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What is your cat revealing to you when she purrs? What is your dog expressing when he yawns or wags his tail? Understanding your cat and dog’s behaviour and the way they communicate with you, will enable you to better understand their needs and strengthen your relationship with them. This MOOC is divided into five topics, the appliance of science; behaviour and body language, senses and perception; challenges for the human-animal relationship, including pet problem behaviour; and how to improve the quality of life for cats and dogs in our care. At the start of the course we ask you to consider what you feel is important to your cat/dog and what your cat/dog means to you? We explore the world of cats and dogs and how our relationships with them vary around the world and have changed over time. We ask if we can really know what our animals are thinking or trying to communicate through their facial expressions and behaviours. From our beloved pets to street dogs, shelter dogs/cats and welfare challenges, we explore the world from their perspective and examine how their genetic make-up may influence their behavioural responses and choices. We dispel common behavioural myths by looking through a scientific lens, asking questions about the function and development of their behaviour.. We explore how their senses help them to interact with their world and how they communicate with each other and us! Finally, we ask whether we impose unrealistic expectations on our cats and dogs and how this affects their ability to live alongside us. We ask, what can we do to be more responsible pet owners and to ensure the welfare of all cats and dogs in society? This MOOC explores different scientifically validated methods that can help you to better understand your pet, to enrich their lives and help you to be a more educated and confident pet owner. We hope you enjoy the course!...

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26 de Mar de 2020

I learned so much about how to decrease stress for my pets and increase their happiness. I also learned how to better communicate with them. Thank you for helping improve my pets quality of life!

5 de Abr de 2020

I really enjoyed taking this course. The lectures were very informative and I learned a lot from this course. I definitely recommend this course for anyone who is interested in dogs and cats. :)

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por Linda M

13 de Jun de 2018

I learned some really interesting things about the way cats and dogs see their world. I have a difficult dog so I have spent quite a bit of time learning how to handle her and much of the information here was familiar to me. But, the information about cats was almost entirely new to me. I have been telling everyone I know who has a cat all about it. !!! Loved the course, people teaching it seemed so kind and focused on the well being of our pets.

por Katherine C

5 de Set de 2020

Me parece un curso muy interesante, logre reforzar ciertos contenidos de mi carrera y sirve para que las personas con mascotas puedan adquirir nuevos conocimientos acerca de como asegurar el bienestar de sus animales en casa y asegurar su máximo cuidado y felicidad!!. Disfrute mucho la forma en la que este curso te entrega toda esta información a través de conferencias y textos para complementar.

por Aileen S

5 de Abr de 2020

A fantastic course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned so much more about my own cat and how to look after her welfare better and to understand her more. I would really recommend this course to any pet owner or even someone considering buying a cat or dog. The videos were excellent and helped to communicate the course information in a very good way. Thanks for letting me complete it!

por Yasmin C B

14 de Ago de 2020

Esse curso foi incrivelmente perfeito, irá me ajudar todos os dias a se tornar uma profissional veterinária melhor e me auxiliar a conduzir uma consulta veterinária segura e menos estressante aos meus animais, assim como promover melhor bem-estar e comunicação com os meus pets em casa, garantindo que tenham acesso aos melhores recursos para eles. Eu agradeço demais por essa oportunidade.

por pilar e

30 de Out de 2020

Muchas gracias por compartir vuestros excelentes conocimientos y experiencias, he aprendido algunas cosas que pueden ser útiles para mi perra y que pueden ayudarnos a ser más felices. Entiendo que cada caso es diferente, pero tal vez he echado de menos algún consejo práctico más, aunque comprendo que no se puede generalizar. Muchas gracias y saludos cordiales.

por Lindsay W B

2 de Set de 2020

The content and delivery of this course is excellent.

Each video is concise and informative with very useful insights into dog and cat behaviour, stressing the importance of understanding each individual animal and their five welfare needs.

The educators in the videos are obviously passionate about all types of pets and animals, which also enhanced the course.

por Jan M

27 de Jun de 2019

Great course. I feel a real achievement finishing the course. It was a very professional course. I learnt some key concepts and facts about cats and dogs. I recommend this course if you want to care for your pets better. Thanks to the teachers at University of Edinburgh. You've improved my knowledge and now the animals around me will be happier!

por Nayara N S

27 de Abr de 2020

It was a wonderful course with valuable information which will help on being a better pet owner. The information is straight to the point and extremely well-dosed to an online course of 5 weeks. I strongly recommend this course in case you are interested in checking what you already know about cats and dogs, besides adding new hands-on details.

por Joana F

20 de Abr de 2020

Thank you so much for all the time you've spend doing this course. It has been very interesting and also re-assuring for me on how to treat my pets in a right way. I would have loved to learn more about the interaction with cats at home, how to play with them or if clicker training works very well on them, how to motivate older cats for play.

por Nuhamin A

15 de Jun de 2020

I really enjoyed this MOOC. It didn't feel like I was learning or studying because the contents were really fun. It is very interesting that I wanted to know more and more. I loved this MOOC as it showed me the world through my pet's eyes. the person I am to my pets before this MOOC and after are very different. Thank you for having me.

por Alyssa A

7 de Nov de 2020

This course took only a few days to complete and was a great use of my time! I came to learn more about our feline friends but learnt a lot more about dogs than I had expected and intended on learning. I greatly recommend this course for all animal lovers, whether you have a pet, intend on getting one, or just love animals.

por Hanna B

25 de Mar de 2018

That was my first completed online course. It was extremely useful, thank you! Now there are more rational things rather than intuitive. I started to understand my friends better. It is sad that I can't improve everything, but this course gave me lots of practical information that can and should be applied. Thanks again!

por Zeljka T

15 de Fev de 2018

I would heartily recommend this course to any person who loves animals, owns them or wants to own them. It will give you a deep insight into the cat and the dog behaviour. It will instruct you wisely about pet owner's responsibilities, all in the effort to provide a better quality of life to a pet and an owner likewise.

por Jessie

12 de Jul de 2017

Although the course was mostly review for me, I found it very easy to follow and understand. It provided a lot of internet links to awesome information. If you are thinking about taking this course, whether you are a seasoned professional or green to the industry, it is a good informative course to take. Thank you!

por Loreta M

16 de Mai de 2018

A brilliant course! Full of useful information - some already known and some new. The course talks a lot about our perception of our pets - dogs and cats, and gives us more understanding of what they're really about. Cat and dog natural behavior and welfare needs are discussed in more detail. Definitely recommend!

por Shelamay M

16 de Nov de 2020

My favorite course of all time! I learned so much from all of you! I'm a dog lover and here I am thinking I already know everything, but you proved me wrong. It's an amazing course to take for all animal care practitioners and pet lovers like myself. Thank you, University of Edinburgh for this opportunity!

por Kathryn T

14 de Jun de 2020

I have utterly enjoyed the course and have learnt so much from the instructors. The course also corrected certain notions I had about the animals, most significantly that there is no "alpha dog". So much of what is being shared by the instructors, the trainers etc. make a lot of sense. Thank you so much!

por Aygul Y

27 de Jan de 2018

I think anyone who is a pet owner should complete this mooc. It will help anyone to be a better friend and a more responsible owner to your cat or dog. It will help you built a better and healthier relationshis with your pet. I highly recomend this course to those who have or considering to have a pet.

por Fabian M G P R

19 de Ago de 2020

This is an exceptional course, especially for those who are wondering whether they have been treating their pets well or not. There are some Mythbusters inside and additional tips of taking care of your pets in several conditions which will bring significant understanding towards your pets' behavior.

por Marianne T

13 de Ago de 2017

Without a doubt, a course for anyone with a cat and / or dog. Very professional, understandable, motivational and educational. One of the many rewards you get is a better friendship. Another better health. A third you will feel that you can communicate, understand, help and even learn from your pet.

por chryssa m

6 de Ago de 2020

Thanks for this very useful and interesting course. I am happy about what I have learned and sorry for learning all this so late. I hope I will correct certain things regarding correctly handling my puppy and kitten, I would like to believe my love and care can compensate for some misconceptions.

por Divya N

25 de Mar de 2018

This course is a must for anyone who has pets , planning to adopt or would like to just enhance their knowledge of dogs and cats. I have learnt so much from every week and would highly recommend this to friends and family. From the course content to the teachers , learning was an absolute joy !

por Natalia M M C

7 de Jul de 2017

I think the course improved my knowledge about the pets, not only about the behavior, I learned about de signs of my cats.

The course is well designed but I think the part of " ask to the expert" had a long durection, this part will can be divided in small fragments.

Thank you for this course.

por Rijita M

8 de Nov de 2020

This is an essential course for all animal behaviorists, vets as well as pet owners. As a researcher in the field of human and animal dyad, I found this course very informative and would like to give my hearty thanks to Coursera and the wonder faculty from the University of Edinburgh

por Nicola J

2 de Jun de 2019

A hugely enjoyable and informative course for anyone that owns a cat or dog, or is thinking of getting one. Even though I have been a pet owner for decades, I learnt many new things that will help me understand my pets even better. My thanks to the educators and course organisers.