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This course of Chinese Culture and Contemporary China will explore the foundations of Chinese civilization and the dimensions of Chinese culture. It will pay particular attention to the relationship between Chinese culture and the present-day life of the Chinese people and to the different elements of the culture which are under the present social structures, belief systems, literature, arts, customs, etc. The course aims at providing students with a deeper knowledge of Chinese culture, thus enabling them to better understand China. The course will cover the following main areas of topics: (1) the foundations of Chinese civilization: its geography, language, and history; (2) the core concepts in Chinese philosophies and religions: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; (3), literature and arts, including Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tang poetry, and classical fiction; (4) society and life, including education, the role of women, Chinese food, and traditional holidays; (5) travel and landscapes, including well-known Chinese cities, mountains, ethnic regions and customs; (6) Chinese media, culture and sports, including TV and movies, fashion, Chinese gongfu and taiji. In addition, students will be expected to participate in a buddy program beyond curriculum if they have a chance to come to Nanjing. Ideally they will be paired up: an international student with a Nanjing University student to allow students to learn firsthand about Chinese customs, culture, and language. Students will be required to complete various projects and homework assignments as well, which will encourage them to use Nanjing University and the city of Nanjing as a laboratory to apply what they learn during their stay at Nanjing University....

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9 de jun de 2020

This course can help those who are learning Chinese language. As if one wants to understands the native speakers he needs to know about their culture and history.

thank you for this amazing course.


8 de jun de 2020

Lovely Course on Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Values. Well-presented and wonderfully put to appeal to the audience readers. Recommended to anyone who is interested in knowing Chinese culture.

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por Bitopoulou C M

8 de set de 2017

It was a really interesting course about Chinese people, their Culture and Their History. It actually inspired me to research and learn more about China . Thank you. (Please fix a problem that exists in the 3rd quiz of the 2nd week. It takes a wrong answer for correct and only after of many retakes of the quiz).

por William B

12 de jul de 2020

Good introductory level course but would have liked more content, and it was not always clear that many of the quiz questions had multiple answers, on some occasions all of the answers were correct!

Would have liked a peer reviewed essay and longer form videos, perhaps in a more advanced follow-up course

por Akanksha S D

17 de mai de 2017

It's simply Beautiful. So informative and useful for the people who are eager to learn about China and It's culture. Hoping that it would be a free course and people like me would have full access to the course instead of a half of it.


3 de ago de 2020

Very nice course and introduction about Chinese culture, I see it as a good summary of the basic foundations about China, but of course, to understand more about China we need to have more interaction with the culture and language

por Sandeep K

22 de dez de 2021

This is a basic course that provides introductory information about traditional and modern Chinese culture. Overall, it is a good course for learners who want to be familiar with Chinese tradition and culture.

por Iris W

30 de jul de 2020

A good beginner overview of broad and complex elements of Chinese culture. I wish there was an expanded version that dove deeper into each of these categories.

por Federico O R

19 de jul de 2021

Very interesting and a good introduction into Chinese Culture. There is no great emphasis to Contemporary China, but I would recommend it anyways.

por Yuliya L

9 de jul de 2019

It was my first course on Coursera. Only 4 stars because it was very short and light. Thank you for creating the opportunity to learn. Yuliya.

por Laura M M G

7 de mar de 2021

Nice course. I really liked it. Sometimes it was confusing the way the quizzes were calificated but it was a very good learning.

por Antoine T

25 de jun de 2020

Very interesting and enjoyable stuff! Some of the quizzes could be fixed though. Otherwise, excellent class!

por Pieter-Paul v M

26 de jan de 2021

Nice course to get a first taste of Chinese culture.

Laid back presentation which makes you feel good.

por KWEK J Y

8 de jun de 2021

should include a section to talk about chinese love for chinese chess/xiangqi

por Stephen D

9 de jun de 2020

A good introduction. A followup course with more depth would be useful

por André d S F

2 de out de 2020

Very informative for those who want to know about China. I recommend.

por Daniele C

25 de abr de 2020

Great Course, very interesting. It is only a pity the brevity.

por Joy S

25 de mai de 2017

lots of good info about china. pretty interesting

por laurence a

8 de abr de 2021

wished it was more challenging, but a good course

por Casey R

17 de out de 2020

Super brief, but insightful nonetheless.

por Paola T

30 de ago de 2021

Nice introduction to several topics.

por Alexander R

14 de dez de 2017

Very Interesting Course.

por Gerardus T v B

13 de mai de 2022

I could recommend this course to everyone who would like to gain basic knowledge of Chinese Culture. However, I do think this course could have been more polished. Firstly, is that the videos can go through a topic too quickly. My recommendation would be for them to add a separate visual document. This visual document could support learning and understanding the new information. Secondly, the subtitles often have mistakes, creating confusion with new terms. Finally, the problem is that certain content is missing. An example of this is that the Qingming festival is missing in week 6.

por Fatma S A

31 de out de 2020

This course is a great introduction to the Chinese culture, but if you're looking for an in-depth course you may be disappointed. The videos are very short and there were some problems with the quiz questions, but overall I enjoyed the course and would recommend it to people who have no prior knowledge of the Chinese culture.

por Fanny G

9 de jan de 2017

The comparaison between Chinese and Western Culture was really useful. It was a nice overview but it would also have been interesting to get information (at least some ints) about the long and fascinating Chinese History. More historical context would be appreciated.

por Joao F

15 de mai de 2018

The lectures are short and the teachers are kind of boring , but the Laoshi from the traditional clothes was awesome, I liked how she explained her class with such passion, I learned cool things from her.

por Greg L

27 de jan de 2017

Extremely lightweight and totally missing in substance; I cannot recall whether they stated so in the course goals.