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This is the first course in a series of four that will give you the skills needed to start your career in bookkeeping. If you have a passion for helping clients solve problems, this course is for you. In this course, you will be introduced to the role of a bookkeeper and learn what bookkeeping professionals do every day. You will dive into the accounting concepts and terms that will provide the foundation for the next three courses. You will learn how to work your way through the accounting cycle and be able to read and produce key financial statements. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Define accounting and the concepts of accounting measurement -Explain the role of a bookkeeper and common bookkeeping tasks and responsibilities -Summarize the double entry accounting method -Explain the ethical and social responsibilities of bookkeepers in ensuring the integrity of financial information. No previous bookkeeping or accounting experience required....

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20 de jul de 2022

This course was well put together. I used to feel so intimidated by finances. The interactive videos and practice exercises do a fantastic job of explaining concepts learned throughout this course.


2 de jun de 2022

This course is so GOOD! I needed to brush up on my Bookkeeping Skills, and I am glad that I chose Coursera to help me do this. I love the Step by Step Lessons and the videos are AWESOME! Thank you!

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por Christopher L

16 de out de 2021

The only assignment that I found confusing, or that I feel may give some students a particularly difficult time, is the second to last assignment, or the "case study" that is required to be completed in order to complete the final quiz. I just found that certain elements were poorly described and not detailed enough. Also, the invoices for the Smiths and the Martins are mixed up: the description says that the Martin's are invoiced for $250 though the General Journal shows $750 and vice versa regarding the Smith family. This greatly confused me for a short while until I took a closer look at the paid invoices at the end of the month. Other than this one technical issue, the course should be smooth sailing for any student as long as they pay attention and read over the material carefully. And TAKE NOTES!

por K B

25 de set de 2021

I have applied for the Financial Aid and I want to thank you first for accepting my application. First impression when I started the course, funny. Why? Because Bianca is so awesome and her sense of humor is one of a kind. It helped me feel engaged in the discussions and not get bored. I also like when there's first an issue with Lou, and then Bianca will help him solve it. The most important part were the statement by some experts about certain topics in the course and the discussions after learning new things. Another amazing part of this experience is the walk through in the QuickBooks Online especially that Bookkeepers and Accountant use this software a lot. I may also use my learnings and experience in the future when I apply for a job. I am planning on taking the next 3 courses too.

por Yvonne S

5 de fev de 2022

This is a five star class it is easy to learn of course you will have to take notes, and you can pass it. As long as you invest the time and really focus on the subject. I have taken Accounting one and Accounting two and this course is a brigdge between them because not only does it gives an overview of accounting concepts, but I honestly felt like I was back in my accounting courses. The resources are very helpful. The Quickbook software also added to a rounded foundation in Bookkeeping. I loved this course and I recommend it to everyone. You will not be disappointed!!!!!

por Fernando A

31 de jul de 2022

Bianca is surprisingly pleasant and easy to follow. Adding comments and further instruction by live professionals and experts makes the course feel personal. I haven't taken any purely online courses so I wasn't sure what to expect. However I did believe it was going to be rather cut and dry. A lot of reading and tiring exercise, after exercise. The format is very, very easy and inviting. I don't dread getting to the course. Nice job so far.

por Laryn C G

29 de mai de 2022

I thought the course was very informative. The course was easy to get through because of the reality TV show setting. Using a the business owner Lou to demonstrate the bookkeeper's role in helping a business owner made bookkeeping clear and less obscure to me. The teacher Bianca gave clear expanations of most of the topics and the real bookkeepers used throughout the course are very helpful in explaining the key concepts used in the real world.

por Patricia E

2 de jul de 2022

I truly enjoyed this course! I can't wait to take Assets in Accounting, Liabilities in Accounting, and Analyzing Financial Statements. Coursera is very user friendly, and the staff are awesome to work with! If it weren't for Coursera/Intuit's excellent courses in Bookkeeping, I wouldn't have been able to totally absorb so much about bookkeeping! Did I mention that I love Coursera's extremely cheap prices?

por Lisa P

26 de jul de 2022

I am a complete beginner when it comes to bookkeeping. This course helped me to better understand not only the role of a bookkeeper, but also what a bookkeeper does from a practical standpoint. The case study at the end of the course was a little tough at first, but after some independent research and looking over notes, I understood how to properly use the general ledger to create a financial statement.

por Cathy R

9 de jul de 2022

I learned a lot about bookkeeping concepts and practices. I like how the material was presented in a variety of formats and that there were practice quizzes throughout. The final exercise which involved entering transactions in the Genera Ledger , then the corresponding amounts in the Trial Balance and Income Statement helped pull a lot of the concepts and skills together for me.

por Demitrios F

9 de fev de 2022

Broke down basic booking in a somewhat entertaining way that was easy to understand and had the ability to review the videos if I missed something. Well worth my time and effort to learn basic booking terminology. I also appreciated having experts weigh in on subjects that related to the topic because it brought some realities of the job to the course for students to learn from.

por Sara B

6 de jan de 2022

This course is highly recommended for the newbie to accounting or to the experienced. I've been doing bookkeeping and accounting for almost 10 years and I found this course very helpful, fun, and engaging. I learned so much, it put so many pieces together and I wish I would have taken a course like this when I started bookkeeping. I'm excited for the next course. Thank you!

por Campy

29 de mar de 2022

I thought this course helped me to clearly understand, step-by-step, the process of entering journal entries, understanding and working with Trial Balance, Adjusted Trial Balance, Income Statement, and more. I feel like I'm ready to try it out with my own company and/or as an entry-level bookkeeper, with an accountant overseeing my work, just in case I have questions.

por Brenna G

15 de mai de 2022

Basic understanding of accounting terminology and engaging prompts. It's nice that the videos are not long and grueling, they're straight to the point. I appreciate the ability to go at my own pace according to my schedule. I really can't afford it according to the recommended time weekly and monthly fee. I am happy I can fast track to the best of my ability.

por Man X

13 de fev de 2022

This course demonstrates the framework of accounting. After learning this course at my own pace, I understand how bookkeepers do general journal and general ledger in the good old times, and how they do it now with the help of QuickBooks.Now I know the accounting equation, what is liabilities, and how equity is calculated. etc.

por V. B

8 de fev de 2022

I​ have to say listening to Bianca and Lou's dialogue kept me engaged. I actually loved their accents and the simple corny cartoons helped to pay attention to a boring subject like bookkeeping and accounting. The learning format was effective. The challenge will be to find a job in this field so I can apply what I've learned.

por Angelia S

8 de ago de 2022

This course was very self explanatory, if you are good with learning on your own this is the right course for you! I received my certification in less than 2 months, I didn't have to get on everyday because it's very flexible and it goes into details on what you will learn. I wish anyone the best with your courses!


23 de jun de 2022

The course is very interactive with Bianca Bookkeeping Rescue. I like the testimonies of real bookkeepers imparting their knowledge on the challenges they've encountered and at the same time advising solutions and remedies on those challenges. The guidance in learning the Quickbooks is also great. Thanks for this!

por Prasanna S

12 de out de 2021

Thanks Coursera and intuit for the Quickbook Certifications with Interactive Learning nd Like a Story Telling with Bianca and Thanks for the Mentors and Advisors in this Course. Eg: Cladwell Academy. I recommend this even for Freebies to learn the idea before going to deep learning into the topic

por Sherina M S

6 de mar de 2022

I'm very thankful I found this course which taught me so much with the really basic of bookkeping itself. I may still need to exercise more, but at least with this course I know a lot more than I used before. Looking forward to the next level of this kind of courses! Thanks Coursera and Intuit!!

por Lisa P

16 de nov de 2021

It was a great course. I like the fact that the information was given in small and simple-to-digest portions which enhanced the learning process for me. A lot of the information ended up being a refresher for me but I still enjoyed the course and would recommend it highly to anyone.

por Tori W

11 de ago de 2022

This course is very helpful and I learned alot from taking it. It breaks everything down and is easy to understand. The quizzes and assignments are straightforward and you get multiple attempts at passing them if you do not achieve a passing grade. I very much enjoyed this course.

por Nguyen N T

27 de jul de 2022

Excellent course which is quite simple for beginners to understand. The course gives the fundamentals as well as guidance from specialists in the field. To keep up with the modern technological environment, simulation exercises and lectures on accounting software are provided.

por Robin S

24 de jun de 2022

This is a bit too basic I believe. I understand that this is online and so on but it seems as soon as the class was about to get good, that was it.

I liked the interactive videos with questions for me to work on, I thought the discussion questions were unnecessary.

por Elizabeth R

3 de nov de 2021

Easy to follow with clear explanations. I felt like I had too much information thrown at me in college, scattered everywhere that it was difficult to pull it all together at work. I am grateful to get back to basics and create a solid foundation to become a CPA.

por Peter K

13 de set de 2021

G​reat course, excellent overview of the basics of bookkeeping along with some great exercises to help prove that the knowledge is there - particularly those details of debits and credits and how transactions move through the income statement and balance sheet.

por Ambreen A

6 de jan de 2022

This course covers the basics of accounting from as basic as debit credit entries to the complex general ledger entries, creating and reading different financial statements , In short it prepares the ground to easily understand the complex world of Accounting.