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Digital transformation is a hot topic--but what exactly is it and what does it mean for companies? In this course, developed at the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, and led by top-ranked Darden faculty and Boston Consulting Group global management experts, we talk about digital transformation in two ways. First we discuss the pace of change and the imperative it creates for businesses. Next we provide the context for this transformation and what it takes to win in the digital age. Then we walk through BCG's proprietary framework, which helps you identify key areas to digitize, including strategy, core processes, and technology. By the end of this course, you'll be able to: --describe the underlying economics of innovation, technology, and market disruptions --weigh the pros and cons of current digital technologies driving advancement --utilize BCG's digital transformation framework as a "how-to" for digitizing your organization...

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11 de nov de 2019

The course gives good examples and is useful for the own Company. I could understand much better why several decision were taken. Amane should very detailed and easy tounderstand (even for foreigners)


14 de fev de 2021

One of the most detailed courses I've studied here in Coursera. I never thought that Digital Transformation would be that broad encompassing multiple fields from Business Strategy to Design Thinking.

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por Robert B

19 de abr de 2020

An extremely fascinating, practical and enlightening emersion into the past, present, and future of the role of digital transformation in the formulation of the strategy, competition, and co-petition, and leveraging on organizational resources and distinctive competencies and in special circumstances ecosystems for the purposes of better serving customers and other stakeholders

por Grace T

6 de set de 2019

A well-researched and strategy-oriented course that addresses digital transformation through a knowledge framework to guide thinking about digital strategy formulation and implementation. I particularly appreciate the alignment of topics with resources and methodologies from beginning to end. Excellent experience and invaluable resources to apply in my role in cognitive technologies.

por Zubair H

5 de nov de 2020

An engaging, though provoking and immensely useful contents for anyone looking to understand evolution in technology and how incumbent players in any industry being impacted by disruption can emerge successful by following transformational frame works which have being methodically curated during this course work. Experts at BCG and Darden business school have done an excellent job!

por Pilar D

2 de nov de 2020

It gave me an overall view of the Digital Transformation process that companies now a day have to overcome. It has a very well structured content, the instructors and their guests demonstrate a high domain of the theme. In the end, you will get a very good picture of what is going on as well as introduce you to different approaches to deploy in a Digital Transformation strategy.

por Abraham S

3 de jun de 2021

The course is very informative and I learned a lot from the instructors and the expert interviews. From how industries have become layered, to different kinds of technological shifts, to the importance of ecosystems in many industries. Digital transformation will bring value to companies if it is done to achieve a business purpose with the customers and value creation in focus.

por Aizuddin C M

28 de mai de 2020

I recommend it for Digital Transformation enthusiast like me. The course is comprehensive and insightful. It provides the digital transformation framework that could be adopted by many organisations, developed by Boston Consulting Group. Going digital is not just an option today, its a must. #digitaltransformation #innovation #digitalstrategy #digitaldisruption #BCG #Coursera

por Hasnat J N

28 de mai de 2022

The course is extremly useful to enhance knowledge in new era of Digital Transformation . I am extremly thankful to to BCG and University of Virginia Darden School of Business team , faculties for giving me the opportunity and enhance my knowledge with fatastic curriculam . I beleive i can impletment the learning outcomes in real world . Thank you Again all Stay Bless .

por Mohammad A R

21 de jan de 2020

I begin by saluting the whole ecosystem of BCG, Darren School and our beloved Coursera, the digital platform provider. It was not only a mind-blowing journey but an eye opener to the 21st century which truly is an exponentially growth oriented and the human mind slow-paced linear one. I would love to go further in this new journey that has well begun in the new decade 2020.

por Ashish M

27 de nov de 2020

Great content and fantastic delivery!! Everything is explained using relevant examples. My knowledge level and confidence is certainly gone a notch higher after doing this course. I was totally engrossed, while doing this course, as this is my favorite topic as well. Looking forward to more such courses from BCG and Dardon school of Business. Thank you Coursera as well!


10 de out de 2018

Perfectly balances relevant theory and practical methodology, and in doing so, equips you to set off on a digital transformation journey with sufficient confidence and actionable knowhow. The interviews with industry experts and senior executives are particularly helpful in terms of presenting real world examples of how to execute the lessons learned. Highly recommended.

por Didrik S

6 de abr de 2020

Very good, high-level overview of Digital Transformation.

The course includes real life cases. A full digital transformation, or Agile @ Scale transformation is a massive task and more in-depth explanation with real life examples of how such detailed tacticals should be applied, and the related challanges would be useful before embarking on a full scale transformation.

por Kavita p

21 de ago de 2018

Great course for those working in transformation groups or trying to understand new technology their company is undertaking, or just understand roles of new colleagues (focused on technology/digital strategy ) better. Great course for supervisory to senior level leaders of legacy companies, specifically those that feel intimated by changes digital is bringing our way!

por María L B S

9 de fev de 2021

Me ha gustado mucho. Me ha parecido muy interesante y práctico. Expone con claridad algunos aspectos clave para iniciar la transformación digital en una empresa, que es precisamente lo que buscaba. Magníficos ponentes y ritmo del curso. Me parece muy recomendable para cualquier Organización que esté interesada en seguir siendo competitiva en el nuevo escenario digital

por Munyengango J B

26 de abr de 2021

I liked the way the lecturer explained the digital transformation journey . thinking about business questions instead of beginning thinking of technology helped me to understand why some project fails and this will help me to start thinking the digitization process of my training young institute.

Thank you a lot BCG team & University of Virginia School of Business

por Vandana P

1 de set de 2020

This has given me a good understanding of the Digital Transformation subject .This has improved my knowledge of the subject and has helped me scaling up with the key essential and building blocks in the transformation journey.There were many live examples given by the instructors during the course of the learning which helped in understanding better.Thank for this.

por Kirill B

5 de mai de 2020

I took this course because I want to structure my experience and gain experience on Digital Transformation from BCG. Insightful and top class presented.

I would recommend to add more business cases/lessons learned as examples for those learners who want to dive-deeper. Thank you so much! Wishing Coursera more collaborations in future with strategy consulting firms.

por Dibyendu D

10 de ago de 2018

This Course is indeed about a subject which is very vast but presented in a very comprehensive manner. The quality of each lecture is class by itself and well explained with proper supported materials and methodologies in a balanced way(Not too complicated, not too easy ways). I thank BCG for this course and helping many thousands of students like me world over.

por Saurabh L

6 de mai de 2020

Exceptional Course.... the Experts are great plus the content is extremely streamlined. There are lots of expert interviews and real life examples to go with the theories. Also the experts create an engaging experience with minimal distractions during the Video and impromptu questions or insights.

Really helpful and would strongly recommend the course to others.

por Alejandro B

5 de jun de 2020

Superb Digital transformation introduction about how companies can obtain value leveraging digital technologies, with the last strategic approaches and tools to be hands on and given by the best experts, in the market field and in the academy, who are great communicators, as well. A great journey which now looks so quick and short, like market evolution today.

por Gurdeep S

3 de out de 2020

Fantastic course. I remember learning about BCG matrix during my GCSE's and A-level's. BCG insight into industry is unparalleled.

The content was brilliant and made me think about Digital Transformation in my own life and work (employer) on multiple occasions.

I recommend this course for those wanting to gain an understanding of Digital Transformation.

por Nooreen L

15 de jul de 2021

The course sheds light on practical case studies which gives learners a more logical application of the theories explained. Personally the notes, lectures and interviews are very well structured and enabled me to learn at my own pace. I am looking forward to implementing the digital strategies learnt in any business, or company structure. Thank you!


29 de jul de 2020

Very well-structured course. Even though Digital transformation is no more a latest topic, transformation is a continues journey, the way course is presented provided a structured way to looking at it. Surely helps in thought process of looking at the today's fast pace changes and what disruptions can be expected and for why. Overall great course.

por Dmitrii K

10 de fev de 2019

This course is a complete foundation for start thinking of your company digital transformation strategy. I would definitely recommend it to those who has some pieces of information regarding new technologies but requires the big picture of how digital transformation works. Many thanks to Darden Business School, BSG and Coursera for this course!

por Vaibhav P

29 de abr de 2022

Very relevant and well directed by all the instructors. It helped me understand in detail and with clarity what digital transformation "is" and "is not". Considering the ongoing overuse (and abuse!!) of the term "Digital Transformation", I will recommend this course to any and all who are seeking clarity and strategic understanding of this.

por Arnold S M

24 de set de 2020

It has taught me how to fundamentally analyse a business model in the present day and how to define a purpose for an organization to step into the digital world in order to use it to the best of its advantage. It also helped me understand various global megatrends and how it would bring about a difference to the overall business ecosystem.