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Globalisation and advances in information and communication technology have resulted in a 24/7 work environment characterised by rapid change, a greater sense of competition, and an explosion in access to communication and information. These pressures compound stress related to workload and information processing – this not only reduces performance but can lead to a reduced sense of meaning and purpose as well as physical and mental health issues. Understanding stress and how to boost your resilience to it are essential skills for contemporary leaders and play a vital role in managing the demands you face at work. This course will focus on the nature of stressors facing leaders in today’s work environments and how to deal with them. You’ll explore personal resilience – your capacity to withstand and cope with stress – and strategies for self-management, motivation and organisation. You’ll also learn how resilience is impacted by health and social relationships....

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20 de jun de 2020

I really enjoy this learning. It gives me a lot of new insight to deal with day to day stressors. I find this course as a good tool for self contemplation and for sure it has grown our resilience.


4 de set de 2020

Build Personal Resilience - I have learnt about the type of stresses and how to face all stresses in our day to day life. This course really helpfull to build my resiliene level. Thanks to TMTC .

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por Mohamad A A I M

11 de jul de 2020

Good content.

I noticed that some questions in quizzes focus more on recalling specific sentences in video lectures rather than the overall understanding of the topic. This could be a point to improve. Also, since I prefer video lectures, the balance between readings and video lectures could be changes by introducing more video lectures.

por Antonio B P

22 de mai de 2021

In this 6 episodes course on how to build personal resilience help me to boost my skills and capabilities in both personal and inter personal aspects as a team member on a society. The fact that resilience is built with attitudes, behaviour and social support that can be adopted and cultivated by everyone. It is somehow help me in raising my awareness of stress, pressure and challenges thus recognizing my own resilience strategies in gaining the skills to actively integrate new techniques to build personal resilience and enable optimal performance at work. Thus, this course showed me how to remain optimistic, curious and motivated under pressure, and optimise my performance at work whilst ensuring well being.

por Merco C S

11 de nov de 2020

This is a wonderful course to further develop oneself and be more able on bouncing back. By the time I've finished this course, I really do have this feeling of positivity in me, and confidence that gives me a thought that I am able to move forward and progress further in my career and my life. Highly recommended for those who want to progress in their careers, and for those who want to bounce back.

por Vinay M

23 de fev de 2021

I thank Dr. Alena for the enlightenment on building personal resilience. This is especially important during pandemic to help individuals adapt to newer ways of working and balancing challenges and winning through resilience. This certainly is a cornerstone for career advancement which will impact on having a renewed outlook on managing stress and building personal and professional goals.

por Loreta P

19 de out de 2020

I have enjoyed, liked the course and the information is applicable. And very practical!. Reading materials thought-provoking and broadening the course material additionally. If you are a keen learner and implementors this course is for you. If you are lost and looking for self-discipline this course and the action plan at the end is for you to start.

por Angelica J

31 de out de 2020

This course is comprehensive and innovative in our pursuit of building personal boundaries and enhancing our perception of the things that matter most. I commend and appreciate the developers of this course. The lessons are very valuable if we want to improve our quality of life. Thank you very much to all of you and to Dr. Alena Soboleva.

por Manjit S

30 de ago de 2020

This course is really very informative & useful for professionals who are handling various operational activities/working in different time zone for multi-countries operations which requires effective time managements to do the activities effectively with perfection. The tutor is really very good & explained the concepts in very simple terms.

por Oriston V

10 de ago de 2020

The course made me think and will help me flourish in a stressful and uncertain world. A fantastic resource Dr Alena Soboleva provided thoughtful strategies, clear direction, tools and resources. Dr. Alena's style of delivery is lively and engaging. This is a brilliantly clear training for anyone learning how to become more resilient.

por Archana K

29 de set de 2020

The course is worth. and have learnt a lot . I will follow the tips to to develop myself and surely assist my team to work in solidarity.

Thank you Dr. Alena , I truly appreciate the modules designed presented so well in simple way . Look forward to enroll myself with such interesting and meaningful modules way forward.

por Maitreya J

25 de set de 2020

This course has enriched the capability to deal with different types of stressors, and reading materials had given all together different outlook about this topic and instilled in me the confidence to deal with it. Perspective about perfectionism has got changed after under going this course. Thanks a lot ! Dr Alena Soboleva

por Claudia S M B

27 de dez de 2020

Me gustó mucho los diferentes puntos de vista que abarcó para los diferentes temas, ya que son situaciones a las que nos enfrentamos diariamente pero no sabemos identificarlos o pasamos por ellos de manera inconsciente. Me gustaron las técnicas y herramientas aprendidas para mejorar nuestro crecimiento personal.

por Christian I T V

9 de mar de 2021

It was great to learn concepts, strategies and techniques to face stress by developing resilience. This has been a wonderful experience that made me reflect on the way I do my work and the time I spend on "my big rocks". I feel like I can do a lot better now to get the most of my time.

por Hermi S

20 de out de 2020

I feel lucky to find this course. It is very much related to my daily life and it confirms what I have done in the past was only natural and part of me as a human being. The tips and trick will give a huge impact in planning strategies for my future life. Thank you so much.

por Ariel M

11 de nov de 2020

This is very helpful in bringing fresh insights on how to be more resilient in our work and personal life specially when facing obstacles and challenges. Great lessons that will guide me along my life journey. Thank you for coming up with this personality development course.

por Scott W

1 de out de 2020

Well organized and delivered course content. It provided many examples to help compare and contrast what some are or may have already experienced in life (and workplace). I highly recommend this course for anyone looking to better manage stress and improve self-confidence.

por Reina F

15 de fev de 2021

Was a great experience for me to start this course, self-confidence and many personal strategies were clarified during the classes. Thanks to all team who make this topic a reality because life is not just to work, is also to recognize who are we? Many thanks again!!!!

por Andrea F

15 de out de 2020

Everything is very valuable. Exams, besides evaluating understanding, work as a learning tool to further learning. If taken at the suggested pace, it works perfectly. Applying the learning alongside the course is vital for this course to be a truly enriching experience.

por Suresh H

5 de jan de 2021

Thank you to all involved in conceptualizing, content editing, narrating and providing an efficient online assessment with built-in flexibility to support the curious learner's mindset. I see myself getting immensely benefited from this program which I needed most.

por Omraj S

16 de ago de 2020

Superbly crafted material and external resources of researches are really beauty of this course material. Definitely this is building a tool to reduce & manage our stress if we plan our time and focus on activities those reflect in our personal values. Thanks!!

por Andrew B

23 de ago de 2020

I found this topic a refreshing change from pure technology I have studied for many years. Perhaps being concerned I was spending too much time focusing on technology allowed be to be open to the topics and suggestions on how to improve my personal view point.

por Cornelio S V I I

10 de nov de 2020

Wonderful and meaningful training I could definitely relate and definitely I could apply the same and knowledge I've just learn in building my personal resiliency. Thank you so much. I love to share this to my family, friends and colleagues.

por Belinda M D

13 de ago de 2020

I am definitely going to be a better version of me. I have learned so much about myself and how time management skills can help me to reduce stress and especially the fact that I can really make a difference in how I react to situations.

por Jessa I

9 de nov de 2020

I am grateful to learn this class as it gave words to the stressors I have been experiencing. Naming them helps me understand how to deal with them. If you want to break free from the never-ending stress-loop, this course is for you.

por Katiuska M S V

13 de set de 2020

I liked a lot this course, it is very well explained point by point what you have to do, I have improved my self and also it helps me to get away from some factors that were making me feeling so stressed and in sometimes depressed.

por Elizabeth F

2 de set de 2020

Excellent intellectually, behavioural and practical strategies and clear plans to enable anyone to reach a higher form of resilience and help others do so too. Many thanks, what a privilege to have been able to complete this.