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This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops. This is the aim of the Circular Economy, but it doesn’t happen on its own. It is the result of choices and strategies by suppliers, designers, businesses, policymakers and all of us as consumers. In addition to providing many cases of managing materials for sustainability, the course also teaches skills and tools for analyzing circular business models and promotes development of your own ideas to become more involved in the transition to a Circular Economy. You will learn from expert researchers and practitioners from around Europe as they explain core elements and challenges in the transition to a circular economy over the course of 5 modules: Module 1: Materials. This module explores where materials come from, and builds a rationale for why society needs more circularity. Module 2: Circular Business Models. In this module circular business models are explored in-depth and a range of ways for business to create economic and social value are discussed. Module 3: Circular Design, Innovation and Assessment. This module presents topics like functional materials and eco-design as well as methods to assess environmental impacts. Module 4: Policies and Networks. This module explores the role of governments and networks and how policies and sharing best practices can enable the circular economy. Module 5: Circular Societies. This module examines new norms, forms of engagement, social systems, and institutions, needed by the circular economy and how we, as individuals, can help society become more circular. This course is brought to you by: LUND UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS (IIIEE) EIT RAWMATERIALS VITO GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS GHENT UNIVERSITY DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY...

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7 de Mai de 2020

A great, detailed and informative course that I enjoyed learning about. Lund University you can do no wrong, from my semester spent on exchange in Lund to engaging with this fantastic MOOC! Thank you!

19 de Abr de 2020

Great course!\n\nSuper interesting and very accessible language. It's a good entrance door to keep learning about this really important topics.\n\nThanks for giving us the chance to have it for free.

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por Anabel U

3 de Fev de 2021

I loved the topics. It was such a holistic view of a circular economy from the extraction of raw materials, to societal change needs to become increasingly circular. The case studies are great and the extra reading material were great references to continue learning about this topic. The fact that some of the research papers referenced came from Lund University, Leiden University, Delft University made me feel this course was very prestigious with the right information from the brightest minds.

por Rajesh D S

24 de Out de 2021

E​xcellent Course For Sustainable Materials Management. Course also looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops. In addition to providing many cases of managing materials for sustainability, the course also teaches skills and tools for analyzing circular business models and promotes development of your own ideas to become more involved in the transition to a Circular Economy.

por Sowmya

12 de Out de 2020

The course provided a good base in different areas like materials, business models, government policies and keeps the student interested throughout. One suggestion is that this could be an 6 week course and have the student idea or project as a mandatory part of the course. I enjoyed doing the course and learnt a lot even though I am already reading a lot about circularity. The additional resources and reading material are very informative and interesting. Thank you !

por Giorgi K

23 de Fev de 2021

This was my first experience with e-learning, which is to say I have not previously enrolled myself in any COURSERA course.

I am very satisfied since I have learnt far more than I would ever imagine to be possible.

I would like to thank all the mentors/teachers for great delivery, easy-to-follow structure, and invaluable pieces of information.

I am confident that I can put all the learnings from this course to great use throughout my future professional career.

por Helen P

19 de Ago de 2021

Very detailed course content, and interesting because of variety of presenters, both from universities and industries

Course was well set out and easy to navigate

Suggestion: Video of interviews did NOT have the interviewer question listed in the text, the question was only shown at the start of each section of video. I suggest that the interview questions be added to the text, for those students that are reading the text rather than watching the video.

por Udit A

2 de Mai de 2020

Though I was already familiar with the majority of the concepts, the course greatly helped me organise my thinking and I learnt new tools and methods of understanding and developing circular business models.

The course deploys an excellent panel of instructors who make it easy to learn as well as keep you engaged with good content.

I highly recommend the course to anyone interested in a career focused on sustainability and circular economy.

por Monica C

28 de Nov de 2020

Excellent course, very well structured, with clear explanations and very relevant examples provided. Really insightful on the different aspects of circular business model. Recommended to everybody both having a professional interest in this field but not only, to all citizens as everybody has a responsibility to make circular economy really happen. Thanks a lot to all the course organiziers for this opportunity! I enjoyed it very much!!!

por Joshua M N Q

17 de Ago de 2020

The course gives a broad overview of the sustainability efforts done globally and locally by industry experts. The course also highlights the importance of collaboration and cooperation of individuals to preserve resources, which will be used by the future generation. Finally, the peer-graded assignments train students how to strategically build a circular business model that can be used by both small and large companies.

por shantonu d

3 de Mai de 2020

Course is designed to perfection, where the knowledge is built up from basic (which is important for someone not from this background) & gets into more detailed learning.

The assignment & assessment are designed to test the logical thinking & also thorough reading.

Discussion prompt were a nice way to share thoughts.

Overall really good course for marking a good way further & build up more sustainable learning.


por Michele L

7 de Mai de 2021

I enjoyed every aspect of this class. The area of study interest me and the instructors brought forth many new thoughts and ideas for me to think about. It was presented in clear and informative ways. The quizzes were challenging but not overwhelming and the assignments were not time consuming. I appreciated the ability to complete the course in the "audit" mode but given the ability to be graded.

por Daniela G

24 de Abr de 2020

The course is packed with valuable information on the key Circular Economy aspects. It gives the opportunity to learn from video materials of great quality, well selected topics for readings, extra references to go in depth for each subject, project work and tests. I found it very useful for myself and I am confident that I have got the necessary skills to put into practice what I have learnt.

por Julia C

5 de Mai de 2020

Great knowledge and awareness acquired through this course, with insight on topics like mining or legislation which are not so commonly taught. I was amazed by all the teachers and the clear explanations that were given during the whole courses. Also the real examples of circular economy are really inspiring to develop this practices yourself! Thank you for making this accessible to everyone.

por Fazla Z A

19 de Ago de 2020

This course is an excellent opportunity to understand the key concepts of the Circular Economy, the new trends in achieving change, and the actions that are being taken worldwide to achieve it. It has been a very useful course in order to understand the importance of circular economy and how to develop new ideas for promoting the transition, I recommend this course, enjoy it!

por María B G C

2 de Mai de 2020

This course is better than you could hope for. The level of information is very good, it is complete and very interesting. Enjoy every minute learning. The organization of the themes and activities was key.

Thank you very much for doing such a good course and for giving me the opportunity to enjoy it so much. I would love if they could do other courses on similar topics.!

por Carlos A

21 de Dez de 2020

It was a very interesting course. A general overview on materials and lots of examples in how circular economy works in practice. From my own experience, my business sector speaks they do a lot on circular economy, but looking at the material and examples in the course, I realize big industrial companies do not do enough into circularity, environment and sustainability.

por Gabriele C

3 de Mai de 2020

I really enjoyed this course. Even though I knew some of these issues, I learnt many things that will significantly help me finding ways to create sustainable projects. I would absolutely recommend this course, the lecturers are amazing, the concepts illustrated are really interesting and the staff is very helpful in case you encounter any difficulty along the way.

por Joanna G

16 de Mai de 2021

A well presented course with good quality information and excellent insights into the circular economy. It provides knowledge and inspiration for the changes that are needed to transition to a more sustainable way of living. Enjoyable to participate in, and great to know that change is happening right now, and to learn about ways to be involved in this change.

por Clara C

7 de Set de 2020

I really liked it. Thanks a lot for all the information you share. If it is possible I would like to study more about it, so I really appreciate if you can send me more information about the university and the opportunities for foreign students.

The only thing is some of the links you offered are not updated or not working at all.

Thanks again,


por Silke S

22 de Out de 2021

M​any thanks for this great free of charge online learning opportunity! Very well prepared contents and easy to follow the videos with a good team of experts presenting them in a way good to follow. It would be worth updating this course with recent developments, especially as recent developments in policies and regulations are not included yet.

por Alberto V V

10 de Dez de 2020

I highly recommend this course to start studying the circular economy, in these 5 weeks you will get a complete idea of this new economic and sustainable system. Everyone should take this course to instill a change of mentality in the way of consuming goods and services, many thanks to the platform and the University for the magnificent content

por Paula B

14 de Out de 2021

This course provides a great overview of the circular economy, including critical questions that need to be considered if there is to be a transition into a truly sustainable society (e.g., the need for reduced overall consumption of goods, and not simply more resource efficiency so that we can, as societies and as individuals, consume more)

por Craig P

8 de Dez de 2020

This course was very informative for me. I'm just getting my toes wet in the concept of circular economy and this course provided a very good baseline. I appreciate all the speakers and information they have provided. It has definitely increased my curiosity to learn more and to look at ways of incorporating a circular economy in my area.

por Ariel M S

30 de Mar de 2021

The course was incredible, wonderful. It offered a broad perspective on the circular economy, and brought super interesting content in a very didactic, simple, practical and very accessible way. I thought it was a very good course, I will definitely recommend it to people I know who are looking for more knowledge about the circular economy.

por Christina H

4 de Jun de 2020

This course is thorough and challenging. Real world companies provide information on how concepts in this course are being applied in the real world today, and lesson summaries use the ubiquitous cellphone as a tool for considering how to apply what is learned on a piece of equipment most students should be familiar with.

por Giulia

5 de Jun de 2020

I have been positively surprised by the quality of this course ! It provided a complete introduction to circular economy with many openings and incentives to dig deeper into this fundamental topic. I definitely recommend it, and believe everyone who has the possibility to attend it should do it without any hesitation.