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This first course of the Blockchain specialization provides a broad overview of the essential concepts of blockchain technology – by initially exploring the Bitcoin protocol followed by the Ethereum protocol – to lay the foundation necessary for developing applications and programming. You will be equipped with the knowledge needed to create nodes on your personal Ethereum blockchain, create accounts, unlock accounts, mine, transact, transfer Ethers, and check balances. You will learn about the decentralized peer-to-peer network, an immutable distributed ledger and the trust model that defines a blockchain. This course enables you to explain basic components of a blockchain (transaction, block, block header, and the chain) its operations (verification, validation, and consensus model) underlying algorithms, and essentials of trust (hard fork and soft fork). Content includes the hashing and cryptography foundations indispensable to blockchain programming, which is the focus of two subsequent specialization courses, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications (Dapps). You will work on a virtual machine image, specifically created for this course, to build an Ethereum test chain and operate on the chain. This hands-on activity will help you understand the workings of a blockchain, its transactions, blocks and mining. Main concepts are delivered through videos, demos and hands-on exercises....

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18 de Nov de 2018

This is an introductory course to Blockchain. The supplemented material (in other words self-study) is excellent and in my opinion is the only way to master the concepts and details of this discipline

27 de Jul de 2018

I find this course helpful to absolute beginner and for one who wants to grasp the basic concepts of Blockchain . The tutor tried to explain most part with simplicity and good and sufficient details.

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por Chittimadugula S S R

8 de Jul de 2020

It's a very good basics course for the beginners and enthusiasts to move ahead in their career towards the Blockchain specialization

por Callum T

6 de Jul de 2021

As expected. Basics covered. Final assignment requires a VM which in some cases causes issues. Overall, a useful course.

por Robert M

5 de Mar de 2019

A really great course, interesting material that was well presented. Totally recommended.

por Sachin G

10 de Mai de 2019

Easy Explantion and All tasks went with ease due simple lessons

por Prashant B

24 de Jun de 2020

Everything in the course was as simple as crisp as possible. Except for the assignment!!

por Philip H

22 de Mai de 2021

This course was "ok" in my opinion. Its really a shame that Coursera does not have quality checks running to ensure course material provided in their courses are up to date. Throughout the entire specialization, many links where non-functional since resources where not available anymore. Nonetheless, the course provides a solid foundation for learning more about blockchain technology, in my view.

por Thomas N

13 de Jul de 2021

The content was good, but the links for supplemental content need to be reviewed and updated- a few are not available anymore. Also, the final project is buggy. The first account on each node would not activate, and the ethereum was added to the first account on the first node, so I was unable to send a transaction. That's why I got 90% on the final- it didn't work.

por Mandil L

7 de Jul de 2020

it is of great help but why is the course not updated?

por Chandra S S

7 de Jul de 2020

The course should have more Elaboration on Bitcoin

por Chris R

21 de Jan de 2021

Many broken and outdated links and resources.

por Siddharth P

26 de Abr de 2021

Project is broken.

por Fabrizio F

22 de Nov de 2018

Should make more use of better visuals.

Videos are way too short and basically reading a reference text. Not sure what the benefit of taking this course is compared to buying an audiobook on the subject

Extremely dry for something that was actually created on very practical basis.

Hopefully it will improve in next courses

por Eric C

12 de Fev de 2021

Pros: This course does cover blockchain basics, and provides an okay structure for exploring the space.

Cons: The course content (lectures, quizzes, and assignments) are uninspired and rote - the professor doesn't understand how to educate. Far below the quality I expect from Coursera.

por Alexander M

10 de Jun de 2018

Question in stile `select the wrong ending for sentence` are super confusing and not widely used anymore in nowadays e-learning anymore.

por yash s

24 de Out de 2018

Week 4 assignment's environment setting is a very tedious task. try to make it user friendly.

por Christopher M

26 de Jan de 2019

Boring, and quick, minimal information, doesn't actually teach how smart contracts work.

por Mohamed T M

26 de Jun de 2019

not clear enough content

por Yao C

15 de Jun de 2018

Bad presentation...

por gabriele r

11 de Nov de 2018

very superficial

por Kaye S

30 de Abr de 2019

This is awful. In the final project, the miner never generated ether. Therefore, flunked. I understand it perfectly. I couldn't get the ethereum application to run correctly. I posted this issue to the forum and read other posts, followed the troubleshooting tips and still doesn't work. THERE IS NO WAY TO GET TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR THIS CLASS OR EVEN TALK TO A HUMAN BEING. if you aren't going to have contact information for technical issues, you are setting some students (like me) up to fail. That is shameful.

por Shiva M

1 de Out de 2019

The external material referenced in this course was actually more useful and better at explaining concepts than this course. I am glad I decided to audit instead of purchasing it. The lecturer should explain the concepts instead of reading off slides, especially when using heavy jargon for an abstract concept like this.

por Sergio A M

3 de Jun de 2021

Really bad. Lots of links are outdated with 404. Even in one of the tests it is not possible to answer one question because of that. The total video time is like 1 hour and the rest is just links to pages.

por amrut k

3 de Out de 2018

limited to no support form the TA. The end assignment requirement was a high end computer which wasn't specified before. waste of effort.

por jessica o

25 de Abr de 2021

The part at the end of the course where I tried to download the 2gb software was not possible for me.

por Mo K

3 de Out de 2020

Many of the links in the course material have expired. It definitely needs an update.