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This course begins with a welcome message and an overview of the Specialization. After this introduction, you will be asked to take a proficiency test to see if this course is right for you. During the course, you will begin learning vocabulary and customs related to socializing and networking in English. The goal is to enable you to interact with business contacts in person, on the phone and over email in a professional way. Course Learning Objectives • Determine whether the objectives of this Specialization align with your learning goals • Evaluate your current level of proficiency in business English communication • Present relevant information about yourself in a discussion forum • Develop your networking skills • Write short emails with appropriate formatting • Recognize and produce formal and informal language in emails • Develop vocabulary related to jobs and companies...

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30 de Jul de 2020

This course make me understand how to email how to use a word. I have a great time to study it easy to understand even though i don't have understand English so much. Thank you to make this course

2 de Mai de 2018

Very good course. Really useful phrases and key aspects of networking are covered. A must course for beginners and people who have been in the business but need to know the basics of networking.

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por Mahmoud I M A

10 de Mar de 2020

This course taught me a lot of things that I can use immediately with my work. Learning in Coursera is fun too and will surely continue to grasp this opportunity like everyone wants to attain.

por Fongja R

18 de Mai de 2018

This is the efficient course for everyone. I can use this cause to improve my skill such as listening, speaking, reading and also writing. Thank you very much professor to made this course.

por Irish P

2 de Abr de 2019

This course taught me a lot of things that I can use immediately with my work. Learning in Coursera is fun too and will surely continue to grasp this opportunity like everyone wants to attain.

por Maria J M

7 de Ago de 2017

I'm rating it 5 stars because the lessons are definitely useful especially when English is not your native language. It helped me to enhance how I communicate better at work and also on social interactions. The practice quizzes and the vocabulary list, I read them often and it becomes natural for me to use these terms. It made me more articulate in communication. I am looking forward to completing the entire specialization.

I recommend this course and the other courses to people who are passionate about improving their communication skills.

Thank you to all instructors. This is an excellent course to improve communication skills.


30 de Jul de 2020

This course make me understand how to email how to use a word. I have a great time to study it easy to understand even though i don't have understand English so much. Thank you to make this course

por Ivan K

3 de Mai de 2018

Very good course. Really useful phrases and key aspects of networking are covered. A must course for beginners and people who have been in the business but need to know the basics of networking.

por Gabriel E M V

12 de Dez de 2016

To the team behind this course, it is actually a dream of mine to become a UDub Husky someday I just took my first step towards experiencing a world-class education. Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about networking in the business world. I can really use this in my day to day life as a young professional and will never forget the pointers I've learned from this session. I look forward to complete this specialization for me to be really equipped in the field wherever I'm at.

por Alaa A

5 de Dez de 2019

Thank you for the information. I found a lot of benefits on this course. In my opinion this course is a simple way to communicate better with others and it is needed for your day to day business interaction. You will be a better communicator after finishing this course. All the best,

-Al Karim Abdelaal

por Meriem F

3 de Abr de 2020

language awareness in business

This cours was a fruitfull experience for me. Specially I enjoyed learning by doing. I Won a new competence in language awareness in Business.

Thank of the various exercices we did, I could prepare so many presentations for the most interactions such as mailing, telefon and personal Interviews.

To communicate efficiently an effectively in business context was the role of this course.

Thanks tot he lecturers. May be we meet one day in seattle!

por Mohammad Y J

29 de Dez de 2017

Hi everyone,

study in this course is really amazing and the learner can understood many things as standard way.

therefore, I recommend for everyone whom are reading my feedback regarding this course, do not wait as soon as possible get enroll to the class.


for completion your assignment try everyday do post on general discussions options other ways your submission will not easily review by other student.

good luck

por Ran Y

18 de Out de 2020

This course is very valuable for those who are going to join business scene. It covers not only basic business manners in America, but also how to write emails, what tone we should take (formal/informal/neutral, and direct/indirect), and how to exchange business cards, with providing many actual examples. Especially becoming aware of the tone of sentences was something for me. I really appreciate for this opportunity.

por Rupal S

7 de Mai de 2020

both the faculties are amazing the teaching methodology is very effective for learners and the assignments helped us to make command on te learned portions after learning a lesson we are provided with an assignment so it will increase our learning skills


por Roxanna B H

18 de Mar de 2019

I am thankful for this online education which offers all possible options to access to it and never stop learning. It will be very interesting to interact at least once with the leaders of each program in order to bring more engagement and to be teached rightly when students make mistakes.

por Govind P

18 de Jul de 2020

This course is designed very well and has too importance for a good business relationship. I have learnt a lot from here. Thanks sir Moore and Mam Russell.

Thanks to university of Washington and amazing platform Coursera to provide such a wonderful opportunity to acquire knowledge.

por Ana L C

5 de Jul de 2017

Learning English was so much fun with this course. Videos are really interesting and the content was explained clearly. Now I feel confident with my own skills in Business English Communication. I look forward to learning more specific issues during the next courses. Thank you all!

por Shriram P M

22 de Abr de 2020

This one is a very good course for the beginners. A lot of useful information have been given in this course. The assignments and quizzes were really appropriate. I suggest this course for every undergraduate student who are at a verge of starting their professional carrier.

por Lahcene O M

23 de Ago de 2018

how nice to meet courses very wealth and complete resolution ifind it realy great iwould to develop withe other my content in the future iwish big success for All student when they took it iencourage theme the new technolgy market in this siecleBest Wishes,Lahcene

por Pyae P T

16 de Jul de 2020

Firstly,I would like to sat thank you from the bottom of my heart.It's really a useful course for me.The teachers are also good.The teaching style is also a good approach.I really appreciate it.I had got a lot of knowledge and words.Thanks again.


2 de Nov de 2020

Dear All,

I so glad for this course, because I never had participated in a course of internet. I like the languages too much and always I like to improve my skills to learn languages. In the university practiced my english in the courses have the institution, but is very difficult practice in Chile, because, in the life all teh people speak spanish. I try to learn for myself and I have practiced with some natives, but always I feel that a I need to practice more. I had the opportunity to travel to Houston and tried to practice my english with the people, but I arrive to Chile and finish my practice. So this course was a great decision that I took for me practice. I will strange this course. I hope to can pay other course in the future, but the things is not good in all countries for the Coronavirus. Well, I have had a time due I am unemployed person, it this is the reason that I could to practice better my english during in the course. Thanks a lot for this course already that I could learn to formal comunicate by email, phone, WhatsApp and differents levels of formality. I will follow practice my english. I would like to return to United States and can to practice with the other people, teach or work, so I feel that I would help me for don't think spanish. The same happen with the japanese language, other language that I like too much and I have learned at the Japanese Chilean Cultural Institute, or the french language that I have learned in the secundary and I like it but, always it necessary to learn and can to stay some country that if it have same language that it need it to study and so undestand much better its every culture and language.

Best Regards,

María Cristina Arenas Reyes

por Ramy K

29 de Jan de 2021

Many thanks for the instructors for this course. It truly was a positive initiative for me to keep learning and practicing communicating in English formally, neutrally and informally.

Noting that it is almost impossible due to the number or peers (enrollments), I wished for my assignments (or at least a few) to be checked by any instructor in order to point out (more efficiently) any common/uncommon mistakes, or to have a more efficient feedbacks.

Nevertheless, having peer-graded feedbacks and reviews by/on me was useful in many ways, notably in interacting.

Again, much appreciated for this lovely simple course.

I wish you all the best, stay safe!

por Ibtihal A B A Y A

27 de Set de 2018

A highly informative, applicable& easy to follow course by absolutely knowledgeable professors. The thorough, well-organized& engaging course content reflects the the professionalism & the extensive knowledge of the professors in this field. Really looking forward to enrolling in other courses by the same professors & University of Washington . Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to learn from you.

por 17-4C2 A T

29 de Mar de 2020

my journey towards the first of five in Business english Specialization is very interesting,I completed it just 3days with almost 10 hours a day. My Special Thanks to Richard Moore sir and Daphne mackey mam.You made the course very interesting ,

with lots of love to Coursera who made me to met those two persons .

Waiting to Financial aid Approval to complete the rest 4 modules ASAP .

Thank you

best regards,


por zat z

6 de Ago de 2016

Excellent and very solid content ! Structured chapters with very informative and explained examples to develop skills in Business Networking.

I'm very exciting to continue this learning adventure with the second course in the Specialization of Business English Communication Skills : Meetings.

Thank's to the two excellent instructors Daphne Mackey and Richard Moore for this course ! Thank you Coursera !

por Jose A R N

13 de Abr de 2017

My name is Jose Antonio.

In Brazil, English is the second language. Very useful in business.

My experience in speaking English is small because I don't practice it every day.

I am in transition career to Data Scientist, doing specializations at Coursera.

English could help me a lot at this moment in my professional life.

The course was excellent and the classes well taught by the teachers.


por Jacqueline E N

25 de Nov de 2020

Business English course is very essential to start any kind of work . It enables anyone involved in business to be confident , appropriate and professional in his way of communication , the lessons are well segmented and provide detailed information about every kind of communication . I enjoyed learning how to make emails and reply appropriately at many circumstances . Thank you