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This course looks at where important materials in products we use every day come from and how these materials can be used more efficiently, longer, and in closed loops. This is the aim of the Circular Economy, but it doesn’t happen on its own. It is the result of choices and strategies by suppliers, designers, businesses, policymakers and all of us as consumers. In addition to providing many cases of managing materials for sustainability, the course also teaches skills and tools for analyzing circular business models and promotes development of your own ideas to become more involved in the transition to a Circular Economy. You will learn from expert researchers and practitioners from around Europe as they explain core elements and challenges in the transition to a circular economy over the course of 5 modules: Module 1: Materials. This module explores where materials come from, and builds a rationale for why society needs more circularity. Module 2: Circular Business Models. In this module circular business models are explored in-depth and a range of ways for business to create economic and social value are discussed. Module 3: Circular Design, Innovation and Assessment. This module presents topics like functional materials and eco-design as well as methods to assess environmental impacts. Module 4: Policies and Networks. This module explores the role of governments and networks and how policies and sharing best practices can enable the circular economy. Module 5: Circular Societies. This module examines new norms, forms of engagement, social systems, and institutions, needed by the circular economy and how we, as individuals, can help society become more circular. This course is brought to you by: LUND UNIVERSITY INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR INDUSTRIAL ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS (IIIEE) EIT RAWMATERIALS VITO GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF DENMARK AND GREENLAND NATIONAL TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF ATHENS GHENT UNIVERSITY DELFT UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY...

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7 de mai de 2020

A great, detailed and informative course that I enjoyed learning about. Lund University you can do no wrong, from my semester spent on exchange in Lund to engaging with this fantastic MOOC! Thank you!


19 de abr de 2020

Great course!

Super interesting and very accessible language. It's a good entrance door to keep learning about this really important topics.

Thanks for giving us the chance to have it for free.

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por julia b

10 de mai de 2020

I enjoyed this course very much (content, the way it was set up didactically, mix of videos/lectues, case studies and small assignments, etc.). For me, it was a very useful introduction to the area of circular economy.

por uchechi a

14 de jul de 2022

this is one of the best courses I have taken. Great materials and Outstanding Instructors. I will recommend this to anyone looking to update themselves on current trends in Sustainability and Environmental Management.

por Nur O M

6 de out de 2020

Great online course, I enjoyed every module. The lecturers are diverse. They are the expertise on their area. Study case and company showed in this courses are also inspiring. Thanks for making such an amazing course.

por Carolina Z

29 de mai de 2020

Excellent opportunity to learn new stuff and think from new points of view. I've been working with circular economy since 2016 and this is one of the few courses that brought me a lot of new insights and information.

por Paula M A

7 de mar de 2021

Amazing course to be able to understand business models in different ways.

It gives you the tools to build and implement a more circular thinking around you on divergent levels, social, professional and personal.

por Fabio S

19 de dez de 2020

It has served me a lot, I learned a lot about circular economy and I hope to apply what I learned in my country Argentina, Greetings to all who participated in the course, they were very clear in their concepts.

por Abdulhadi G A A

2 de ago de 2022

This course has a very great way of sharing knowledge about the Circular Economy concept. It is also a great place to start if anyone is thinking about creating ideas to benefit the world. I really enjoyed it!

por brikene d

2 de abr de 2022

It was everything very interesting. I'd like having the presentation documents for later review but ayway during the course I managed to get some papers, podcasts and other relevant sources for further reading.


22 de set de 2021

Very good course. Explains and gives good examples of key concepts, such as ecodesign, circular economy, business models, recycling, reducing, remanufacturing, etc. I enjoyed especially chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5.

por Judit N

10 de mai de 2021

Thank you, this was a great course! Lots of real life examples, case studies, interesting guest speakers and topics that really make you think about how you could change your life a bit in a better direction.

por Alberto O

16 de mar de 2020

Excellent course, the contents were great and the lecturers very professional and skilled. I would recommend it for people who want to learn about new practices that we should try to implement in the future.

por Székely I

7 de mar de 2022

This course is an excellent MOOC for those who want to learn about the circular economy. The course is well-paced, with resettable deadlines. I learned a lot from this course; thank you for the opportunity.

por Alessandra M

14 de mar de 2022

Very good introduction with great case studies and references to good resources for those that want to delve a bit deeper. I've just discovered the compendium too, which looks like it will be really useful

por Samantha V

21 de dez de 2020

Very informative and easy to follow for someone like me with little business background but a strong environmental background. Very interesting and gave lots of helpful examples that are easy to relate to.


29 de nov de 2022

The mode of teaching and the way learning Tutorials were organized is so beneficial to the student

Though i expected my name to appear on the certificate since i paid for it at the beginning of the course

por Aleksandr S

8 de out de 2020

Many thanks to all the organisers of this amazing course! It completely covers the topic on circular resource management and is highly practical, providing with the real-life cases concerning the matter.

por Vanessa M

3 de mai de 2020

Thanks for the course, It was really insteresting and made me think about what I was doing some years ago and I can do in coming years. Congrats to eveyone that works in the preparation of this training.

por Patricia D

31 de mai de 2021

If you are looking for a beginner course, this is perfect for you! You'll learn how the transition toward a curcular economy could be made in different value chain by applying different business models.

por Pedro M R

2 de abr de 2021

I found the course very interesting. In particular for good documentation available and short comprehensive videos.

In general all presenters were doing very well and make the topics always interesting.

por Martika v D

8 de mai de 2020

Amazing course. I've learned so much valuable and new information about materials. Like the way they are used in our current societies and in which ways we can improve their use to be more sustainable.

por Sara H D

11 de fev de 2021

I can't be happier of having coursed this MOOC. It is so well structured and also the contents and examples given by authentic entrepreneurs give us a boost to project our career in a circular way.


21 de jan de 2023

Excellent introductory course on Circular Economy and its applications. Hope to learn more about the topic and how the concept and principles can be applied in the context of developing countries.

por Hasan M A B

30 de mar de 2022

Very valuable information. Tracking materials from mining all the way to the final product and after product life time is an eye opener to a motivation to sustain our natural resources.

por Meriska S

16 de mai de 2021

Truly informative! I gained new valuable insights that in fact everyone of us: consumer, business, and policy maker can and needs to take our part in creating a more sustainable world.

por Jezabel D

4 de set de 2020

Abarcan bastante temas interesantes y sobre todo hay bastante interacción con otros estudiantes.

Los casos reales son de mucha ayuda y todo el curso está bien estructurado, recomendado!