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This course of Chinese Culture and Contemporary China will explore the foundations of Chinese civilization and the dimensions of Chinese culture. It will pay particular attention to the relationship between Chinese culture and the present-day life of the Chinese people and to the different elements of the culture which are under the present social structures, belief systems, literature, arts, customs, etc. The course aims at providing students with a deeper knowledge of Chinese culture, thus enabling them to better understand China. The course will cover the following main areas of topics: (1) the foundations of Chinese civilization: its geography, language, and history; (2) the core concepts in Chinese philosophies and religions: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism; (3), literature and arts, including Chinese calligraphy, painting, Tang poetry, and classical fiction; (4) society and life, including education, the role of women, Chinese food, and traditional holidays; (5) travel and landscapes, including well-known Chinese cities, mountains, ethnic regions and customs; (6) Chinese media, culture and sports, including TV and movies, fashion, Chinese gongfu and taiji. In addition, students will be expected to participate in a buddy program beyond curriculum if they have a chance to come to Nanjing. Ideally they will be paired up: an international student with a Nanjing University student to allow students to learn firsthand about Chinese customs, culture, and language. Students will be required to complete various projects and homework assignments as well, which will encourage them to use Nanjing University and the city of Nanjing as a laboratory to apply what they learn during their stay at Nanjing University....

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9 de jun de 2020

This course can help those who are learning Chinese language. As if one wants to understands the native speakers he needs to know about their culture and history.

thank you for this amazing course.


8 de jun de 2020

Lovely Course on Chinese Culture, Tradition, and Values. Well-presented and wonderfully put to appeal to the audience readers. Recommended to anyone who is interested in knowing Chinese culture.

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por Joseph F

30 de abr de 2021

Very interesting and comprehensive, covering the key aspects of Chinese culture in a very short time frame. As the instructors mentioned, this isn't an exhaustive study on Chinese culture but rather a means of piquing the interest of people and it has certainly done a good job!

por C. R

23 de mai de 2020

I loved getting to know more about Chinese culture. This course has inspired me to take other courses that are more focused, as well as pick up some books on dynasties and Chinese folklore so I could dive deeper into some of the topics in this class especially the Tang dynasty.

por Elaine T

20 de jul de 2020

Would thoroughly recommend this amazing and very interesting course to anyone. Very interesting content giving lots of information about Chinese Culture and Contemporary China which is both interesting, and easy to understand. Would love to study more of the same courses.

por Dariya Y

7 de fev de 2020

Great source of a brief acquaintance with Chinese culture reflected in people's daily reality. Loved visuals. I suggest peer graded assignments (or making participation in discussions mandatory for course completion) & extra reading + images sources and credits added.

por Rosemae M A

3 de nov de 2020

I really enjoyed this course! Especially since I am taking Chinese language courses. This course is brief and concise. It is also well structured and easy to understand. Definitely recommend this if you want to learn about contemporary China and its culture!

por Mariana C

29 de mar de 2021

I really enjoyed this course! The professors are well-prepared and they give you the perfect amount of knowledge for every topic. The only thing I'd like is if they would recommend additional resources in case we want to dig more about the topics.

por Viktorija S

7 de out de 2020

Very imformative and interesting course. Thank you to all professors, 谢谢你们! It is a great intruduction to China's culture. I hope there will be more extented course in the future including more information about China's history and geography.

por Sandra R M

9 de jun de 2021

Un curso muy interesante para poder profundizar un poco más en la cultura china, a mí la parte que más me ha gustado ha sido la de la cultura y tradiciones chinas. Sencillo de hacer pero a la vez sientes que aprendes y es muy curioso.

por Ruchika A

7 de jun de 2020

I really enjoyed the course. It covered diverse topics in brief and informative manner. The discussion forum was a good revision as well. I learned a lot thanks to this course, and am curious to know more about Chinese culture.

por Maria M

20 de ago de 2021

I thought the course was great. However, I would have liked to see some relevant texts or excerpts for the students who are interested in learning more in depth about the topics discussed in this course. Thanks! I enjoyed it.

por Leanne H

25 de set de 2020

Very much enjoyed this class, and agree with the teachers that each section is just a small look into the culture. Each small look, however, has made me interested in delving more into Chinese culture on my own. Thank you!!

por Toni H

26 de jun de 2020

a very short intro to things a Chinese person would know but also take for granted, I do enjoy the indepth explanation behind why the customs are the way they are in this short intro course from Nanjing University!

por Soham S

18 de mai de 2021

It is an excellent course and sheds light particularly on the comparatively neglected facets of any culture. Would recommend this course to anyone interested in understanding and appreciating Chinese culture.

por Monse C

11 de jan de 2022

Muy buena información ya que incluye y abarca varios temas relevantes y se enfoca tanto en el pasado (explicación) y cómo se conserva hoy en día o los cambios por los que ha pasado, así como su relevancia.

por Alfredo M

30 de dez de 2018

Entretaining and very informative for we that want to know Chinese culture better. It open doors to an huge world poorly known by occidentals, in a amazingly profound and philosophical way.

por Alessandro R d N

14 de out de 2020

I liked the course despite being well summarized because the Chinese culture is huge but the good thing is that it fostered the desire to research more about the topics presented.

por Kateřina K

17 de ago de 2021

Very nice brief introduction to Chinese culture, rather for newcomers, definitely not for 6 weeks (more likely one longer afternoon), but I definitely liked it. Thank you!

por Nadja

14 de mai de 2021

I enjoyed this so much! Explanations and illustrations are super easy to understand and there were so many new informations I learned about China and its traditions.

por Swaroop D

4 de ago de 2021

It is a great intro to chinese culture within the time allocated to the course, I would strongly recommend it to everyone who has any interest/relations with China.

por Alfia W

9 de ago de 2017

This course will give you a succinct and enjoyable overview of some essential elements of Chinese culture. I very much enjoyed all of the professors' presentations.

por Geraldine M

16 de mai de 2021

I highly recommended this course if you want to know more about Chinese and their culture, also the discussion is also fun and interesting so you won't be bored


6 de set de 2020

Great course. It deepens into the Chinese culture as I have not learned in my Chinese culture classes. I learned a lot from it. Special thanks to the teachers.


1 de nov de 2020

Es uno de los mejores cursos introductorios que existen a la cultura general china. Totalmente recomendado y abre las puertas a muchas areas interesantes :)

por Christopher B

21 de jul de 2020

A very enjoyable and informative introduction to Chinese culture. An overview but an encouragement to learn more about this amazing country and its people.

por Chiara F

4 de abr de 2020

I have been studying Chinese since 2012, but I still did not know many things about this beautiful culture. Very well done, clear and interesting.