaneously light and yet challenging. The course highlights the basic premises of how best to enter a market and how to keep a competitor out of the market. You will also find ways to strategically price products for profitability based on the expected, logical reaction from your competitors. Thank you Professor Kretschmer for a great course.

por Sylvain D

1 de abr de 2017

Very good practical introduction to key competitive strategies concept. Professor Kretschmer provides real company examples that further illustrate and reinforce the concepts. The course does not delve into the theories behind the key concepts which may it quite fluid (though leave certain student asking for more. Course is well articulated, relatively easy to follow and quite funny at times (just thinking about the logistics of bringing the AT-AT along on field trips!). Well done. Thank you.

por Wade W

17 de mar de 2020

It's a wonderful course. I like this course to mcuh.


The professor explains thing clear and vivid. In different lectures the background changes echoing the lecture content, from this, I could see the course are make with a lot efforts. Thanks for the professor.

The contents is not so difficult that I can understand. Meanwhile, not so easy, I could feel I have learned a lot.


Only a little thing, 2 lecture notes of the whole course are not updated. But not very confusing. Acceptable.

por Heba L

7 de jul de 2019

Great course! Perfectly built also for beginners. Prof. Kretschmer and his team did an excellent job. I enjoyed learning and it felt easy to follow the content because of the many good examples. I work full time and it took me more than 6 weeks to finish the course. It was nevertheless always easy to come back to the course. I sometimes re-viewed the wrap-up videos and felt quickly ready to start a new lesson. Thank you so much for this excellent learning experience!

por Nishan N

15 de set de 2020

I have completed about 5 courses on coursera and this one was the far best than other courses. The concepts were really realistic and intriguing and the mentor MR Tobias did enhance the concepts with great and interesting teaching methods and also the user interface resembling the specific concepts was really a good idea for e.g eating an ice cream on a class which is pertaining to ic cream company strategies and such. Thank you

por Felipe C B

17 de ago de 2018

Amazing course. This is by far the greatest MOOC I've taken, and this is my 10th. The lecturer is so fluent in his explanation, yet paced and clear. There are some MOOCs that by the fourth week start to be kind of boring, but this is definitely not the case. Content is extremely good, it offers a managerial perspective with good economic background. Congratulations to the team and teacher involved in this course.

por Hana P

11 de ago de 2019

Despite working in banking industry, I was not strongly numerical-oriented person so taking this course was vital and needed urgently. The course per se is straightforward and Tobias, the course instructor tries his best to keep the course interested and engaged. If you're business analysts or business development professionals, or anyone interested in business strategy will find this courses relevant.

por Wei C

5 de set de 2015

I really enjoy learning from Professor Tobias Kretschmer. He has all these interesting props related to the examples that always grab my attention and make me laugh. This course is suitable not only for those who want to learn more about strategy but also for those who are beginners to the business world. I'll definitely start the advanced one soon!

por Joshua

28 de nov de 2020

splendid experience! the pacing was fantastic, the delivery flawless. if you're remotely interested in understanding the concept that is game theory, this is the course for you. i have no complaints.

por Oya I T

30 de mai de 2018

This lecture enlightened me for many aspects in the business life I have seen until now. It was both a summary of what I learned from theoretical education and practical usage in the business life. In addition to that, It showed me some hidden realities under the companies' decisions.

This lecture will support my carreer in marketing and business administration as well as it will lead to new beginnings.

por Pamela G

3 de mai de 2020

This was a good course and I enjoyed the process. It is a good stepping stone for someone who is unsure whether they want to dive into this industry and want to get a taste of it first.

What would be useful is perhaps additional materials suggested that go along with the course, such as book, even if to be paid by the student.

Otherwise a useful enjoyable course.

Thank you coursera and LMU!

por Patrice B

4 de abr de 2019

Very engaging material with instructive examples and quizzes. Instructor is creative in teaching the material and communicates the material very effectively with dynamism. Would recommend the course to any business person that wants to learn more about strategies to make a product more competitive, game theory, market entry strategies, innovation and product pricing strategies.

por Tim

13 de jun de 2016

3 года назад я закончил механико-математический факультут, защищал свою дипломную работу на кафедре Теории вероятности и математической статистики, всегда увлекался Теорией игр, очень интересны области где математика пересекается с реальным миром.

Очень содержательный и позновательный курс, грамотное изложение материала, а ведущий говорит без акцента и дифектов речи.

por Eduardo C

13 de jan de 2016

Great course with easy and simple examples that helped me better understand these concepts. I am looking forward to enroll and start watching the videos of the Advanced Competitive Strategy Course.

I recommend this one to anyone wanting to know the basics of competitive strategy, decision making and management concepts whether having or not a job related to management.

por Wiwanto

22 de dez de 2019

The class was sufficient and easy to understand with weekly progress and ongoing stories that help us understanding about business and strategy. The example was easy to understand although some of the examples seem to simplified and hardly found on nowadays real-life. The lecture's pronounciation was very helpful and story telling made easy to understand