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How are international power relations changing and how can global peace and stability be maintained? This course familiarizes you with some main theories of international relations, shows how the global order is gradually changing and discusses how selected international and regional organizations contribute to the maintenance of global peace and security. You learn what research findings tell us in terms of the capacity of international organizations and actors to help prevent or stop violent conflict, what tools are used to negotiate agreements and how foundations for sustainable peace are best created. We will also focus on the role of the European Union in terms of diplomacy and efforts to prevent conflict, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the contribution of organizations such as the African Union to the prevention of conflict and war. We will study the United Nations Security Council and see in which ways its membership could be adapted to more accurately reflect the power relations of the current global order. Through quizzes and exercises testing your knowledge of these subjects, you will understand crucial concepts and get insights into how the academic study of international relations and international organization contributes to the search for global stability and peace in practice....

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8 de jun de 2020

Leiden University, your good teaching model and material have greatly impacted on my understanding of the Changing Global Order and I look forward to advancing my career with you.

Thank you


28 de nov de 2018

Great course, I really enjoyed it! I've learned everything I didn't know i needed to know before the start of my post-graduate degree in International Relations! Would definitely recommend it!

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por Tofail A

18 de jun de 2019

The Changing Global Order is an excellent course for all of us. Especially its 6 weeks fixed topics will give us a concrete update on changing world scenario.

por Jairo H O

9 de mar de 2020

Although the course is complete and its speakers and the director of the course are suitable, the course is a bit outdated. I would like to follow the updated course. I know that this is changing and every day there are structural changes, however, there are issues that have fast context, for example, the immediate change generated by migration, the possible pandemic in China that gives a turn of almost 180 degrees to the panorama of the new world order. Thank you very much I learned too much and despite all my comments, which are with much respect I was more updated. Thank you

por Rick a D N V

2 de ago de 2019

If your objective involves getting an overview on basic international relations theories, getting in touch with methods of conflict management such as negotiation and mediation, taking a look at some alternative OIs as Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and Arctic Council, scrutinizing NATO's objectives, and better knowing UNSC dilemmas and reform proposals, this course is an excellent opportunity! Well structured and gathering a very competent team of specialists, "The Changing Global Order" delivers on its promise in a very pleasant way. I really enjoyed it!

por kavya s

6 de set de 2020

A very informative course and sure to be highly exciting for a person interested in the field of International relations. The extra interviews were an additional plus point.

por shakthi d s

22 de abr de 2017

Undoubtedly one of the best courses. Loved it. The additional readings were really very useful and the lecture content was manageable and interesting. A must try!

por Stephanos P

27 de ago de 2020

Excellent content which helped me receive a spherical knowledge on the main issues of Intl. Organizations and how they contribute to Peace and Justice between Nations.


4 de abr de 2019

Je recommande vivement cet enseignement de grande qualité.

por Artur J L d S

4 de abr de 2020

Great course that brings excellent insights into the global powers, giving tools for better build our ideas and perceptions to better understand the present and foresee the future in the power balance. The readings and interviews are perfect tools for those who want to deepen the themes. Nevertheless, some of the arguments may change soon with this new pandemic situation, and maybe a challenge for the course is to adjust some of the ideas, especially concerning the EU and its role in the world politics.

por Alex B

22 de ago de 2017

A great course in a quality aspect (good materials, syllabus and assessment), but I think its a little bias in terms of information given

por Sam B

23 de jul de 2018

One of the most difficult MOOCs taken to date. IR theories take time to wrap one's head around, it cannot be rushed. Fantastic content, engaging instructors, challenging exercises. Universiteit Leiden is top notch! Highly recommend!

por Melissa P

29 de nov de 2018

Great course, I really enjoyed it! I've learned everything I didn't know i needed to know before the start of my post-graduate degree in International Relations! Would definitely recommend it!

por Gibran S C

29 de set de 2017

I have come to find such a wonderful course! The combination of Prestigious teacher and involving lectures brought an excellent learning environment!

por Sam

2 de jun de 2019

Interesting viewpoints presented fairly clearly. I have a better understanding of the new global order, and of International Relations in general. It focused a lot on the major players, which makes sense, but include some fun things I had never heard of before (Arctic Council?!) The forums were disappointing, but that may be all MOOCs. Overall, a good course and not too difficult for this history major.

por Jonathan G

15 de fev de 2018

decent course but the optional assignment seemed a little redundant and lengthy. What it was asking had nothing to do with the course. Even though it was about international relations, a lot of things going on right now have to do with sanctions and not really diplomacy. I felt the assignment was not necessary.

por Ajmal S

25 de fev de 2021

The Changing Global Order was one of the best courses that I have ever taken part. of course I faced some challenges, but the best professors and lecturers with profound knowledge and expierence made it viable to over come the challenges. The learning materials were significantly interesting and useful according to the latest information on the issues the course covered, which led to significance of the Leiden university. The Leiden university is really unique in its kind to embrace the international relations, diplomacy and conflict resolution. Therefore I strongly encourge all those, who is gonna engage in way to deal with international issues that Leiden University is the best alternative making your dreams come true. Last but not least Coursera is an unprecedented institution, with the world best educational opportunities.


Ajmal Sohail

por Mukhtar M M

7 de fev de 2021

The Changing Global Order is a comprehensive course that equips students of International Relations/Politics to understand the basic concepts of International Relations theories and an engaging introduction to the shifting dynamics of power in the recent global order, and how current international organizations are parts of global peace and order. Indeed, it is an excellent course that helped me grasp deeply about the global order and how modern international institutions work. The course offered by one of the most prestigious universities in Europe-Leiden university, which I am planning to pursue my postgraduate in the following years, and last but not least, I am appreciative to all Professors of the course, especially Prof. Dr. Madeline O Hosli, for her lectures and her energy.

Thanks again and see you soon!

por POON C H

27 de jul de 2019

Very comprehensive and heavily-loaded course that may bring an even outsider having in-deep understanding from the basic political and diplomatic theories and their applications on global happenings in terms of order and power.

It's really tough that many many quiz and test should be passed achieving my certificate. Especially it demands 80% of marks on every interim and final tests. I originally planned to complete this course in 3months, while unexpectedly did it in 7months time.

Really thx Universiteit Leiden, I am proud myself achieving 84.3% overall marks on this course.

por Narayan K

10 de mai de 2017

It was a fantastic learning experience. I am especially grateful to Prof. Dr. Van den Herik (whose course on International Law, I had completed earlier) as also Prof Rob de Wijk whose lectures were interesting and enlightening and last but not the least to Prof. Dr. Madeline O Hosli for her lectures and inspiration and for the overall content of the course. Thanks once again to all the professors and mentors for this wonderful course.

por Fern T

16 de jul de 2017

Just completed the course (without partaking in the 7th week group assignment) and I found it to be a very interesting, well put together, informative and professional course. The lectures were interesting and the lecturers very enthusiastic. I feel like I have learned so much and am very grateful for the time and effort put into this course. Thank you to the course organisers. I would highly recommend this course to other learners.

por Lusine M

9 de jul de 2020

I am very grateful for being granted the opportunity to pass this very interesting, informative course on changing global order. It helped me refresh my knowledge on global affairs, institutions, international relations theories. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues. Thanks to all the professors of Leiden University for delivering fresh and interesting lectures on course topics.

Best regards,


por Muhammad H S

5 de set de 2017

The course offers a mosaic picture of global order, and provides glimpse into foreign policy contours and constructs. The content is well-organised and is taught in a very interactive way. More importantly, faculty is much devoted to the task, that they provided every details to the topic being described and assigned readings were simply fun. For all those of international relations students, I think this course is must-have.

por Rob B

14 de fev de 2022

T​he course content is fantastically insightful, although it is a shame the honours assignments are difficult to complete due to a relatively small student body. Nonetheless, I deeply enjoyed the course. The teachers explain the concepts clearly, and by participating in this course, you gain access to an excessive amount of insightful resources. I would highly recommend anyone interested in the topic to follow the course.

por Julián A G

3 de fev de 2019

Es un excelente curso donde conocí más sobre las teorías de las Relaciones Internacionales, el cambiante orden mundial, los conflictos, la resolución de los mismos y la seguridad.

Aprendí sobre los Asuntos Mundiales, Organizaciones Mundiales, la OTAN y otras.

Fortalecí mis conocimientos sobre el Consejo de Seguridad de las Naciones unidas y mucho más…

por Salvador I B C

1 de set de 2020

This course turned out to be well beyond my expectations. Challenging, but not too much. The balance between videos and readings is very good. Although some of the content is based on theory, there are also many ideas that can be expanded to understand the Global reality today, and hopefully, to build a better future.