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The course presents an overview of the theory behind biological diversity evolution and dynamics and of methods for diversity calculation and estimation. We will become familiar with the major alpha, beta, and gamma diversity estimation techniques. Understanding how biodiversity evolved and is evolving on Earth and how to correctly use and interpret biodiversity data is important for all students interested in conservation biology and ecology, whether they pursue careers in academia or as policy makers and other professionals (students graduating from our programs do both). Academics need to be able to use the theories and indices correctly, whereas policy makers must be able to understand and interpret the conclusions offered by the academics. The course has the following expectations and results: - covering the theoretical and practical issues involved in biodiversity theory, - conducting surveys and inventories of biodiversity, - analyzing the information gathered, - and applying their analysis to ecological and conservation problems. Needed Learner Background: - basics of Ecology and Calculus - good understanding of English...

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10 de Jun de 2020

I really love this course because the theories and calculations are described well and after assignments are completed I get real understanding of the theories.

23 de Set de 2021

This course was well organised and very informative course. Some parts of this program may very helpful for my future works. Thanks, you all for the great job!

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por Marco A

25 de Dez de 2018

wonderful course, terrific instructor.

por ROSE T

28 de Jun de 2020

Very good lecture

por Борисов Е В

5 de Fev de 2017

Excellent course

por Untung S

29 de Set de 2016

Great Course!!!


27 de Out de 2021

thank you


30 de Jul de 2020

Thank you


25 de Jul de 2020


por Lucia M D

14 de Fev de 2021

In a global matter, I found the course very complete. But, in my opinion, too much information was clustered into each video making it difficult to understand. I suggest a video, or a sheet, as an additional resource, summarizing all the information and the statistical analysis approached in each module . Also, the transcript was very bad.

por martin

17 de Ago de 2016

Very nice, quick overview. Formulation of equations in Biology leaves a bit to interpretation but this is a systemic issue. The guy is obviously highly proficient and comfortable with the subject matter never falters in his delivery. Assignments are all quizzes and the whole thing can be completed without undue pain.

por RAJA S T

4 de Jan de 2017

At this point of time, when the climate change has gained pace and we are in a different world with erratic and unpredictable climate, it has become essential for us to set right the ecological balance, which is possible only by better understanding of biological diversity.

por Phuong N

18 de Jul de 2020

Very technical especially in Week 4-6! However, provides a comprehensive foundation for anything "biological diversity" from the standpoint of a scientist. Great coverage of statistical theory and methods used in ecological studies in the final week!

por Ramon L D R

21 de Abr de 2021

Great course, but may be challenging for students with no prior background in ecology or biodiversity science. Suggestions on lecture transcripts and more concrete examples of real world applications of concepts are also possible.

por Jake H

19 de Fev de 2021

Was great to work on this course, covered new data sampling methods I had not used before and great as an introduction for those interested in field study or a good revision for those who already work in the field.

por William M

2 de Jan de 2017

A very interesting and clearly presented course. I would recommend this course anyone who is interested in the study of biodiversity.

por Diego B

20 de Jan de 2017

Subs are not always understandable.

por Jeremiah H S S

13 de Nov de 2018

No pdf

por Peter G

25 de Jul de 2021

Even though my first language is English, I sometimes find it difficult to understand what Roberto is saying. You can see the difficulty in the transcript, which incorrect in many place. Especially difficult was the lecture in the museum. It was a critical mistake to record it there, because the acoustics was terrible.

t​he scope of the material seems extensive, but it's presented in a shallow way, like ticking boxes for each topic.

I​n short, disappointing.

por K P

13 de Mar de 2021

The instructor Italian accent is difficult to comprehend.

por Lisa N

20 de Fev de 2021

I was really disappointed in this course.

The first point being that the lecturer was very difficult to understand. He sounds like he's rushing through each lecture. Some words are mispronounced and this combined with the speed at which he speaks makes if difficult to understand the words, let alone the concepts. The transcripts are a little help but they also frequently are unable to understand and have missing and misunderstood words. At one point invertebrate is in the transcript as vertebrate.

There is also very little explaining of any of the formulas that are presented. No examples are given, just a formula on the screen frequenty usng variables that aren't defined. Whilst he is talking about the formula, the image returns to him talking so you can't actually see what he is talking about at the same time.